CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* urge your Congressman (or woman) and US Senator to look into the FBI’s failed anthrax investigation and take steps to get Amerithax re-opened

Posted by DXer on June 11, 2011


US Senator Bill Nelson (D, FL)


an email from LMW to Senator Nelson (6/11/11)

will you send a similar email to your US Congressman or Senator? 


Dear Senator Nelson,

The FBI has asserted that Dr. Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator of the 2001 anthrax attacks. The FBI has presented no physical evidence, no witnesses, an impossible timeline, and science that does not support its case. The FBI has also improperly withheld significant evidence.

Congressman Rush Holt has called for a Congressional investigation, and the GAO is currently conducting an investigation. The NAS concluded that the FBI’s science could not be used to assert that Ivins was the perpetrator.

I am concerned that the FBI’s failed investigation has left the real perpetrators still out there, perhaps planning another strike.

Some years ago, I started a blog on this subject. This blog has now become a main source of information regarding the FBI’s failed investigation. It is a fact-based blog. A recent post, for example, compares the statements made by the FBI at its August 2008 press conference asserting “it was Ivins” with the facts now revealed by documents finally made available under FOIA.

see … * DXer compares statements made by US Attorney Jeffrey Taylor and FBI Assistant Director Joseph Persichini at their August 8, 2008 press conference to the documentary evidence so far produced (NOTE: much more is still being withheld)

I urge you to have one of your staff look carefully into this matter. If you do this, I think you will have many questions for the FBI, and perhaps you can help get the Amerithrax investigation re-opened.

This is truly an important matter for our national security and I hope you and your office give it the attention it deserves.

Please respond by email to let me know what you are going to do about this matter. Thank you for your consideration.

s/ Lewis M. Weinstein


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