CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* if prosecutors can cheat to get convictions, none of us are safe … are there any parallels between Mr. Thompson’s case of withheld evidence (reported in the NYT on 4/9/11) and the FBI’s unproven assertions regarding Dr. Ivins and the 2001 anthrax attacks? … how convenient for the FBI and DOJ that Bruce Ivins cannot defend himself

Posted by DXer on April 13, 2011


has the FBI told the whole truth about their case against Dr. Ivins?


is Mr. Thompson’s case at all related to Dr. ivins?

John Thompson writes in the NYT (4/9/11) …

  • I SPENT 18 years in prison for robbery and murder, 14 of them on death row.
  • I’ve been free since 2003, exonerated after evidence covered up by prosecutors surfaced just weeks before my execution date.
  • an investigator they had hired to look through the evidence one last time found, on some forgotten microfiche, a report sent to the prosecutors on the blood type of the perpetrator of the armed robbery.
  • It didn’t match mine.

The report, hidden for 15 years,

had never been turned over to my lawyers.

The investigator later found the names of witnesses and police reports

from the murder case that hadn’t been turned over either.


Those prosecutors were never punished.

  • The prosecutors involved in my two cases, from the office of the Orleans Parish district attorney, Harry Connick Sr., helped to cover up 10 separate pieces of evidence. And most of them are still able to practice law today.
  • When the hidden evidence first surfaced, Mr. Connick announced that his office would hold a grand jury investigation. But once it became clear how many people had been involved, he called it off.

John Thompson is the director of Resurrection After Exoneration, a support group for exonerated inmates.

read the entire column at …



The abuse of power by some prosecutors (and police) is a sickness of the American justice system that no one seems interested in addressing. Other prosecutors will simply not prosecute their colleagues, even when their purposeful behavior sends innocent people to prison or to death. Legislatures made up largely of lawyers will not pass laws clearly defining purposeful prosecutorial abuse as criminal behavior.

Here is “Prosecutors Gone Wild”, one of many articles on this topic  … …  by John Farmer, who was the attorney general of New Jersey from 1999 to 2002.

see also … the Chicago Tribune series titled Trial and Error, How Prosecutors Sacrifice Justice to Win, by Ken Armstrong and Maurice Possley …

I have been furious about this problem for years, prompting my second novel, A Good Conviction, about a young man convicted of murder by a New York City prosecutor who knew he was innocent.

see Lew’s amazon author page and purchase A GOOD CONVICTION at …


10 Responses to “* if prosecutors can cheat to get convictions, none of us are safe … are there any parallels between Mr. Thompson’s case of withheld evidence (reported in the NYT on 4/9/11) and the FBI’s unproven assertions regarding Dr. Ivins and the 2001 anthrax attacks? … how convenient for the FBI and DOJ that Bruce Ivins cannot defend himself”

  1. Old Atlantic said

    I believe the headline column is correct. Moreover, excess is engineered into the system. Sentences are too severe unless you plea bargain. The system is configured to process a high volume of violent crime cases by plea bargain.

    Manipulation of information by the prosecution is part of this process. This is so routine in their minds, that what we are shocked by in cases of seeming excess, they regard as only slightly over the line if at all from normal behavior.

    Misbehavior by government, industry, financial services and academia is then ignored for the most part. The communities in those areas regard the criminal legal system as not appropriate for their offenses and so it is not used to a large extent. This carries over partly to non-criminal matters.

    The DOJ is part of this system. It understands it, and it maintains it. The FBI goes along with the DOJ.

    Other countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan learn how to find out about what they can and manipulate the system. The the entire post 9/11 investigation was set up to bypass these countries involvement in terrorism even when its blatant.

  2. DXer said

    There is no evidence that the prosecutors or investigators have done anything improper in Amerithrax. The quality of their work product is exemplary. It is not true that the truth will always come out. Crimes often go unsolved.

    • DXer said

      I think it was in Ronald Kessler’s book that he explained that many senior FBI officials justifiably feel that they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    • Lew Weinstein said

      Withholding information which is potentially exculpatory to a defendant is one of the major areas of prosecutorial abuse. Now there’s no trial, so that doesn’t stricyly apply, but it does seem clear that the FBI/DOJ are in fact improperly withholding information that should be, under FOIA, be made public. You don’t think that’s improper?

      • DXer said

        How could the FBI be wrongfully withholding something under FOIA if you haven’t submitted a FOIA request?

        How can I fault the hardworking AUSA for not producing some lab notebook pages when I haven’t even submitted a FOIA to DOJ?

        The fault is mine — not hers. There is a procedure to follow.

        My recent experience with the USMRC FOIA person is that she is so efficient in guiding the requestor to be lucid in stating their request (so it can be appropriately tasked) that it is hard to keep up with her emails.

  3. Zicon said

    I watched a documentary about the us government & Inner workings/abusive power and even the head of the IRS said something about the first amendment how everyone is free to say/believe (which is what is supposed to make this country great, and this guy said “If anyone believes in the first amendment has another thing coming and they’re seriously mistaken… So one makes me believe if we have people that have this type of power and are abusing it just to make money and further their own personal career with popularity/financial gains, should be FIRED, and BANNED from holding any other government or political position in the us.. The system does work sometimes, and on the low end with the street cops, but the higher you get where millions are at hand, and you have a lawyer who will not make partner if he/she doesn’t get a conviction (EVEN if the person is INNOCENT) they 99.9% do hide important info that can prove innocence, and yet people like this still hold their jobs/positions? WN>TF!!! Someone needs to step in and overhaul WASHINGTON and Justice system.. Every president has a different motive or agenda.. Therefore the us gets further and further in debt, and criminals go free innocent people are put in prison etc etc etc..

    Why can’t EVERYONE in Washington ( THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES ) be on the same page?

    So many people are pissed off and fed up with the same ole BS the government feeds everyone starting with our current president… We need a separate system that only answers to the public that has full authority to investigate and look into anything that they see fit, or tips that lead to wrong doing and if anyone is found to be doing something wrong or illegal they loose everything, and DO NOT get one red blooded cent of any tax payers hard earned money or any benefits thereafter..

    NO ONE! is above the law, even the ones who uphold the law themselves, and EVERYONE should be held accountable for their actions to the highest extent, and use common sense when seeing justice served so that it doesn’t burden the taxpayer or system for a more proactive transparent open portal/government aka (TOP). ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

    Lets start with the president and spread out…

    I read a DOJ indictment that is supposed to state brief short FACTS, and for example the DOJ wrote out on one case and stated 61 Sixty-one circumstantial and YES! NON FACTS suspected that someone within the DOJ is making assumptions or shooting in the dark to try to make a case based on nothing (mountain out of a molehill basically) & 8 other irrelevant statements and only 2 (two) actual facts in a case against someone….

    Does the DOJ not know how to do their jobs and write out an indictment? Looks exactly like the same kind of things that was done to BRUCE IVINS…. Just because he was working alone on a few nights which the DOJ “Speculates” he was making powered anthrax,,, “which he wasn’t” <-In my Extremely VERY STRONG opinion that I'm holding… The American people all need secure channels to submit anonymous Intel that one could trust it gets used and gets into the right hands, instead of just sending something to a media outlet to get reported on only the medias own personal views and report only what they want to use, and not the FULL Intel… In my strong opinion for those high officials who know full well that you have, will, or are doing wrong, or illegal and think you can get away with it, think again, I look in the near future for more things about a lot of people to start coming out that makes the wikileaks last releases look like child’s play in my opinion only… As an American I'm not scared to stand up against or to anyone anywhere anytime, as the rest of the population should do the same.. The government works for the taxpayers, They must answer to us.. If not everyone in the us take a stand, and bring everything to a halt.. Without the 3-4 Trillion in taxes every year the governments credit score will drop another 100 points to leave at a score of 300 Hypo-speaking and foreign countries will own the remaining 40% that is left that is American owned. Before long China and a few other countries will own the us 100%.

    Republican Democrat whatever, "Get your S*** together" and “GET ON THE SAME PAGE” DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR ONCE!!!
    Which obviously the us government “CAN”T” seem to do in it’s brightest day if instructions were drawn out in crayon by a 2 year old with pictures to help everyone who severely lacks common sense in government affairs of ANY kind…

    Someone always knows something!!!
    Good things ALWAYS! come to those who are patient with good pure intentions from start to finish.
    That you can bank on…

    One question is could someone be setting on every single record of the movements/transactions/shipments of every ames strain since the birth of the host flask, that shows all places that are involved with anything dealing with anthrax domestic or international? In an opinion ONLY! its quite possible…

    So then if that were to come out, then everyone would know where the anthrax was at, then look at to why certain people were even sent samples of cerain strains outside of the us… Which puts again cia's darpa scope into the picture.. Just another opinion ONLY!

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