CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* The FBI should supplement its production in Amerithrax in response to FOIA requests and create a timeline for Dr. Ivins in September – October 2001 as it did in connection with 9/11

Posted by DXer on April 2, 2011




  • The FBI has recently posted a trove of documents (298 pages) related to 9/11 including a detailed chronology of the hijackers movements.  The documents also include details about their trips to Vegas and Spain that have not previously been released.
  • Simply called “Hijackers Timeline,” the chronology is super detailed and begins with the hijackers individual births and includes every action that the FBI can find a record for, such as individual ATM withdrawals, all reservations they made, DMV records, training flights, gym memberships and the final events leading to the 9/11 flights.
  • The printed document is dated November 14, 2003, but appears to have been compiled in mid-October 2001 (the most recent date mentioned in it is October 22, 2001), when the FBI was just starting to understand the backgrounds of the hijackers, and it contains almost no information from the CIA, NSA, or other agencies.



15 Responses to “* The FBI should supplement its production in Amerithrax in response to FOIA requests and create a timeline for Dr. Ivins in September – October 2001 as it did in connection with 9/11”

  1. DXer said

    I have a very stupid question – where are the phone intercepts? Did absence of a trial prevent disclosure under Title III? They would have had probable cause for at least a full year — if not for years prior.

    Below is an example of a typical case where there is a commitment of resources and the government has the luxury of intercepts such as in Amerithrax.
    In contrast, in Amerithrax, we only have emails — and nothing that approaches what exists in the usual case involving months of wiretaps and a boozing fragile psych. Somewhere there are thousands of wiretap intercepts under seal.

    You’ll typically pick up the drinker shouting at telemarketers, flirting with women and even making comments evidencing guilt. … if they are guilty.

    The email that the DOJ offers as such (non-denial denial) does not come close to that. He expressly says he would have no idea how to make a bioweapon — which is a pretty plain denial notwithstanding the fact that when drinking (like any other person) he often doesn’t remember details of what he did.

    There was a time, for example, when he wrote a superior and said that he was concerned that his inventory wouldn’t square up with what he was supposed to have… well, because you know… and he was told to shut up… He was told everything was under control. If he’s writing that sort of message, and if he is drinking heavily, then he is saying all sorts of stuff on the phone especially as pressure increased. While I’m am sure that much of the evidence off phone wires involves the mundane aspects of life, there’s got to be some really dramatic stuff.

    In a call the next day, the government said, Bauer was recorded saying: “I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. I am waiting for the FBI to ride into my apartment. And I am on edge all night thinking that they’re coming in.”

    During the same call, the government said, he talked about how he would explain his large cash withdrawals, saying: “I used that as spending money. I don’t know, I will say I bought prostitutes if it comes down to it.”

    In a later call, Bauer allegedly said, “The fact is we did something wrong. So it is not like we are being convicted of doing nothing. We did something wrong here.”

    • Old Atlantic said

      The leadership of the DOJ may have their own fears. They are called politicals by career staff. Keeping a hard line may be the only thing that lets them sleep at night.

  2. DXer said

    On June 16, 2001, Atta called Mustafa Ahmad Al-Hawsawi, aka the guy with the anthrax spraydrying documents on his laptop, 13 times.

    Isn’t it a hoot that Dr. Ivins had no anthrax spraydrying documents but that the guy handling the logistics for the hijackers had elaborate plans for growing and drying anthrax over 30 days on the laptop. He kept the laptop for KSM, the fellow in charge of anthrax planning. It was later seized when KSM was arrested.

    The NAS isn’t even allowed to reach issues like the positive finding for Ames anthrax at the lab in Kandahar.

    There was simply no reason not allow the NAS to review the production documents on Al-Hawsawi’s computer. GAO should obtain a copy, as well as the correspondence between Rauf Ahmad and Ayman Zawahiri which the DIA has produced under FOIA (and the article that Dr. Ayman had requested about growing anthrax in silica.

  3. anonymous said

    Wired magazine radio interview:

    [audio src="" /]

    • anonymous said

      Noah says in interviewing the scientists involved they are none to happy about the FBI’s conclusions drawn from their years of hard work.

      • DXer said

        But didn’t Noah unduly focus on the genetics work? Their work only limited things — from a practical investigative standpoint — from 700 with access to Ames to 200 (sometimes described as “up to 377”).

        Access by 200 simply is not deserving of the emphasis it is being given. It is like saying that 200 people were in Jon Benet’s house that night.

  4. DXer said

    Amerithrax FOIA production lists an upload date of November 30, 2010. Can someone tell us whether there are any new documents?

    Whenever documentary material is released I have a sudden craving to first go out and get a pizza to celebrate.

  5. DXer said

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