CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Al-Wafa’s financial facilitator for Al Qaeda anthrax program

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  1. DXer said

    Abu Ghaith, one of the founders of the charity WAFA and the spokesman for Al Qaeda from September 11 – 2002, has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Charity is as charity does.

    Abu Ghaith was unrepentant:

    As he announced Abu Ghaith’s sentence, Kaplan said that “as recently as 15 minutes ago, you continued to threaten.”

    Defense attorney Stanley Cohen asked the judge to impose a 15-year sentence. A prosecutor called for life in prison.

    Abu Ghaith was convicted in March on conspiracy charges that he answered Osama bin Laden’s request in the hours after the attacks to speak on the widely circulated videos used to recruit new followers willing to go on suicide missions like the 19 who hijacked four commercial jets on Sept. 11.

    “The storm of airplanes will not stop,” the Kuwaiti imam warned in an October 2001 video that was played for the jury.

    Abu Ghaith was a terrorist who sat alongside bin Laden on the morning of Sept. 12, 2001, celebrating the murder of nearly 3,000 innocent, men, women and children the day before,” prosecutors wrote.

    Comment: Abu Ghaith is the one who in June 2002 issued a fatwa saying 4 million could be killed by anthrax or other WMD.

  2. DXer said

    Given that in my comments about Abu Ghaith, I may be wrong in how I piece together the bits and pieces of detainee reports of those associated with WAFA, a good source to turn to for Abu Ghaith’s view of jihad —at least as of 2010 — is his book on the subject.

    A new book by Sulaiman Abu Ghaith sanctioned by Abu Hafs al-Mauritani

    For those interested there is a new book released today by Sulaiman Abu Ghaith with a sanctioning introduction by Abu Hafs al-Mauritani. The book is new. It has been released via thewebsite of Abu Walid al-Masri.

    It is a book for those on the path of jihad. It is the first in a series. Its target audience is not only foot soldiers but also the leadership.

    This is a very important book and its timing is also very important. Not to mention we have not heard from either of these two figures in a very long time.

  3. DXer said

    On page 5, toward the bottom, it notes that this detainee helping Al Qaeda lab director Yazid Sufaat had the telephone number of Sulayman Abu Ghayth)a Usama Bin Laden (UBL) spokesman.

  4. DXer said

    You may recall the 2004 testimony that Abu Ghaith was a founder of WAFA. As I recall the testimony was by a WAFA who helped Abu Ghaith leave Afghanistan.

    Today’s news of updated charges against Abu Ghaith, Al Qaeda’s spokesman at the time, is based on a 2002 statement:

    “Abu Ghaith also then spoke of planning to target American and Jewish interests “inside and abroad,” and said “we shall be launching terrorist attacks on America … at a time, place, and a method of our choosing,” according to the indictment.”

    To get a flavor of WAFA’s role in the providing resources, consider the report on WAFA’s head in Karachi.

    Hey, Yazid, did Abu Ghaith steal all your thunder (and the credit) by the time he landed and cooperated about Dr. Ayman’s anthrax program?

    His defense that he should have had the handcuffs removed to go into the toilet wasn’t persuasive.

  5. DXer said

    Abu Ghaith was captured in a joint operation carried out by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Abu Ghaith, as I recall, was the big kahuna in Afghanistan for WAFA. Although the document focused on WAFA in Pakistan — helpfully highlighted by the blog’s graphic artist — are the best guide, I believe some of the Detainee Assessments would explain Abu Ghaith’s connection to anthrax planning/ procurement role. Perhaps the Detainee Assessment of Dr. Batarfi.

    Bin Laden’s son-in-law wants to stay in Turkey
    Abu Ghaith was captured in a joint operation carried out by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) last week.

    World Bulletin / News Desk

    Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, who was captured in Ankara last week, wants to stay in Turkey, according to a news report.

    The Turkish daily Habertürk wrote on Thursday that Abu Ghaith reportedly said to Turkish officials, “If you let me, I would like to live in Turkey because it is a Muslim country.”

    It was also argued that in the event he is deported from Turkey, Sudan, Somalia or Jordan would be his alternative choices. Currently, Abu Ghaith is stateless as Kuwait stripped him of his citizenship.

    Although the US asked Turkey to extradite Abu Ghaith and a Turkish court had issued a deportation order because he used a forged passport to enter Turkey from Iran, he is being held at an undisclosed location due to security concerns. Under normal circumstances, foreigners in such a situation are held at a detention facility the police department’s Foreign National Department.

    The report also argued that because there is no international search warrant out for the arrest of Abu Ghaith, Ankara would not be able to extradite him to the US under national and international law.

    Abu Ghaith was captured in a joint operation carried out by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) last week.

  6. DXer said

    Codename “Swift Knight”: Bin Laden’s Plan With Ibn Khattab To Use Charities And Infiltrators In Creating Biological Weapons

    The surest indication that the Administration credited the claims concerning Al Qaeda’s intention to weaponize anthrax for the purpose of using it as a weapon is that Vice President Cheney and his staff allegedly knew to take Cipro on 9/11. That was a full week before the first anthrax letter was mailed. An unclassified CIA report in January 2003 vaguely summarized the information available from open sources: “A senior Bin Ladin associated on trial in Egypt in 1999 claimed his group had chemical and biological weapons. Documents and equipment recovered from al-Qa’ida facilities in Afghanistan show that Bin Ladin has a more sophisticated biological weapons research program than previously discovered.

    Tenet in his May 2007 In the Center of the Storm wrote:

    “As we researched the information we were slowly gathering from myriad sources, we unlocked a disturbing secret: the group’s interest in WMD was not new. They had been searching for these weapons long before we had been looking for them. As far we know, al-Qa-ida’s fascination with chemical weapons goes back to the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system in March 1995 by a group of religious fanatics called the Aum Shinrikyo. Twelve people died in that attack, but had the dispersal devices worked as planned, the death toll would have been higher. Al-Qai’da leaders were impressed and saw the attack as a model for achieving their own ambitions.”

    In Khartoum, Sudan, bin Laden sought to bring together Agiza’s Vanguards of Conquest faction and Saif Adel’s EIJ faction — both of which had splintered off from Zawahiri’s leadership. The Vanguards of Conquest initially had been set up by Ahmed Hussain Agiza, a physician graduated from Cairo Medical School, and split off from Zawahiri. Agiza had a falling out with Zawahiri in 1993 over the arrest of 800 Vanguards members in Egypt. By 1995, Zawahiri was serving as the group’s spokesman in connection with the attempted assassination of President Mubarak in Ethiopia. In 1997, the US State Department named Zawahiri as leader of the Vanguards of Conquest group. (Agiza was extradited from Sweden in December 2001). EIJ has maintained the goal of seizing power in Egypt since the coup planned by Jihad in 1981 despite the Egyptian government’s success in cracking down on the group. At the same time of their developing interest in anthrax, the pro-Bin Laden elements diversified the targets. Al Qaeda would no longer limit its tactics to the blowing up of installations. It launched joint action with other groups and organizations, both local groups and others operating outside their countries.

    Formerly the head of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Zawahiri assumed the #2 position after Bin Laden upon a merger of some of Islamic Jihad into Al Qaeda. The Vanguards of Conquest called creation of the front “a step forward and in the right direction,” but urged Bin Laden to “expand its membership to include other tendencies on the scene.. [and] all colors of the fundamentalist movement wishing to join such alliance in the Arab and Islamic worlds.” Upon the merger in 1998, the most senior planners in Al Qaeda relating to tactics and biological weapons were Egyptian Islamic Jihad, to include Ayman Zawahiri, Mohammed Atef, and Midhat Mursi aka Abu Khabab. Zawahiri was always the real “brains” behind Al Qaeda, not Bin Laden. (This week some reports even suggest that Dr. Ayman had sidelined Bin Laden in recent years while others suggest he has continued to have hands-on role in plotting.

    Egyptian Abu Yasir — known as Taha –the blind sheik’s successor as leader of the Islamic Group, also was a senior member of Al Qaeda. Taha signed the 1998 statement declaring war on the United States along with Bin Laden and Zawahiri. Taha (now imprisoned in Egypt) had not conferred with the Egyptian Islamic Group shura council. Moreover, Zawahiri apparently had not obtained the approval of EIJ’s shura council to their great consternation. While the US government views Al Qaeda and the Egyptian Islamic Jihad as having merged in 1998, they have essentially been the same organization, with the merger having occurred some years earlier.

    In a statement in February 1998, the Vanguards of Conquest said that Muslims should unite against the “real enemies of Islam,’ the United States and Israel. “The time has come to stop our knee-jerk reactions and killing those who are not the enemy..we have to think strategically,” the group said. Under one view, EIJ by this time was Vanguards of Conquest by another name — with Zawahiri its leader and spokesperson. The Egyptian government claimed that Yasser al- Sirri managed and financed the group Vanguards of Conquest, also known as the New Jihad, from his London home while on the public dole. Zawahiri’s wrath against the United States sharpened in 1998 upon the extradition to Egypt of the islamic jihad members from Albania. The trial of the 107 defendants in the “Albanian returnees” in 1999 was the biggest trial of militant islamists since the assassination of Sadat. Zawahiri was sentenced to death in absentia, as was his brother, Muhammad. Muhammad was responsible for Jihad’s military wing and was a member of its shura council. Muhammad Zawahiri was in charge of contacts with EIJ leaders inside Egypt and traveled with Ayman.

    A 1998 Defense Intelligence Agency document produced to Judicial Watch four years ago confirms Bin Laden’s plans to penetrate US biodefense. It describes OBL’s biological aspirations in association with the late Arab Chechen fighter Ibn Khattab. The means by which a worldwide caliphate was to be established was by terror, “latent penetration,” and control over nuclear and biological weapons. After 9/11, Ibn Khattab was killed by a poison letter.

    The typed document was derived from handwritten documents obtained through a classified intelligence project with the unclassified nickname “Swift Knight.” According to the report, the documents were written during the first two weeks of October 1998. The document stated in part:


    A reference to the murder of Khattab by poison letter is described in a page omitted from the Detainee Assessment above. Some things are just too scary for you to know to include the funding that Ibn Khattab was poised to receive under the cover of a major charity.

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