CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Stevens v. United States – Date Filed SYSTEM ENTRY – Docket Entries 163-167 restricted/sealed until further notice. Experts: Does This Comply With the Applicable Statutes and Regulations?

Posted by DXer on July 21, 2011



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  1. DXer said

    DOJ asked for emergency teleconference last week because a document that they intended to be sealed inadvertently was not sealed and was downloaded by some outside observers; a status conference set for Oct. 12 at 10 a.m..

    I check PACER daily.

    Excuse me a moment while I gouge my eyes out and forget what I read.

    DOJ is lucky I can keep a secret.

  2. DXer said

    Journalists should not bother seeking the sealed documents.*

    But those documents not subject to a protective order are perhaps are a readily achieved motherlode of documents, all batestamped and waiting in the room taken over by the paralegal.

    */ Blackwell v. FBI, No. 09-661, 2010 WL 143714 (D.D.C. Jan. 15, 2010) (Collyer, J.). The court finds that “[t]he FBI also properly withheld documents that are sealed by a February 4, 2005 Order issued by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.”

  3. DXer said

    To what do the sealed filings relate? There was another filing that was sealed on August 2.

    At the time of the first spate of such filings, I had written the AUSA and suggested that the District Court needed to be apprised of new information and any reliance on Dr. Ivins’ first counselor be removed.

    Dr. Ivins’ first therapist, Judith M. McLean, who writes of how she acquired her psychic abilities in her book available for sale on — from a being from another planet …

    In addition to helping the FBI with Amerithrax, the psychic relied upon the government prosecutors and investigators helped with 911 by her astral travelling and retrieval of etheric body parts at Ground Zero … She reports she was granted her psychic abilities by a being claiming to be an extraterrestrial …

    An experienced science writer, she discusses the FBI’s key genetics experts debunk the FBI’s argument that the genetics points to Ivins in particular.

  4. DXer said

    Look for news tomorrow about what the judge is doing with the DOJ’s revised pleading. :0)

  5. DXer said

    I Heard the Sirens Scream, July 20, 2011
    Leonard Cole (USA) –
    More than a terrific book, “I Heard the Sirens Scream” is a monument to a period. Garrett began writing on the day the Twin Towers fell. She made her way into lower Manhattan that day and most other days during the next four months. From that vantage she wrote a daily missive, as she calls it, plying her skills as a premier reporter and science writer. But woven into commentaries of heroism and missteps are her freely expressed emotions. A reader cannot help but share Garrett’s grief about lost lives, her rage at the perpetrators, and pride in New York’s selfless rescue workers. Much of Garrett’s narrative is also devoted to the spread of anthrax spores via threat letters that were mailed in the wake of 9/11. The Capitol, Pentagon, Supreme Court, and Federal Reserve were closed because of suspected or actual anthrax contamination. Like those who unknowingly inhaled the poisonous bacteria, people near Ground Zero inhaled air filled with particles of glass and asbestos. Many firefighters, police, and other rescue workers later developed respiratory illnesses, apparently as a result of their exposure. They had not received special masks and protective gear because, as Garrett recounts, federal officials had falsely declared the air safe to breathe. Garrett laments most deeply the change that terrorism has wrought on our collective psyche. People never grow accustomed to fear, she writes. Our citizenry has been scarred emotionally by the terrorist experiences.
    This compelling book is not to be missed.
    Product Description

    For most of my adult life I have borne witness. It’s what I won a Pulitzer Prize for, years ago. I go to epidemics, wars, places where people are struggling to cope with disasters, and I carefully log the accounts and events, trying to represent the lives and experiences of others. The position of “outsider” is emotionally safe, even as agonizing events unfold.

    But I could not distance myself from the extraordinary sequence of events that fell on America, and especially my home town of New York City, in 2001. A decade later I am still trying to understand how the attacks on the World Trade Center and the anthrax mailings affected me, and those I love. I heard the first jet slam into the north tower of the World Trade Center, and from the rooftop of my apartment building watched the second commercial jet veer towards lower Manhattan, change its trajectory, and slice across the upper floors of the south tower. I was standing on the Manhattan anchorage of the Brooklyn Bridge when the first tower crumbled like a deflated accordion, spewing dust and debris in every direction and crushing the life out of thousands of people within.
    And a month later, as people started falling ill from inhalation of anthrax spores, one of the nation’s top bioterrorism experts called me to warn that I was a likely target: Stop opening your mail.

    The flow of these events, from the hijacking of four commercial jets on September 11th to the November death of an anthrax-infected Connecticut villager, took most of the world population from a remarkably united emotional and political place, to a deeply divided, frustrated, angry position. The arc of the response matters: It ultimately determined the course of historic events worldwide and tore America asunder, the people having lost trust in their government and without it, most forms of social cohesion. By the end of the winter of 2002 the arc had completed, from spectacular unity and confidence in governance to deep division and accusations of American arrogance. Through the frustrated anthrax investigations and drumbeats of war, the global community, especially Americans, moved in just a few months’ time from collectivism to fragmentation.

    This book is structured in two parts. The first, THE END OF THE AGE OF INNOCENCE, is written in the present tense, describing almost hourly the events that unfolded primarily in Washington DC and New York City over 120 days in the fall and winter of 2001 and 2002. Each day is a chapter that opens with the actual diary entry that I sent on that date to a list of friends all over the world. The entry is followed by a detailed breakdown of the day’s events, unfolding like a novel.

    Part two, NEW WORLD ORDER, details the repercussions of these events, transformations of critical government institutions, public health disasters, and what, in particular, the specter of terrorism meant for the American people. Revelations abound in this book, including:

    • The bizarre chemistry of The Plume that rose from the burning crushed World Trade Center for four months, endangering the health of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers.
    • Evidence that al-Qaeda may have been behind the anthrax mailings.
    • Devastating spending and restructuring followed the attacks, leaving the nation less prepared for terrorism ten years later, and broke.
    • Each incident following the opening of anthrax-laden letters reveals countless errors and misjudgments.
    • There was no “weapons-grade anthrax” in those letters – a finding with profound health and political implications.

    Materials submitted to the US Government Accountability Office, to determine if there is any credible evidence of a connection,
    between a foreign entity and the attacks on the United States in, 2001 involving anthrax,

    April 07, 2011

  6. DXer said

    The reason I am curious as to the nature of the filing is that I wanted to see if AUSA Rachel Lieber had acted in response to this information sent her today

    I had written:

    “DOJ has successfully avoided deposition of Amerithrax consultant Gregory Saathoff who extensively and uncritically relied on the Ivins’ accuser who claims she was granted her psychic abilities by an alien from another planet

    The report filed in the United States District Court by Dr. Saathoff should be corrected and all reliance on the first counselor should be removed.

    psychic says … she was granted her abilities by an extraterrestrial being … got sick in 2001 from doing astral recovery work at Ground Zero and in Afghanistan after 9/11 … and was pursued by nasty Taliban entities
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 12, 2011’s-conclusions-in-his-recently-published-“the-mirage-man”-because/

    Excerpts from key witness (from her book ASCENSION JOURNEY)
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 18, 2011

    Dr. Saathoff relies extensively upon Dr. Ivins’ first therapist, Judith M. McLean, who writes of how she acquired her psychic abilities in her book available for sale on — from a being from another planet
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 11, 2011

    I had meant that the report should be corrected as submitted to District Court Judge Lamberth (D.D.C.) but I suppose the District Court in Florida needs to be apprised also.

    Unlike others, I have no problem with corrections being made and want to encourage it. Indeed, a member of the bar has a formal duty to make corrections. The DOJ counsel should be commended for doing so with respect to its corresponding motion and exhibits — not castigated.

    • DXer said

      Online Access to Court Records – from
      Documents to Data, Particulars to Patterns
      Peter W. Martin
      Cornell Law School,

      Among the fine purposes cited as justifying access are:
      ” Assuring that individual judicial proceedings are both fair and seen
      to be fair 8
      ” Ensuring that the “constitutionally protected ‘discussion and,
      where appropriate, criticism of governmental affairs’ and government
      officials is an informed one”9
      ” Fostering public education about, and confidence in, the functioning
      of the legal system 1 °
      Permitting the public the opportunity to monitor and respond to
      (“check”) the judicial process’1
      ” Providing an outlet for community “concern, hostility, and emotion”
      in cases that are in the public eye 12

      High profile proceedings bring the pressure for public access to a
      peak. Criminal prosecutions or civil suits involving celebrities have this
      effect. This holds for not only individuals previously well known from civic
      life, sports or the arts, but also for individuals and corporations thrust into
      the public consciousness by the very events that are the subject of legal
      action. Trials and trial preliminaries that deal with alleged wrongdoing by
      public officials, and those where the core matter touches many liveswhether
      a corporate bankruptcy or acid rain-provide especially compelling

      F. Greater Transparency for Litigants than Judges or Attorneys

      The dominant concept of openness in the judicial process and its corollary,
      public access to court documents, are-like the judicial process
      itself-rooted in the particular. Public interest in a specific civil or criminal
      matter typically frames the arguments for access. Access is said to be
      important so that individual judicial proceedings can be monitored,
      checked and seen to be fair. Some view access to cases in the public eye as
      providing an important “outlet for community concern, hostility, and
      emotion.”65 Access to litigation bearing on the performance of public officials
      ensures that “constitutionally protected ‘discussion of governmental
      affairs’ is an informed one.”66

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