CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Did Al-Hadrami provide Sharqawi the information about the anthrax attacks including the “individuals suspected of being responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks?” (They reportedly were the two main facilitators in Pakistan). If Al-Hadrami (in charge of operations in Lahore) did tell Sharqawi the identity of the “individuals suspected of being responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks” in the US, what did he say?

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  1. DXer said

    El-Shukrijumah’s Al Qaeda sponsor was from Lahore, Pakistan. .”

    In late 1999, Shukrijumah began traveling to Pakistan and Afghanistan. To get into an Al Qaeda training camp, he needed a sponsor. The FBI says Shukrijumah found one in Ismael Faiz of Lahore, Pakistan. U.S. officials believe Faiz is a member of Al Qaeda and the Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba, which has been connected to recent alleged terrorist plots in Canada and London.

  2. DXer said

    Judging from Dr. Batarfi’s statements I’ve uploaded, Hadrami said that Taher Butt Kashmeri was either responsible or knew who was. But who was Taher Butt Kashmeri?

    • DXer said

      As I recall, years ago I gleaned that it was my friend James who questioned Dr. Batarfi in Guantanamo. But it seems that through open source material who went by the name Tahar Butt Kashmiri. I am loathe to impose on any USG-type for information. I came to know James at a time when I was writing about Dr. Batarfi’s mentor, Amer Aziz, who was picked up and intensely questioned for 30 days by 3 chain-smoking USG types
      — a tall man, a woman, and an Urdu speaking man. I was following the story in the local Pakistani press and it was upon the raid of a compound of doctors named Khawaja that I first learned about infiltrating scientist Rauf Ahmad. I was writing about Rauf Ahmad, I think, when James wrote me with a question. (In interviewing Rauf Ahmad, conversation always drops off when it becomes clear I have no money to give him).

      For the reasons I’ve explained, I think Adnan El-Shukrijumah is the mailer. It doesn’t get better than right after 911 the operator calling his mom and insisting (over her protests that he will be arrested) that he is coming to the US.

      But if Dr. Batarfi says he was told that Taher Butt Kashmiri knows who the mailer is, then I am fascinated to find out who Taher Butt Kashmiri is. For example, is he an associate of Adnan El-Shukrijumah who was also casing NYC financial targets in 2001? I had guessed as one possibility Iyman Faris, who was working with KSM. He was from Kashmir. But that seems less likely given his trip to NYC that I recall offhand was later. Iyman Faris cooperated with the FBI for a few months calling Al Qaeda operatives until there was a story in Newsweek about his cooperation.

      Tahar I think may also be spelled Taher or Tahir. And as I’ve mentioned Butt is also Bhat and Bhatta. Butt Kashmiri tells us where the individual is from.

      Butt Kashmir

      Bhat (Kashmiri: भट (Devanagari), بھٹ (Nastaleeq)), sometimes spelled as Butt (Pahari: بٹ), both of which are a shortened rendition of Bhatta (Kashmiri: भट्
      Description Butt,Bhat (Kashmiri: भट (Devanagari), بھٹ (Nastaleeq)), sometimes spelled as Butt (Pahari: بٹ), both of which are a shortened rendition of Bhatta (Kashmiri: भट्ट (Devanagari), بھٹٹ (Nastaleeq)),[1] is a Kashmiri surname, found among individuals native to the Kashmir Valley of India as well as Kashmiri émigrés who have migrated to the Punjab, a region divided between India and neighbouring Pakistan. Kashmiris bearing the surname Bhat belong to the larger Bhat caste of Brahmins found in the rest of the India;[ the surname is shared by both Hindus and Muslims.

      So might Taher Butt Kashmiri — said to be either the mailer or to know the mailer’s identity — be Dhiren Barot rather than Iyman Faris? Dhiren Barot’s allegiance was to the Kashmir Mujahideen Al Qaeda. He arrived in USA in August 2000 on a student visa to attend the Mohawk Valley Community College, although he never attended. He cased NYC financial targets in 2001 with a couple of colleagues. Reports variously say that he stayed with his sister Meetha or aunt. I haven’t yet found the March 2004 repeated BOLO where I believe Attorney General Ashcroft said that Adnan El-Shukrijumah was part of that casing of the financial district, which included helicopters. If so, that would put Adnan El-Shukrijumah in far closer contact with Al-Hindi than Iyman Faris. Although Iyman Faris famously scouted the Brooklyn Bridge for KSM — I do not associate him with Adnan El-Shukrijumah, who was from Florida.

      All 3, of course, were being simultaneously tasked by KSM and so it would not be at all surprising if they knew each other and/or were coordinating. I believe all three trained in Al Qaeda camps although I would have to study the published details.

      Iyman Faris lived down the road from Battelle and delivered US Mail. Anthrax was simply sent by FedEx prior to 911 and not by courier. Somewhere along the way I was told that on that route FedEx would travel by US Mail although offhand I don’t recall my sourcing. Given Dr. Ivins has pointed to weaponized anthrax that went missing — the date was not specified or apparent — Iyman Faris thus is still an intriguing possibility.

      Adnan El-Shukrijumah, I believe, joined Dhiren Barot in casing the NYC financial targets and helicopters but I need to find proper sourcing on that.

      Dhiren Barot reportedly returned to the UK from the US on April 8, 2001 and so absent any evidence of travel or expressed intention to travel I don’t see him as the mailer. But I could see him as knowing that Adnan was the mailer, especially given that in travelling from Trinidad to Afghanistan Adnan El-Shukrijumah transited London, I think.

      Barot is in a UK prison and Faris is in a US prison.

      Here is some background on Barot.

      British Terror Plotter Gets Life In Prison

      It seems that his sister Meetha in New Jersey would be the best person to interview as to whether Adnan El-Shukrijumah knew her brother. Dr. Batarfi, who I believe is in Yemen, would be the best to interview on the identity of Tahar Butt Kashmeri who knows the identity of the mailer.

      In the meantime, I’ll try to find a source supporting my suggestion that Attorney General Ashcroft said that Adnan had joined the others in casing the NYC helicopters and financial targets. In his article on Adnan, Josh M. said that Adnan had spent a week each in NYC, DC and Montreal.

      I once heard Attorney General Ashcroft speak here about how the FBI’s efforts involve an intricate balancing of protecting innocents consistent with recognizing civil liberties. I thought his speech was masterful. I am politically liberal and I guess I was predisposed not to be impressed — but I came away with a totally different impression of him than from the press featuring him singing. I’ve always had the same view of former Amerithrax head Michael Mason who has spoken so eloquently on the subject of the difficult balancing required. These folks don’t have an easy job. They regularly are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

      • Roberto said

        Incidents and Statments involving Lashkar-e-Toiba : 2011

        May 11: One of LeT’s most important leaders who was indicted by the United Sates (US) Treasury Department for the July 2006 Mumbai train bombings, Arif Qasmani, is trying to acquire biological weapons and anthrax through his al-Qaida links. The interrogation report of a Pakistani businessman and Guantánamo Bay detainee, Saifullah Paracha, has revealed that LeT was in touch with a US-based “al-Qaeda anthrax operative” as it tried to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

        Qasmani is among the four persons whose assets had been frozen by the US for their alleged involvement in the 2006 Mumbai train blasts. The US notification, in fact, had said that Qasmani also facilitated the Samjhauta blast in 2007. Paracha, a businessman from Sargodha, revealed to the US authorities in 2008 that LeT’s Qasmani might have been discussing ways to acquire biological weapons and anthrax with a US based pharmacist, Nazmut Tariq, identified also as an al-Qaeda operative.

        • DXer said

          LeT trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction with help from Qaida
          Sachin Parashar May 11, 2011, 03.35am IST

          (Interrogation report of…)

          NEW DELHI: One of LeT’s most important leaders who was indicted by the US treasury department for the July 2006 Mumbai train bombings, Arif Qasmani, is helping the India-centric terror group acquire biological weapons and anthrax through his al-Qaida links.

          The interrogation report of a Pakistani businessman and Guantanamo Bay detainee, Saifullah Paracha, has revealed that LeT was in touch with a US-based “al-Qaida anthrax operative” as it tried to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

          Qasmani is among the four men whose assets had been frozen by the US for their alleged involvement in the 2006 Mumbai train blasts. The US notification, in fact, had said that Qasmani also facilitated the Samjhauta blast in 2007.

          Paracha, a businessman from Sargodha, revealed to the US authorities in 2008 that LeT’s Qasmani might have been discussing ways to acquire biological weapons and anthrax with a US based pharmacist, Nazmut Tariq, identified also as an al-Qaida operative.

          Sources said the Qasmani referred to in Paracha’s Guantanamo interrogation report is the same Qasmani who facilitated the suburban train blasts in Mumbai. “Information linking Tariq to biological weapons and anthrax was found on a calendar belonging to Arif Qasmani, LeT member and associate of senior al-Qaida facilitator Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn, akaAbu Zubaydah,” the report said. The Pune-educated Zubaydah was described by the US as one of the senior-most al-Qaida leaders to have been arrested from Pakistan after 9/11. He was said to have been arrested from a Lashkar safe house in Faisalabad.

          The US treasury department notification specifically mentioned Qasmani’s links with al-Qaida. “Since 2001, Arif Qasmani has also provided financial and other support and services to al-Qaida, including facilitating the movement of al-Qaida leaders and personnel in and out ofAfghanistan, the return of foreign fighters to their respective countries and the provision of supplies and weapons. In return for Qasmani’s support, al-Qaida provided Qasmani with operatives to support the July 2006 train bombing in Mumbai, India, and the February 2007 Samjhauta Express bombing in Panipat, India,” said the notification.

          Paracha’s Guantanamo interrogation report mentions that Tariq’s contact information was recovered from the detainee’s electronic diary. Tariq is identified as a possible al-Qaida anthrax operative based in New York and that his name was also mentioned in a document seized from an al-Qaida safe house in Pakistan along with a notation for anthrax vaccine.

          Paracha told his interrogators that he knew Tariq since 1969 since they came from the same village, Nazimabad, in Pakistan. He also described Tariq as a member of Jamiat Islami who was a pharmacist in the US with stores in New York City and Boston.

  3. DXer said

    6. Did this NYC pharmacist Najmut Tariq mentioned in the Detainee Assessments know Omar Al-Hadrami or the Karachi facilitator Sharqawi?

    Did Al-Hadrami provide Sharqawi the information about the anthrax attacks including the “individuals suspected of being responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks?” (They reportedly were the two main facilitators in Pakistan). If Al-Hadrami (in charge of operations in Lahore) did tell Sharqawi the identity of the “individuals suspected of being responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks” in the US, what did he say?

    Posted by Lew Weinstein on May 8, 2011

  4. DXer said

    Did Omar al-Hadrami know Aafia Siddiqui?

    Aafia’s uncle has provided this first hand account of his visit with her in January 2008. She reportedly told him that she had been detained and kept some place in Lahore.

    “Salient Features of the visit of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui at the residence of her uncle Mr. S. H. Faruqi at Islamabad, Pakistan

    On 22nd to 24th of January, 2008.

    My door bell rang up on 22nd January in the evening about half an hour after the sun set. I personally went out. A gentleman in plain Pakistani clothes (shalwar qameez) said that he had brought a lady in his car (white Suzuki car) from Karachi Company bus stand (Sector G-9, Islamabad) who wanted to see me. I went near the car. A lady in black ‘burqa’ (Muslim women’s dress to hide the body contours) came out saying “O uncle I am Aafia”. Her complete body and face (except eyes) were hidden under the ‘burqa’ but I recognized the voice to my complete satisfaction. She was Aafia. I was greatly surprised and perplexed too but soon regained my normalcy and welcomed her and embraced her. I asked her to enter my house but she refused and instead requested me to take her to some isolated and peaceful place where she could talk to me in privacy. When I insisted on her entry to my house, she screamed and asked me not to insist on that as it would simply result in the destruction of my house as well as herself. On this I asked the same car driver (an employee of Ministry of Foreign Affairs using his car as a taxi after office hours) to drop us at the nearby located Taj Mahal restaurant in the Jinnah Super Market.

    He did it.

    Dr. Aafia and myself sat at Taj Mahal restaurant for about one hour and later at Captain Cook fast food restaurant (also located in the Jinnah Super Market) for about 1? hour and talked on Dr. Aafia’s circumstances. Later I accommodated her in room no. 29 of ‘Islamabad Inn’, Street no. 44, F-7/1, Islamabad declaring her as my daughter. She passed one night at this guest house and the following day and the night between 23rd and 24th January at my house. I also called my sister Mrs. Ismat Siddiqui (Dr. Aafia’s mother) from Karachi on 23.1.08 early morning. Myself and my wife had quite detailed talks with Dr. Aafia about her last 5 years, about her captors, places of captivity and about the possibilities of her further staying at my house etc. The gist of these talks is summarized in the following points:

    1. Throughout her stay at Islamabad Dr. Aafia did not show her face to anybody except to me (intentionally or un-intentionally) for a glimpse at Taj Mahal restaurant. She also did not put of her ‘burqa’ for even a minute.

    2. When I had a glimpse of her face at Taj Mahal restaurant I noted that her face was not her normal face but has been changed apparently through plastic surgery especially at her nose which was totally changed. Her eyes were of course unchanged. hen I questioned Dr. Aafia as to who and where changed her face through plastic surgery? she simply said:


    3. Dr. Aafia had a national identity card issued by the relevant department of the govt. of Pakistan in which there was a photograph which was not of the ‘original’ Aafia. It was quite different. Also it was of some Research Scholar of the Karachi University. The name of the lady was also different.

    4. Dr. Aafia said she was then kept at some place in Lahore. She was released temporarily to collect data regarding some Al-Quaida suspects. But she slipped from there, took an Islamabad bound bus from some bus stand and came over to Islamabad.

    5. Dr. Aafia told that since her abduction in 2003 she has not seen her 3 children and does not know any thing about them.

    6. Throughout her stay at Islamabad Dr. Aafia insisted that arrangements may be made to send her to Taliban in Afghanistan as according to her they would not hand her over to her “enemies”.

    7. She told that her American captors were more well behaved than the non-American ones.

    8. She told that she did not know as to which different places she has been kept over the past years. Whatever she remembered was that she had remained in complete isolation. Those supplying her food were using hand gloves and face masks. They never spoke to her.

    9. Her mother tried to give her an amount of Rs. 5,000/- while she was departing for Lahore on the morning of 24th January. At first she refused to accept but later accepted the same.

    10. Almost whole of the night of 23rd and 24th January 2008 which she passed at my residence in a bed room she was found praying or reading Quran on the prayer rug at the floor of the room and not on the sleeping bed.

    11. When told that we were calling some journalists for her interview, she very seriously opposed it and remarked that it will be simply killing her.

    12. She earnestly appealed that we should not try to detain her then rather wait till the ouster of president Pervaiz Musharraf when she hopes to be released.

    13. Dr. Aafia told us that of lately there had been a change and she had been transferred to a new place and to a new agency. She said that the new people were much better than the previous ones. They were looking after her well and had granted freedom of ‘outing’ from time to time.

    14. Throughout her stay with us I felt that she had been ‘bugged’ and somebody sitting at Lahore or Islamabad was listening what she and we were speaking. I felt it from her behaviour (trying to keep, at times, her voice very low and her praises for Americans).

    15. Dr. Aafia was carrying a large size black coloured parachute cloth made hand bag which was weighing about 5 to 7 kg. She never allowed anybody at my house to open it and see its contents. When asked about the contents by me she told that these were some books which her captors had allowed her to keep.”

  5. DXer said

    In October 2001, NATO forces raided the Saudi High Commission for Aid to Bosnia and seized before-and-after photographs of the World Trade Center, U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and the USS Cole; maps of government buildings in Washington; materials for forging U.S. State Department badges; files on the use of crop duster aircraft; and anti-Semitic and anti-American material geared toward children. An employee of the Saudi High Commission for Aid to Bosnia and another cell member was in telephone contact with Osama bin Laden aide and al-Qaeda operational commander Abu Zubayda. The employee’s planned immigration to the United States was going to be sponsored by Dr. Hassan Faraj, who worked at the hospital where the first New York inhalational anthrax victim died. The doctor was a co-author of a leading article in the Journal of American Medical Association (“JAMA”) about the causes of the woman’s death. Dr. Faraj lived in the building next to Al-Timimi until 1999 when he moved to Brooklyn to take an internship at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan.

    An arrest warrant issued for a former Falls Church, Virginia resident, Dr. Hassan Faraj, on immigration charges on June 29, 2004. He had been working as an intern and resident at hospital in Manhattan for the past three years.

    The Syrian-born doctor, Hassan Faraj, formerly worked for the Al Qaeda front charity, BIF, in Zagreb, Croatia. He was accused in late June 2004 of supporting an Al Qaeda terrorist. He was listed in 2002 as an author of a key article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (“JAMA”) about the fatal anthrax inhalation exposure of 61- year-old Kathy Nguyen. She had worked in the stockroom of Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital (MEETH), which was a subsidiary of Lenox Hill. The doctor, Hassan Faraj, was an intern there at the time and then finished his residency at Lenox Hill in 2004. The article explained that an epidemiological study of her workplace and residence had not turned up any explanation of how she was exposed. The United States government charged Dr. Farah with immigration violations, accusing him of providing aid to a supporter of Osama Bin Laden and making false statements. In early November 2004, federal prosecutors alleged that they found shredded blueprints for a suburban Washington overpass in a bag in his Brooklyn apartment. His lawyer claimed that they were from his brother, a lecturer at an unidentified Washington-area university who had left the country. Prosecutors said that Faraj’s duties included running recruits to camps in Bosnia. In November 2004, the Daily News reported that “Computers seized at the foundation’s office in Chicago contained a deleted file stating, ‘Hassan has spent substantial amount of time with us in Bosnia . . . and had said that he is willing to do anything.'”

    In an April 11, 2005 letter (provided to me by, an Assistant United States Attorney explained to a federal magistrate the “defendant had engaged in repeated fraud in pursuing a medical career in this country, including lying to obtain his Virginia medical license.” The Virginia medical licensing website, there is a Consent Order confirming that he had surrendered his license. His license in Connecticut was also allowed to expire that year after it had been granted.

    The AUSA in the 2005 letter explained that on June 29, 2004, the defendant had been arrested on charges of falsely obtaining his United States citizenship, in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1425. The defendant gained his citizenship in part because he had fraudulently obtained asylum. The government summarized:

    “To get asylum, the defendant claimed that he was a Bosnian citizen, that his Bosnian wife … had been killed by Serbs during the Balkan conflict, that he had been studying medicine at Sarajevo University in Bosnia, and that he had been forced to flee Bosnia due to the conflict. These claims were a sham. The defendant was not a Bosnian citizen, [his wife] never existed, the defendant never studied medicine at Sarajevo University, and the defendant was not forced to flee Bosnia (indeed, he did not even reside in Bosnia, but rather in Croatia).”

    At his initial appearance on June 30, 2004, the defendant was released pursuant to an agreed upon bail amount of $100,000, co-signed by two sureties.

    On August 12, 2004, the defendant was indicted on the immigration charge. Sitting outside the courtroom in November 2004 before his hearing on whether his bail would be revoked, Mr. Faraj told the New York Times reporter: “I have nothing to be afraid of. They have nothing else to do but to make things up.”

    In early November 2004, the government learned that the defendant had violated his pre-trial release conditions by making false statements in his August 2004 Virginia medical licensing application. The defendant made at least two false statements to the Virginia board: (i) falsely asserting that he had not engaged in any plea bargaining in any matter; and (ii) falsely asserting that he had never been censured or warned in regard to his medical background. The February 2007 Consent Order in Virginia explains that he had been warned about his job performance on February 28, 2003.

    The government argued that false statements to the Virginia board were part of a larger pattern of medical fraud by the defendant, dating back several years. In essence, the defendant satisfied two other essential medical requirements beyond the state licensing requirement through fraud: (i) fraudulently securing a required medical residency position at Lenox Hill hospital, and (ii) fraudulently securing a required certification from the Educational Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMGO). The government contended that in 2001, the defendant told at least two significant lies to secure the residency. “First, in his personal statement and application submitted to Lenox Hill, the defendant falsely claimed that, “[f]rom January 1996 to January 1997, I did an internship in Zvijezda Hospital in Zagreb where I rotated in all departments.” The government continued: “In fact, the defendant did not intern at that hospital and was in the United States eleven months of the twelve he was supposedly doing the internship in Croatia.”

    The defendant engaged in similar fraud, the government explained, in his submissions to the Educational Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates, which regulates the practice of foreign medical graduates in the United States. Among other things, the defendant falsely asserted to the ECFMG that he was an intern at yet another hospital in Croatia in 1996, the Venograd Hospital. The defendant even went so far as to submit a fraudulent certification to ECFMG that he interned at Sestre Vinogradska (Sisters of Misericordy) hospital in Croatia from September 1, 1996 to January 31, 1997.

    The good doctor came under suspicion, in part, because of his support for suspected foreign terrorist Amir Abdulrazzak. Associated Press reported in November 2004 that “Sources familiar with the case said Abdulrazzak’s immigration documents were found on a computer recovered during a raid by U.S. Special Forces on a building in Bosnia housing the Saudi High Commission for Relief, an independent group linked to the Saudi Arabian government. The building, also known as “Mecca House,” was targeted after intelligence reports indicated terror suspects using it as a meeting house were planning to attack U.S. and NATO targets in Bosnia, according to a 2001 report by Army Times, a weekly for military personnel.”

    In the 2005 letter to the federal magistrate, the Department of Justice formally provided additional detail:

    “In the fall of 2004, the government discovered that the defendant used his fraudulently-obtained United States citizenship in January 2002 to sponsor the attempted entry into the United States by suspected foreign terrorist Amir Abdulrazzak, also known as Amir Amrush. At the time, Amir Abdulrazzak was an employee of the Saudi High Commission for Refugees (SHCR) in Bosnia. In October 2001, just a few months before the defendant’s sponsorship of Abdulrazzak, NATO forces raided the SHCR Sarajevo office where Abdulrazzak worked. The search recovered computers containing, among other things, the following information:

    – confirmation of Abdulrazzak’s SHCR employment, including as acting manager of SHCR

    – Abdulrazzak’s obtainment of software to hack into Hotmail e-mail accounts;

    – an inventory of chemical protective clothing;

    – anti-American and anti-Israeli propaganda;

    – a German magazine article regarding Usama Bin Laden’s travel to Bosnia in 1993; and

    – documents concerning the appearance of United States State Department identification.

    Due to SHCR’s terrorism ties, the Saudi government eventually closed the SHCR Sarajevo office.”

    The government claimed that “the defendant’s attempt to assist Abdulrazzak was only the most recently known example of the defendant’s support for terrorism-related organizations.”

    As noted above, when he was not sponsoring Al Qaeda operatives, he was serving as a listed author on an article in a prestigious journal addressing the epidemiological puzzle of the anthrax spores that infected a fellow Lenox Hill employee Kathy Nguyen — who worked in the stock room at MEETH. It seems that one never knows what one is hiding in the closet.

    Attorney Stanley L. Cohen represented Hassan Faraj. “The defendant had nothing to give and wouldn’t become one of their snitches,” Cohen told the press in November 2004. Attorney Cohen was the law partner of radical attorney Lynne Stewart, who represented blind sheik Abdel-Rahman. The blind sheik’s son, Mohammed Abdel-Rahman, was on Al Qaeda’s 3-member WMD committee. Mohammed was in frequent contact with the blind sheik’s paralegal, Post Office employee Abdel Sattar. He would use Lynne Stewart as a “dove” to send messages to his father. The blind sheik once bemusedly said that they’ll stop using doves when the US stops using secret evidence. Mohammed Abdel Rahman was captured on February 13, 2003 in Quetta, Pakistan, and that had quickly led to the seizure of anthrax spraydrying documents at the home of a bacteriologist and the raid on Ali Al-Timimi’s townhouse on February 26, 2003. According to the February 2007 Virginia Consent Order, two days later — “on or about February 28, 2003” — Lenox Hill had issued a warning to Dr. Faraj about his job performance.

    Those massive searches and numerous arrests would be enough to distract even the most committed doctor from their work.

    • DXer said

      Hassan Faraj published in the JAMA, the prestigious medical journal, on the cause of Kathy Nguyen’s anthrax infection. Who does he think is responsible for the Fall 2001 anthrax mailings. Did he know Najmut Tariq, the Brooklyn pharmacist said in the Detainee Assessment reports to be connected to the Al Qaeda anthrax program?

      BROOKLYN IMMIGRATION CASE, ‘Flight risk’ under house arrest, Feds: Syrian-born U.S. citizen has ties to group that has backed al- Qaida; his lawyer derides argument
      [CITY Edition]

      Newsday – Long Island, N.Y.
      Date: Nov 6, 2004
      Start Page: A.12
      Section: NEWS
      Text Word Count: 473

      Abstract (Document Summary)

      In his submission to the court, Assistant U.S. Attorney John Buretta stated that [Hassan Faraj] had worked in Zagreb, in Croatia, in the 1990s for the Benevolence International Foundation. Buretta said the organization was an al-Qaida front organization masquerading as a humanitarian organization.

      In addition to a link with the foundation, Faraj used his U.S. citizenship to facilitate the attempted entry of a suspected al- Qaida associate, Amir Addulrazzak, into this country in February 2002, Buretta stated.

      Buretta also asserted that in the summer, federal officials found blueprints in Faraj’s Brooklyn apartment that appeared to depict major highway intersections in Washington, D.C. Buretta also claimed that Faraj submitted false documentation in seeking medical licensing in the United States.

      • DXer said

        When Hassan Faraj wasn’t telling stories about medical training, he was running jihadists to training camps on behalf of the charity cover. He co-authored the article. Did he actually treat Kathy Nguyen?

        FBI Says N.Y. Man Had Beltway Blueprints
        [FINAL Edition]
        The Washington Post – Washington, D.C.
        Date: Nov 6, 2004
        Start Page: A.14
        Section: A SECTION
        Text Word Count: 312
        [Hassan Faraj] was charged earlier this year with falsely obtaining U.S. citizenship after he arrived from Bosnia in 1993. Prosecutors said he lied to immigration authorities about his refugee status and medical experience. Prosecutors told the magistrate that Faraj worked in Croatia for a charity front organization that had ties to Osama bin Laden. Faraj’s duties included running foreign recruits to camps in Bosnia, they said.

        • DXer said

          Seth Wenig for The New York Times
          Hassan Faraj outside Federal Court in Brooklyn yesterday. Prosecutors submitted a letter to the court suggesting that Mr. Faraj had Qaeda ties.

          U.S. Letter Tries to Establish a Doctor’s Links to Terrorists

          Published: November 6, 2004

          In a letter submitted to a federal judge yesterday, prosecutors outlined what they said were ties linking a Syrian-born American doctor, who has been charged with lying to obtain American citizenship, to terrorism and suspected members of Al Qaeda.

          Still, no new charges have been brought against the man, Hassan Faraj, of Brooklyn, and his lawyer belittled the letter as a scare tactic and called the allegations flimsy.

          Mr. Faraj, 39, was arrested in June and charged with naturalization fraud. Prosecutors accuse him of lying to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, when he applied in 1993 to come to the United States as a Bosnian refugee. He was later released on bail.

          Mr. Faraj worked for three years until June as a resident in internal medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, a hospital spokeswoman said.

          “The government loves to dangle all the buzzwords because it’s very seductive,” said the lawyer, Stanley Cohen. “Quite frankly, Judge, it means nothing. There’s nothing new.”

          In the letter, addressed to Judge Kiyo Matsumoto, prosecutors in the office of the United States attorney for the Eastern District charged that Mr. Faraj tried to help a man they say was a suspected Qaeda associate enter the United States.

          They also raised questions about what they said were shredded blueprints of Washington-area sites found in his apartment and about his association with a Muslim charity group in Croatia.

          Formally, the letter was drawn up to request that Judge Matsumoto order Mr. Faraj taken into custody because of what prosecutors said was a risk that he might flee the country.

          Judge Matsumoto ordered yesterday that Mr. Faraj be electronically monitored, but he delayed a decision on whether he will be held until the next hearing, set for Nov. 10.

          The letter also provided a look into the prosecutors’ thinking on the case. Terror-related charges would carry years of jail time, while Mr. Faraj faces a maximum of six months in jail and deportation under the current naturalization fraud charges, his lawyer said.

          Nationwide, federal prosecutors have had mixed results prosecuting terror cases.

          In Detroit last year, two men were convicted on terrorism charges in a prominent case, whose handling later came into question.

          In February, a federal judge in Virginia acquitted an American who had been accused of taking part in a “jihad network” in Virginia.

          An assistant United States attorney, John Buretta, the prosecutor who argued the case yesterday, declined to comment on why Mr. Faraj had not been indicted on any terror-related charges, saying only that an investigation into his activities is continuing.

          Among the questions raised in the letter were prosecutors’ claims that Mr. Faraj worked for and later donated money to a Muslim charity, Benevolence International Foundation, whose assets were frozen in December 2001 after the government designated it a terrorist organization.

          It gained national attention when its director was charged with terrorism, and Attorney General John Ashcroft went to Chicago to announce the indictment.

          Mr. Cohen argued that the charity was a United Nations-registered entity at the time Mr. Faraj worked there and that his subsequent donations mentioned by prosecutors totaled just $750.

          In addition, a federal judge in Chicago declined to convict the organization’s director, Enaam Arnaout, a Syrian-born American citizen, on terrorism charges.

          “Indict him and arrest him and charge him with terrorism,” Mr. Cohen said.

          “They don’t because they can’t prove it.”

          Mr. Cohen said the destroyed blueprints had belonged to Mr. Faraj’s older brother, a civil engineer, who had lived with Mr. Faraj for several years but had moved out this summer.

          Prosecutors also said Mr. Faraj had tried to help a man they identified as a suspected Qaeda associate enter the United States in December 2001 by filling out an affidavit agreeing to sponsor the man. It was not clear from the letter if the man had eventually entered the United States, or what his precise connection was to Al Qaeda.

          Mr. Faraj, a soft-spoken man quick to smile, said he had provided the affidavit as a courtesy for a friend who knew the man, Amir Abdulrazzak.

          Sitting outside the courtroom half an hour early for his hearing yesterday, Mr. Faraj said: “I have nothing to be afraid of. They have nothing else to do but to make things up.”

          [Mr. Faraj – Note that by treating patients after falsely claiming to have gone to medical school put the patients at risk. Going to medical school is something that you shouldn’t make up.]

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