CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Simon Reeve in THE NEW JACKALS: RAMZI YOUSEF, OSAMA BIN LADEN AND THE FUTURE OF TERRORISM explained the connection between Ramzi Yousef and the apartment on Kensington Avenue called frequently in February 1993 by the subtilis expert.

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5 Responses to “* Simon Reeve in THE NEW JACKALS: RAMZI YOUSEF, OSAMA BIN LADEN AND THE FUTURE OF TERRORISM explained the connection between Ramzi Yousef and the apartment on Kensington Avenue called frequently in February 1993 by the subtilis expert.”

  1. DXer said

    Dr. Majidi was supposed to be the subtilis swabbing guy.

    No one expected some chemist to know about things like Blind Sheik, Zawahiri or WTC 1993. He was supposed to be the subtilis swabbing guy.

  2. DXer said

    The phone records show only that the subtilis expert called the number associated with Ramzi Yousef. But a source very close to the address in “Little Cairo” reports that the subtilis expert was a masters student and the calls were not made from a dorm room — that the subtilis expert in fact lived at that 34 Kensington address. That is what the uploaded Intellius report indicates FWIW. I emailed the subtilis expert for confirmation / clarification but did not hear back.

    KSM reportedly sent his nephew Ramzi Yousef a passport in November 1992. Ramzi reportedly called KSM’s brother Zaid at Mercy International.

    The FBI and prosecutor Rachel Lieber confidently report that it excluded the subtilis expert — notwithstanding the alleged connection to Al Qaeda and Ansar al-Islam. How did it do that given the evidence reported in the recent filings by the widow of the first anthrax victim, which explains that foreign nationals who had not been subject to a national security check were allowed access to RMR-1029?

    I have spoken to the lifelong friend of one scientist who worked with Bruce Ivins. He is the author of INSIDE JIHAD. He consults with intelligence agencies. He describes in detail his recruitment by Dr. Ayman Zawahiri while at Cairo Medical school. Dr. Ayman would come to the school on Fridays.

    So how was AUSA Lieber able to exclude the subtilis expert? Lack of access to Ames? GAO: Did the FBI check the strains of subtilis? There was a subtilis contaminant in the mailed anthrax.

    I came to be involved in late December 2001 when I first learned of Dr. Ayman’s recruitment of medical students at Cairo Medical. Did Rachel have all the information she needed to make an informed assessment? These DOJ prosecutors do top-flight work. but no one ever said figuring out who dropped a letter into a mailbox in 2001 was an easy proposition.

    I see that the prosecutors relied upon the EBAP report which in turn was based on the representations of the first counselor. They apparently did not read the counselor’s book ASCENSION JOURNEY for sale at amazon for$10 If they had, they would not have relied on her as a witness. These psychiatrists and prosecutors and pundits and book authors are guilty of professional negligence to the extent that they do not at least now recognize that nothing of what is thought to be known about Dr. Ivins relating to events in July 2000 is sound information — to the extent based on the counselor’s representations. see her 2009 book.

    To my eye, while I appreciate that reasonable people can disagree, Amerithrax represents the greatest failure of intelligence in United States history. Postal inspectors and a prosecutor new to the matter were left to oppose Dr. Ayman’s announced plan to use the cover of charities and universities to develop anthrax for use against the United States. Despite their best efforts and good intentions, I believe they failed — as illustrated by the failure of the authors of the EBAP report to notify Judge Lamberth that portions of the EBAP report needed to be withdrawn.

    If New York City and DC are attacked with aerosolized anthrax, it will not go well for those who did not comply with document production laws or forthrightly correct any missteps in analysis.

    • Lew Weinstein said

      DXer … The responsibility for the actions you decry lies squarely with FBI Director Robert Mueller, the same guy who is responsible for failure to disclose documents which would likely even further demolish the FBI’s unsupported case against Dr. Ivins and cause a re-opening of the entire investigation. . He’s the boss and the buck stops with him.

  3. DXer said

    The first attempt to bring down the Twin Towers resulted in six deaths and more than 1,100 injuries. The al-Qaeda organization was never mentioned at the trial of convicted mastermind Ramzi Yousef, but he was later convicted of other failed plots that authorities suspect had aI-Qaeda links.

    It was from Manila that Ramzi Yousef, the convicted mastermind behind the first World Trade Center bombing, hatched a plan to blow up 12 American airliners as they flew over the Pacific. In the mid-1990s, Mohammed ]aural Kha.lifa, married to one of bin Laden’s sisters, allegedly funded Islamic. schools in the south of the country, where Muslim insurgents have been fighting for years. The Filipino government has long claimed that Abu Sayyaf, the most bloodthirsty of the groups-its specialty is beheadings-has been supported by aI-Qaeda. Abdurajalc Janjalani, the group’s late founder, fought In Afghanistan, reportedly with bin Laden and Yousef.

    (And if you want to learn about Khalifa, I commend to you J.M. Berger’s INTELWIRE, and mine the fruits of years of labor on the subject.)

    But let’s consider some other references to Ramzi Yousef in the recently uploaded Detainee Assessments.

    Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

    1. The detainee’s name was on a list in a computer seized in connection with a threat to United States airlines , United States embassies and the Pope. m. The detainee wrote the bojinka plot, the airline bomb plot which was later found on his nephew Ramzi Yousef’s computer. n. The bojinka plot is also known as the Manila air investigation.


    Bojinka called for the simultaneous downing of 12 American airliners over the Pacific Ocean. Ramzi Yousef enlisted several co-conspirators from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing to help with this plot. The plot was funded by Abdullah Azzam and UBL’s Afghan jihad services directorate in Pakistan.50 0 (U) Detainee planned three other plots in 1994, along with Ramzi Yousef

    Detainee planned two separate assassination plots, one against Pope John Paul II and the other against President Clinton, during their respective trips to the Philippines and bombings of`US–bound cargo carriers.

    If it turned out there was a connection between the anthrax mailings and the subtilis expert calling the number associated with Ramzi Yousef, and the anthrax mailings, then it would make Amerithrax an even greater intelligence failure than 9/11 was.

    How much did the profilers in 2001 (and then the psychiatrists in 2007) associated with FBI Quantico understand about Ayman Zawahiri’s anthrax program and its connection to WTC 1993?

  4. DXer said

    Simon Reeve has a detailed description of the car accident in Woodbridge, NJ on January 23, 1993. Ramzi Yousef had just moved on New Year’s day to the apartment where the bomb would actually be made (not the Kensington apartment). Office Fred Weimann and his partner responded to the accident scene. It was freezing. The officers found the car resting on the lawn of an apartment complex. The accident was at Leesville Avenue and Woodbind Avenue in Avenel, a small town that forms part of the Woodbridge township. That police report will show that Ramzi Yousef listed the telephone number on Kensington.

    When he called that number throughout February 1993 up until the time of the arrest, did the subtilis expert ever speak with Ramzi Yousef, KSM’s nephew? As evidenced by his focus with the nurses on being allowed to call, Ramzi Yousef was very active in making contacts and orchestrating events.

    Abdul Yasin from the Kensington apartment had tried to teach Muhammad to drive — but even after failing his driver’s test 4 times, Muhammad was still an appalling driver.

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