CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* AP: statements by scientists in Florida court case raise doubts regarding the FBI conclusion that Dr. Bruce Ivins prepared the anthrax used in the 2001 attacks

Posted by DXer on May 19, 2011


has the FBI told the whole truth about their case against Dr. Ivins?


Curt Anderson writes for AP (5/19/11) …

  • The widow of a Florida tabloid photo editor who died in the 2001 anthrax mailings is casting fresh doubt on the FBI’s conclusion that a lone federal scientist staged the attacks, according to new documents filed in her lawsuit against the government.
  • Maureen Stevens’ change of position is based on sworn statements made by two of the scientist’s superiors who said they don’t believe Bruce Ivins was solely to blame for the attacks that killed five people, including her husband Robert Stevens, and sickened 17 others in fall 2001.
  • The statements raising questions about the FBI’s conclusions were made in depositions earlier this year by W. Russell Byrne and Gerard Andrews, who oversaw Ivins’ work at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Md. Byrne was chief of bacteriology at the biodefense lab from 1998 to early 2000 and Andrews held the post from 2000 to 2003.
  • According to court documents, Byrne told Stevens’ attorneys
    • that Ivins “did not have the lab skills to make the fine powdered anthrax used in the letters”
    • and that it would have been difficult for Ivins to do the work at night undetected.
    • Byrne said others would have noticed the unusual use of equipment and supplies because of the hazardous microbes involved in their work.
  • Andrews, the other superior, told lawyers
    • it would have taken Ivins six months to a year to refine the anthrax spores used in the deadly mailings, instead of the roughly 20 hours the FBI found he spent at night in the lab.
    • Andrews also said Ivins did not have the expertise to do the work and some of the necessary equipment wasn’t available at Fort Detrick at the time.
  • The FBI has repeatedly insisted that Ivins is responsible for the deadly anthrax. “The Amerithrax investigation found that the late Dr. Bruce Ivins acted alone in planning and executing these attacks,” the FBI statement said.
  • Trial is currently scheduled for Dec. 5 before Senior U.S. District Judge Daniel T.K. Hurley in West Palm Beach. Hurley has refused U.S. government attempts to get the case dismissed, and his rulings were upheld by an appeals court.

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14 Responses to “* AP: statements by scientists in Florida court case raise doubts regarding the FBI conclusion that Dr. Bruce Ivins prepared the anthrax used in the 2001 attacks”

  1. DXer said

    R. Scott Decker notes in his “Recounting the Anthrax Attacks” that the OBL front cover was a display in AMI’s front lobby:

    “Virulent anthrax contaminated Stevens’s computer keyboard from his desk in the AMI building. Anthrax also contaminated the sample Pillai took from the inside of Steven’s’s mailbox.”

    “Pillar’s first thought was al-Qaeda; it was well-known that many of the 9/11 hijackers had been in Palm Beach County only five or six weeks earlier. Pillar recalled a large, framed, front-page photo of Osama bin Laden prominently displayed in the front lobby of the AMI building.” Maybe the anthrax attack was retaliation for the bad publicity bin Laden had received at the hands of the National Enquirer, Pillai thought.” (p. 22)

  2. DXer said

    Jeb Bush has published this week that include numerous emails relating to the Fall 2001 anthrax mailings.

    FW: Problems in bioterror response. Washington Post 10/14/01
    in case you missed this.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Martha Pratt []
    Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2001 11:18 AM

    To: Moore, Tim (FDLE) (E-mail); Kathleen Shanahan (E-mail 2); Agwunobi John (E-mail); Jimenez, Frank (EOG) (E-mail)

    From: “Jeb Bush”

    FW: On the trail of anthrax. St. Petersburg Times 10/14/01 (Gov.)
    in case you have not read this.



    To: “‘'”
    From: “Moore, Tim”
    RE: On the trail of anthrax. St. Petersburg Times 10/14/01 (Gov.

    i saw it……Dr. John and Co. are doing good work! i think Flroida is way
    ahead of most other states in our degree of preparation and planning…..but
    we still have alot to do!



    From: “Sheila Vives”

    Mini warehouses storage and terrorists
    I sincerely hope the FBI looks into mini warehouse storage facilities in the residential location of suspected biochemical terrorists, as those are the easiest places for storage of items such as bio-chemical warfare. If they haven’t done so already, maybe you can “suggest it”.

    Sheila Vives

  3. DXer said

    In connection with one motion, deposition excerpts of the following length are included.

    Exhibit 1 Byrne Deposition 46 pages
    Exhibit 2 Andrews Deposition 27 pages
    Exhibit 3 Worsham Deposition 26 pages
    Exhibit 4 Friedlander Deposition 39 pages
    Exhibit 5 Lynn Deposition 38 pages
    Exhibit 6 Salerno Deposition
    Exhibit 8 Eitzen Deposition 122 pages
    Exhibit 10 Arrison Deposition 62 pages
    Exhibit 12 Welkos Deposition 23 pages
    Exhibit 13 Adamovicz Deposition 26 pages
    Exhibit 14 Jahrling Deposition 54 pages
    Exhibit 18 Wade Deposition 1 page
    Exhibit 22 Friend Deposition 18 pages
    Exhibit 23 Bridges Deposition 29 pages
    Exhibit 30 Little Deposition 22 pages

  4. DXer said

    In a reply filed July 6, 2011, the government argues that the anthrax could easily have been stolen from Dr. ivins’ lab or a lab to which it had been distributed.

    See, e.g., U.S. Exh. 10, REPORT OF THE DEFENSE SCIENCE BOARD TASK FORCE ON THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE BIOLOGICAL SAFETY AND SECURITY PROGRAM, May 2009, at 19 (DOD-000099) (“There was general agreement that an insider could remove [biological select agents and toxins (BSAT)] material without detection.”), 20 (DOD-000100) (“…the insider could provide knowledge of laboratory layouts, access to facilities, and could steal BSAT without detection.”), 39 (DOD-000119) (“A determined adversary cannot be prevented from obtaining very dangerous biological materials intended for nefarious purposes, if not from DOD labs, then from other sources.”) & 40 (DOD-000120) (“An insider could probably transfer BSAT out of the facility or supply chain without being discovered, regardless of defensive countermeasures.”) (emphasis added); also available at:

  5. DXer said

    USAMRIID scientist Susan Welkos was deposed on November 3, 2010 in Stevens v. United States:

    Q. Do you think that Dr. Ivins was the anthrax mailer?

    A. I think there is no data one way or the other. There is no data one way or the other.

  6. DXer said

    Why did the FBI never disclose the email withheld for 2 years that shows Dr. Ivins knew that 5 ml of virulent Ames had been taken from Building 1412?

  7. DXer said

    Why did the FBI let USAMRIID General John Parker’s false claim that USAMRIID did not make dried powder stand when the FBI and the scientists overseeing the investigation knew its own expert had made dried powdered aerosol using Ames?

  8. DXer said

    Why didn’t the FBI disclose that the photocopy mentioned in the Amerithrax Summary could be excluded as the source of the Amerithrax letters?

    Instead, it pointed to time in the USAMRIID library as if it were evidence of something suspicious or somehow supported its accusations.

  9. DXer said

    Why did US Attorney and AP create the impression that the Federal Eagle stamp was uniquely sold in Ivins’ post office (near USAMRIID) when it in fact was sold throughout Maryland and Virginia?

  10. DXer said

    Why didn’t the DOJ credit the uncontradicted 302 interview statement that checking the health of the animals typically would take 2 hours and was a one person job?

  11. DXer said

    Why didn’t US Attorney Taylor in explaining Ivins’ overtime in Fall 2001, including November and December, not realize that the 2-person rule that in 2002 precluded such overtime and that Ivins moreover was working overtime with his assistant for OPERATION NOBLE EAGLE? Thus, the pattern of hours that was central to the FBI’s claim was not continued past December 2001 and into 2002 for that reason.

  12. Zicon said

    Finally a Judge who has some common sense…

    The first question that should be asked by the GAO, and those involved in the case in FL and get an accurate answer, is..

    Why is the FBI still persuing/working on this case? & trying to keep everything under the radar from the media/public?

    Since the FBI is still working on this case secretly, why haven’t they made their objectives more publicly known… It’s going to cause more trouble for them by keeping quiet about their objectives. Not to mention all the WASTED tax payers money when they have to explain their motives and give answers that should have already been given.. Grow a set.. get over the embarassment and cut loose…

    Is there already someone else in mind? I bet there is. Which was heard through the grapevine unless/until WH field memos are published by someone else…

    Paragraph below were statements made in 08 if memory serves me correct.
    FBI director Robert Mueller assured lawmakers that investigators “have looked at every lead and will continue to do so,” even after the case is closed. The agency had announced that the National Academy of Sciences will review the DNA evidence used to trace the anthrax spores back to a flask in an army lab, but senators want more oversight.
    This was in 08… Even after the “FBI” supposedly closed their case, yes: they still are looking for someone? What does that say about them? Not much, If they supposedly got their man why are they still looking? Because…. (A) Bruce is innocent or (B) He isn’t innocent, and had help via Foreign. Diplomats.. Just being partial for science…

    If one were to do what Bruce was accused of doing, wouldn’t one think that you (anyone)could purchase the needed equipment off the Internet that would be untraceable if done right… Perhaps the FBI should offer 100 million dollars with stipulations on more info that could bring anyone else to justice, but have enough loop holes in the fine print that isn’t published that depending on the circumstances whether they would have to pay the 100 million or not… But should be reviewed by an independent panel for payment or not.. it’s not like the government couldn’t afford it anyway, if they had to pay it…

    I mean hell it’s like with the millions offered for osamas head.. If you were just an average human and you found out or knew where he was long ago,, How in the hell do you explain those answers to the gov? I sure as hell wouldn’t.. They can keep all their money.. I wouldn’t want to explain those answers.. If one did, and you got the money, you’d have the government so far up your butt for the rest of your life, depending on how you can across said Intel.. Somethings just aren’t worth the hassle. So hopefully GAO is paying full attention on getting a secure channel between the rest of the US and them that goes around the FBI DOJ and even the president of the US so that if something isn’t right, those people “Will Be Held Accountable” Perhaps kicked out of politics forever depending on the severity of the situation at hand… “Accountability” Its way past time for doing what is right for once… How else in the hell will things ever change for what most would say is for the Greater Good???…

    I’m leaning hard on a few things of personal notations Since counter-Intel have been all around me for a long time now.. I’m not the only one that has seen and got their undivided sometimes 1, 2 3 separate cars marked/unmarked that tail all over the place, and have been for a long time. Which makes one ask… How secure really… Are our BSL facilities/labs Private/Government???… Might as well put up a sign and say come on in free Intel from post it notes to things so classified, that even knowing some things would make one sick to even know that certain things go on right in front of peoples own noses.
    Also with the governments entertainment agents, they actually do give out some of the most secret names and things that you see and hear in movies, so that way when certain people find out facts from word of mouth they can dismiss it due to media and tv… Unless there is “Despicable” hint hint Proof… Just ones opinion that will not change.
    Which is why I say to the GAO to start what wikileaks has started, so that when Intel jumps in the right hands, it can be sent to an authority that CAN do something about it rather than wikileaks for the world to awe and ohhhh and get 5 mins of fame and embarrassment over what ever government it may open Intel on, which over all doesn’t really change things aside from the obvious… (stupidity on the governments part) for doing a poor job. I will keep saying it until they get it right the first time… If not get a leader that has no problem doing the tough things and doesn’t give a tinkers damn about anyone else except “Doing What Is Right” Bottom line, End of Story… Question is CAN YOU DO IT GAO? Without getting the run around from the FBI/CIA/DOJ/Other locations involved…

    The FBI has had 10 years on this, so that means any question the GAO has for them should be answered at the same day & time the questions are asked even if it has to get down to a puckered up congressional hearing that would be fun to watch will certain people in the HOT seat…
    Many people are watching & waiting…
    Hypothetically personally I’d rather see the GAO get S/NF classified Intel than wikileaks any day, but GAO will have to show results with known Intel that was given secretly, if not, then GAO will just be wasting theirs and everyone elses time…
    I’d say it high time to review all the Bio guidelines concerning safety/security, there are holes all over the place… Since that’s the case, someones not doing their job, and it’s about time ALL governments find someone that can do the job and does nothing but look for holes and that can produce results and make changes without waiting 20 years and dealing with the BS red tape that all politics has…

    All a hypothetical strong opinion for now..

    Enjoy the rain.-.

    It also appears that who I abv. by the name Al-ZARI has made the #1 spot on the most wanted list… Which is who i’ve been saying he was on the cia’s top list for a long time now anyway amd it just now come out very recently… But I can imagine what would happen if it was proven that people from othe countries that are not all that friendly were able to walk right out of USAMRIID with a vial of anthrax.. Perahap it happened on Ivins watch maybe not.. But I’d hate to be a commander knowing that the governments most top R&D facilty was run through like a bunch of fat kids in a candy shop by foriegn scientist that could perhaps tie back to Zari… I think it’s time to keep an eye on everyones finance records including the judges and everyone else that is involved in the case in FL…LEGALLY of course. Keeping a very close watchful eye on everyone down there… I hope the GAO is paying close attention… & to think the CIA knows nothing.. Well I wouldn’t hold my breath.. Just saying is all…

    • DXer said

      “Since the FBI is still working on this case secretly, …”

      You cite no evidence whatsoever “that the FBI is still working on this case secretly…” Amerithrax is closed it is public record that the agents once working it are working on other matters. The FBI, of course, has reason to conduct related inquiries that might be misunderstood as relating to Amerithrax. The rule of the blog is to cite authority for factual statements when asked — or to avoid making the claim.

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