CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* September 11, 2001 “Strategic Plan – Anthrax” (produced today to DXer under FOIA)

Posted by DXer on August 19, 2011









9 Responses to “* September 11, 2001 “Strategic Plan – Anthrax” (produced today to DXer under FOIA)”

  1. BugMaster said

    On CNN, Willman said that Bruce Ivin’s next generation anthrax vaccine was “not even on the back of the back burner” (or something along these lines) and Bruce mailed the letters to save it.

    Excuse me? This strategic plan document was sent to Dr. Ivins the afternoon of September 11th. The NYC and Washington mailings hadn’t occurred yet.

    Not even on the back burner at the time? Look at the document. Everywhere you see “rPA” mentioned, that is the next generation vaccine candidate Willman was referring to.

    Note the last line of page 3: “Develop rPA vaccine”.

    • BugMaster said

      Has Ivins ever been described as being disdainful and contemptuous towards those of “lesser intellect”?

      Why would he target a tabloid, and with a letter with no warning?

  2. ~A said

    Recommeded reading… Three different sites that give good background and some obvious information.. However… Which I don’t think has been done by anyone yet, but in my opinion only…. I would go all the way back even as far as one could legally or by any means go, to current day and review all the finanical reports from Merk Pharmacuticals and see what just might pop out in relation to this case… A smal excerpt which give some detail into the past… And start cross ref. all known Pharmacutical giants that has or have had any dealings with the obvious against all governments in the world including the USA, Egypt, even Israel ( since they are working on growing bio-bombs) or as they have been called ethnic bombs or better know as BioVac, and anyone anywhere that has any association with Anthrax or any biologicals for that matter….

    During World War II, the U.S. developed a huge biological weapons industry under the leadership of the then-head of Merck pharmaceutical company. Ordinary anthrax bacteria were mass-produced and converted into dried spores that could be spread through the air. It was an advanced industrial process, and to this day only a few countries have been able to do it. This so-called weapons-grade anthrax is hard to make and even harder to handle and store.

    Here are the sites… It’s worth a read

    Click to access shoham53.pdf

    And all this possible in that time line so far into the past…

  3. ~A said

    Who would be so obtuse to think such thing that warm water would do that?

    Not to be judgmental, but Incompetence seems more of an appropriate term with even thinking warm water would work.

    You were correct in correction of my use of the term virus, but the use of a bacteria & virus can both be just as deadly depending on what it is, and if it has been genetically enhanced.

    And on the note of former Zawahiri associate who, although a non-citizen (and Dr. Ivins did not know this when he arrived), was allowed to work with Bruce Ivins, Pat Fellows and Mara LInscott in the B3 suite.

    “Just saying.” Lets say they Bruce and “others” (for short) “may have not known” about the connections, which is the most palpable way to look at it. That says to me the FBI did know the full background of the associate(s) and their ties to other groups, and for the “time frame” so would have the President, along with his top security advisors one being J something would have to get back on the details of who’s who. Including the head of Central and last but not least National Intelligence Agencies. Which brings an OT subject of why take someone out of a position who is supposedly the best suited for the job, meaning Panetta? What reasons could even remotely make any sense…? The Director of the FBI is still in his seat after his lawful term was up.. Was Panetta in the same problem seat? Or was the movement done to curtail a foreseen problem since many people have NOT forgot about this tragedy and still seeking answers which with the lawsuit out of FL. against the US Government, will open even more doors for all those still actively perusing this case…

    It takes months to gain access to a level three or level four labs such as the obvious or up to over a year depending on many levels of criteria. But… For anyone who gets access within a week or less depending on travel etc. I’d be willing to bet it would have to be damn certain the US Government was fully aware of who is who before a single foot stepped inside the containment labs or cold rooms and even Universities for that matter. Based on the structure and properties of the Anthrax one “could” conclude that there was a team of researchers involved in the production of this enhanced bacteria.

    Based on this “theory” one could conclude that yes it would involve microbiologist, marine biologist, geologist, botanist, nanobiologist etc. to produce the desired effect on what is needed for, for now unknown reasons.

  4. ~A said

    And who exactly does the FBI not want to be known, since the Army just “maybe” sends out live viruses to Universities. One would be inclinded to look down that road as to which Professor(s) were/was given any access at all to RMR1029 Knowingly or not… Just maybe AZ Univ. in conjunction with Eastern bound labs could “perhaps” prove benificial and maybe even worth a glance in opinon… Advance Bio along with the rapidly expanding of N-tech, leaves a limit of limitless uses on any level.

    • DXer said

      Hi. Note that the redactions are routine and done by a very conscientous FOIA officer. I believe you mean bacteria rather than virus. As for where virulent Ames anthrax was supplied, it was supplied to a former Zawahiri associate who, although a non-citizen (and Dr. Ivins did not know this when he arrived), was allowed to work with Bruce Ivins, Pat Fellows and Mara LInscott in the B3 suite. The 16 pages were provided by the FBI but went unnoticed by the media. The peer-reviewed article released was the only article that the FBI provided and provided critical information to anyone closely following the matter enough to notice.

      Art Friedlander faxed 16 pages about the research in 2005 but by then an earnest agent had already latched on to his theory about sororities. Ames was also provided, for example, to the University of New Mexico.

      Sometimes virulent Ames is mistakenly sent. For example, Southern Research Institute, which did the research for George Mason University DARPA researchers where Ali Al-Timimi shared a suite with the leading Ames researchers, mistakenly sent live Ames to vaccine researchers at a children’s hospital in Oakland. Dr. Ezzell and Dr. Fellows were under the mistaken view that warm water would be sufficiently reliable to inactivate the anthrax.

  5. DXer said

    There is a broad category of documents not yet produced — attachments to emails already produced — that USAMRIID is willing to produce.

    It would be helpful if you prioritize any of your particular interest, after identifying the attachment in a produced email.

    For example, those interested in Bioport may ask for a Bioport trip report.

    Those interested in Battelle or Covance may ask for those documents.

    Ideally, all the attachments will be produced but it only makes sense to enable the FOIA officer to prioritize items given the many requests she is currently juggling.

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