CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Paul Gordon reacts to Paul Kemp’s speech … if the FBI could do this to Dr. Bruce Ivins, they can do it to any of us

Posted by DXer on June 9, 2011

has the FBI told the whole truth about their case against Dr. Ivins?


Paul Gordon writes for (6/8/11) …

  • Paul Kemp, Ivins’ attorney, claimed the evidence the FBI relied on to impugn the Fort Detrick researcher at USAMRIID “their smoking gun” is nothing more than “smoke and mirrors.”
  • This member of Frederick Rotary Club listened to the attorney’s story on June 1, and had a sick feeling … 

any one of us could face the same intrusion

into our family and personal affairs.

We could be accused on the basis of inconclusive facts

and be hounded publicly and so badly

that we become emotionally crushed.

  • Kemp believes had Ivins gone to trial, he would not have been convicted.

read the entire article at …



For me, the important part of this speaking event by Dr. Ivins’ attorney Paul Kemp was the reaction of former Frederick, Maryland Mayor Paul Gordon, who was in the audience.

  • The FBI hounded Dr. Bruce Ivins, but only after he had committed suicide did the FBI assert, in their August 8, 2008 press conference, that Ivins was the sole perpetrator.
  • The FBI’s “case” against Ivins is incredibly weak: no physical evidence, no witnesses, an impossible timeline (to get to Princeton to mail the letters), and science that so far surely proves nothing.
  • Since their August 2008 announcement, the FBI has withheld information doggedly. But as pieces of information dribble out, such as the recently released lab notebook pages, the FBI case gets even weaker.

It is embarrrassing as a nation to see this happen, and it is easy to understand Paul Gordon’s reaction as he squirmed in the audience, realizing that if the FBI could do this to Dr. Ivins, they could do it to any of us.

Somebody, we are hoping the GAO in their currently ongoing review of the FBI investigation, needs to make the FBI stand up and admit they blew it. Only then can the investigation be re-opened with the chance that the real perpetrators will be identified. Meanwhile, whoever they are, they are still out there, perhaps planning another attack.


One Response to “* Paul Gordon reacts to Paul Kemp’s speech … if the FBI could do this to Dr. Bruce Ivins, they can do it to any of us”

  1. DXer said

    A Voice for Those Silenced in a Mobster’s Reign
    Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times
    Published: July 15, 2011

    “After suffering a devastating loss and then being misled for almost two decades, with no apology ever from the F.B.I., the Donahues sued the government in 2001, saying it had helped to cause the death of Michael Donahue. Six years later, Judge Reginald C. Lindsay of United States District Court found the evidence so overwhelming that he went directly to hearing testimony on damages.

    Judge Lindsay died, but his successor, Judge William G. Young, shared his colleague’s outrage. What he said was — well, Tommy Donahue can practically recite parts of the ruling, and Patricia Donahue has the court papers stored in the triple-decker house the family shares in Dorchester: Michael and his wife on the first floor, Shawn and his mother on the second, and Tommy and his girlfriend on the third.

    “This was a happy, vibrant family,” Judge Young wrote, and it is nearly inconceivable “that our government, through negligence, inattention, self-interested hubris and outright corruption” could cause these two horrific murders. In May 2009, he ordered the resistant government to pay $6.4 million to the Donahues.

    It has yet to happen. Earlier this year, a divided three-member federal appeals court overturned the decision, saying the Donahues had filed their claim too late. In other words, amid the government dissembling and personal heartache, this working-class family should have filed its claim by April 2000, within two years of a specific snatch of damaging testimony in the midst of a long proceeding — and not when it did, in March 2001, after the hearing’s conclusion.

    Once again, wrong place, wrong time. Oops.

    But the Donahues have petitioned for a new hearing”

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