CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* FBI Response to Report by “Independent” Expert Behavioral Analysis Panel on 2001 Anthrax Letters … how disingenuous is it of the FBI to call this panel “independent” when Dr. Saathoff, the chairman of the panel is an FBI consultant?

Posted by DXer on March 27, 2011


FBI Director Mueller & FBI Consultant Saathoff … INDEPENDENT ???


FBI Response to Report by Independent Expert Behavioral Analysis Panel on 2001 Anthrax Letters …

  • “The FBI appreciates the efforts, time, and expertise of the panel and its highly respected chair and members.
  • The panel’s analysis, findings, and recommendations provide important insight that will further contribute to the public’s understanding of the investigation into the deadly anthrax mailings.
  • The report also provides valuable perspectives that may be useful in preventing future attacks—in addition to what the government has already learned in the course of the investigation.”

source …



The FBI’s publicly presented case against Dr. Ivins offers no forensic evidence, no witnesses, an impossible timeline, science that proves innocence instead of guilt, and now unsubstantiated psychobabble.

How disingenuous is it for the FBI to call the recent report by the Expert Behavioral Analysis Panel “independent.”

see prior post …

* Dr. Greg Saathoff, presenting today on Amerithrax, is an FBI consultant

So what really happened?

And why doesn’t the FBI offer America a credible story?

As regular readers of this blog well know, I can imagine only 3 possible “actual” scenarios …

  1. The FBI has more evidence against Dr. Ivins but is, for some undisclosed reason, withholding that evidence … POSSIBLE BUT NOT SO LIKELY
  2. The FBI, despite the most expensive and extensive investigation in its history, has not solved the case and has no idea who prepared and mailed the anthrax letters that killed 5 Americans in 2001 … EVEN LESS LIKELY
  3. The FBI knows who did it (not Dr. Ivins) but is covering up the actual perpetrators, for undisclosed reasons …THE MOST LIKELY SCENARIO

The “fictional” scenario in my novel CASE CLOSED has been judged by many readers, including a highly respected official in the U.S. Intelligence Community, as perhaps more plausible than the FBI’s unproven assertions regarding Dr. Ivins.

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8 Responses to “* FBI Response to Report by “Independent” Expert Behavioral Analysis Panel on 2001 Anthrax Letters … how disingenuous is it of the FBI to call this panel “independent” when Dr. Saathoff, the chairman of the panel is an FBI consultant?”

  1. DXer said

    David Willman in Mirage Man explains:

    “Montooth invited a psychiatrist, Dr. Gregory Saathoof, to the meetings for advice on how Ivins might react to certain questioning.” (p. 279)

  2. DXer said

    The psychiatrists just accept the prosecutors characterization of his time as unexplained — and yet at the same time admit to thinking he had destroyed his emails. Armed with the emails, we are better able to understand the type of B3 work he was doing.

    From: Ivins, Bruce E Dr USAMRIID
    Subject: CpG progress update
    Date: Monday, September 10, 2001 1:23:05 PM

    Here is a progress update on CpG studies in animal hosts:

    1) In guinea pigs there is no non-specific protection afforded by CpG oligonucleotides against
    a parenteral challenge of virulent B. anthracis spores.

    2) In guinea pigs, there appears to be some enhancement of specific protection against
    parenteral challenge. At 0 and 4 weeks guinea pigs were immunized with AVA or AVA + CpG (100 or
    300 micrograms). The animals were challenged i.m. at 10 weeks with about 5,000 Ames spores.

    Saline Controls 1/28 (4)
    AVA 15/32 (47)
    AVA + CpG (100 micrograms) 12/15 (80)
    AVA + CpG (300 micrograms) 11/16 (69)
    3) Currently, at CBER, an experiment is being conducted to see whether CpG specifically
    enhances the serological immune response of rhesus monkeys to PA with both AVA and rPA vaccines.
    Animals have been immunized with AVA, AVA + CpG, rPA vaccine, or rPA vaccine + CpG. Periodic
    bleeds will be taken and serum tested by ELISA and TNA for anti-PA titers.
    – Bruce

    • DXer said

      The psychiatrists did not have access to the bulk of Dr. Ivins’ 2001 emails and instead relied on the prosecutor’s characterization and Patricia Fellow’s characterization. In the reports of Ghailani and Aafia Siddiqui (obtained from the Pacer database of court records), in contrast, all the documentary evidence consulted was listed in an appendix. The prosecutors refused to let his counsel interview his co-workers so that events could be reconstructed. At the same time, although it is nowhere mentioned by the psychiatrists, they swabbed Bruce for DNA for the purpose of testing the semen on the panties and they told him that they were going to call his family to confirm that he was unhappy. To not understand that the government was swabbing for DNA to test the semen is to miss a key element of Dr. Ivins psychiatric distress.

  3. DXer said

    Everything was on track for the production of more spores by Dugway.

    From: Ivins, Bruce E Dr USAMRIID
    Subject: Ames spores
    Date: Thursday, September 06, 2001 9:42:11 AM
    I talked to in contracts here, and he said that everything is ready to go as far as
    the contract for the production of the Ames spores. We’re looking forward to getting them – we’re down
    to about 1/3 of the spore prep that you made previously – and then purifying them. Please let us know
    ahead of time when we should start to expect them.
    Thanks!! Hope you have a good fall!
    – Bruce

    The psychiatrists consulting with the FBI who issued the recent report mistakenly thought that the emails from 2001 had been deleted by Bruce and thus did not have the documentary evidence available. In reconstructing events from 10 years ago, the documentary evidence is critical. Dr. Saathoff and Dr. Schouten should have made it a point to obtain a complete collection of Dr. Ivins emails and we on this blog painstakingly did. (Admittedly, it was like pulling teeth over the course of months but the FBI’s paralegal had these same emails at his fingertips). By the time of their report, these emails were uploaded by USAMRIID and so their failure to resort to them is inexplicable. Absent these emails, the psychiatrists would just quote wholesale the prosecutor’s contentions, even where it was sharply disputed by defense counsel, and made no attempt to resort to the actual documentary evidence.

  4. Old Atlantic said

    DOJ/FBI have implicitly claimed that the only hard science in the case is the science of morphs and there is no other hard science in the case.

    Now the FBI is saying other than morphs, the only other science at all, hard or soft, is the psychology. Everything else is true believing not science. Growth yields and times, the lyophilizer would have spread spores throughout the lab if it was used, the statements of coworkers about the lab conditions and growing anthrax in the lab, all of this is not science according to the DOJ/FBI and they refuse to answer to it.

    Morphs and psychology are science, all else is true believing. This is the FBI position.

  5. anonymous said

    So much for all the fake stories and rumors that Dr Ivins’ psychiatrist diagnosed him as a being a “homicidal maniac”. The extract below shows that his psychiatrist diagnosed nothing of the sort. No doubt this won’t stop certain people from continuing to promulgate these false accusations:

    On July 23, Therapist #3 spoke for about 20 minutes on the phone with Dr. #4, notes from an FBI interview show. She expressed her concerns about Dr. Ivins’ dangerousness and requested that a commitment hearing be held to keep him hospitalized.
    That same day, Dr. #3 met with investigators. Despite the fact that Dr. Ivins was currently hospitalized due to his severe homicidal and suicidal threats, Dr. #3 stood by his 2003 assessment — i.e., that Dr. Ivins “does not have a condition or treatment that could impair his/her judgment or reliability, particularly in the context of safeguarding classified National Security information or special nuclear information or material.” He said he still had no personal knowledge to preclude Dr. Ivins from performing his job, or working with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). That same day, Dr. #3 also spoke with Dr. #4 at Sheppard Pratt.

    • anonymous said

      Agree, his condition in 2003 makes no difference – was just pointing out that no psychiatrist ever called him a homicidal maniac or sociopath – which, as you know, certain people have repeatedly claimed. Indeed, his psychiatrist deemed him fit to work with weapons of mass destruction and classified information in 2003.

      The people solely responsible for driving him over the edge are the FBI.

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