CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Peter Turnbull, working with Ames at Porton Down, came to advise Amerithrax and had organized the UK conferences infiltrated by Rauf Ahmad

Posted by DXer on March 22, 2011



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  1. DXer said

    April 25, 2017

    Both labs confirmed that the Porton Down ‘sugar’ strains differed by only two genetic letters from the Ames Ancestor strain—a near identical matching. The researchers speculate that during the intense culturing attempts of the sugar samples in 1997, spores from the Ames Ancestor strain, which were likely to be abundant in the Porton Down military defense laboratory facilities, fell into the culture media and grew.

    Read more at:

  2. DXer said

    I had interpreted this item — mentioning the person who had worked with John Ezzell and Terry Abshire — as referring to Peter Turnbull. Dr. Turnbull, like Les Baillie, was another highly expert and well-regarded Porton Down anthrax scientist who came to work for the US Navy. In November 2001, I believe he advised informally on Amerithrax at least as to the November 2001 Technical Summary which I’ve uploaded. (I believe Peter was located in Norfolk; I emailed him many years ago to clarify things but he did not respond.)

    I may have misinterpreted this redaction, however, as referring to Dr. Turnbull rather than Dr. Baillie. (I would have been influenced by the fact that from a news article I knew that Dr. Turnbull had given Hugh-Jones at LSU virulent Ames that Dr. Turnbull had received from USAMRIID. Thus, it may have instead been Les Baillie who was working with John Ezzell and Terry Abshire. John Ezzell and Terry Abshire were working with the genetically matching Ames that was used in the Fall 2001 anthrax mailings pursuant to a DARPA-funded research project. The USAMRIID scientists Ezzell and Abshire stored the virulent Ames in an unlocked refrigerator in Building 1412. See 302 interview that has been uploaded. For US Attorney Taylor to claim that the genetically matching virulent Ames was stored only in Building 1425 — and not Building 1412 — was very wrong and was central to Taylor’s reasoning in support of his “Ivins Theory.”

    It is wrong that the FBI (to include scientists Randall Murch, Vahid Majidi and Scott Decker) to refuse to identify the third lab Rauf Ahmad visited — even 14 years Ottilie Lundgren was murdered. Transparency requires that the second lab Rauf Ahmad visited now be identified by the FBI — especially given that FBI authors, like US Attorney Taylor, still presume to advance the FBI’s “Ivins Theory.” The identity of the lab is highly material to analysis under any theory.

    Mrs. Lundgren deserves everyone’s best efforts. Everyone’s good faith — except for Zawahiri, Rauf Ahmad, Yazid Sufaat, KSM, Adnan El-Shukrijumah etc. — is presumed.

    But when these scientists withhold highly material information while spinning a cotton candy “Ivins Theory”, the responsibility for the failure of Amerithrax investigation continues to rest squarely on their shoulders.

  3. DXer said

    Rauf Ahmad is available for an interview.

    Sometimes with the transferring of Ames it was not known as Ames. For example, in one case, it was known as A0462 when it was being used and stored in Building 1412 at USAMRIID.

  4. DXer said

    Someone was working with Dr. Ezzell and Terry Abshire but then left to return to Porton Down. Who was that?

  5. DXer said

    The book KILLER STRAIN starts one chapter:

    Red Sky at Morning

    “June 2001
    On an early summer morning, as sailors embarked from city docks and swimmers plunged into the briny water fro an annual race across the Chesepeake Bay, John W. Ezzell and about two hundred other scientists convened on a deserted college campus in the colonial seaport town of Annapolis for the Fourth International Anthrax Conference.”

    Did any of the old sailors there take warning?

    Dr. Ayman had an infiltrating scientist, Rauf Ahmad, attend both the 1999 and 2000 special pathogens conferences with the FBI’s anthrax expert, John Ezzell, the head of the Special Pathogens lab at USAMRIID. Rauf wrote Dr. Ayman to tell him that he had made some internet contacts and learned some processing tricks related to making a dried powder. Who did Rauf Ahmad correspond with about processing anthrax to a dried powder? He then visited two labs — with the second lab visit necessary because he had struck out at the first lab. The second lab had thousands of pathogens.

  6. DXer said

    I probably should have waited until the FBI told you but GAO should know:

    Dr. Ayman Zawahiri’s infiltrating scientist’s second visit when he achieved his targets was to Porton Down.

    The Amerithrax scientists and prosecutors have known this but refused to reveal to the National Academy of Sciences — all the while being sure to tell us that stained panties were found in Dr. Ivins’ garbage.

    Nothing could be more material than disclosing Rauf visited Porton Down which had the Ames strain. (It now is over 10 years ago and there is no reason for it to be classified.)

    By way of background, Rauf Ahmad and Sufaat were working in a parallel cell operation led by Dr. Ayman Zawahiri. They did not know of the other.

    Sufaat and his lab assistants began in May 2001 working full time on the project to weaponize anthrax. It then it took Sufaat and Hambali a week in late August 2001 just to brief Dr. Ayman. See WMD Commission report.

    Successive tests at Kandahar were positive for the Ames strain of anthrax.

    Given the WMD Commission’s finding that Al Qaeda had virulent anthrax BEFORE 9/11, it was important to understand why initial successive tests tested positive not only for virulent anthrax, but indicated that it was virulent Ames.

    This was particularly important given that the documentary evidence shows an infiltrating scientist was attending conferences with Dr. Ivins and his colleagues and making repeated trips to laboratories for the purpose of obtaining virulent anthrax and also vaccine. The conferences were led by Dr. Les Baillie and Dr. Peter Turnbull who after coming to work in the US participated in advising the Amerithrax investigation.

    By Fall 2001, when Sufaat was staying with KSM, he assured KSM that the work he and the lab assistants were doing with the virulent anthrax was not dangerous because they were fully vaccinated.

    Thus, it is inexcusable that the FBI did not provide the NAS the materials it needed to test the validity of the tests that showed Sufaat was working with virulent Ames .

    For example, the FBI should disclosed in 2009 the details of the relationship between Omar Hospital and the Kandahar lab. The movement of the crates in May 2001 from Omar Hospital to Kandahar should have been disclosed.

    Similarly, the FBI should have disclosed the lab that Rauf Ahmad visited years ago so that Sufaat’s claims to KSM that he was working with virulent anthrax could have been understood in context. MI5 even found equipment in his luggage after the visit and seized it. The FBI deems it sensitive because UK is a close ally. The MI5 does critically important work (and I am a big fan of the TV show). But it is precisely because the UK is a close ally that it would want such a basic fact to be known. Indeed, to its credit, MI5 went out of its way to publish news of the seizure of the equipment in an unprecedented authorized history.

    Porton Down scientists Les Baillie and Peter Turnbull were playing key role advising the investigation. I emailed them both years ago hoping they would come forward with details of Rauf Ahmad’s visit to Porton Down but got no response. They now should be asked to confirm the details of Rauf Ahmad’s visit to their lab and attendance at the annual conferences they sponsored. Rauf did not sit next to Bruce. Rauf was not given a tour by Bruce. Rauf did not get virulent Ames from Bruce.

    The FBI has overlooked the fact that USAMRIID ALSO plays a key role in US biodefense.

    USAMRIID deserved better than the lousy true crime analysis and prosecution tactics centering on stained panties and the continued withholding of documents. It was the false claim to Dr. Ivins that Dr. Heine had said he did it that threw Bruce into a rage.

    These government officials need to (1) comply with FOIA; (2) permit meaningful NAS oversight; (3) fully cooperate with the GAO review; (4) permit meaningful Congressional oversight; and (5) provide the document discovery to the Plaintiff in the Stevens litigation required by the federal rules.

  7. DXer said

    This email may have been from Les B. rather than Peter T. The sfam webpage has reports on the 1999 and 2000 special pathogens conferences and as I recall described their role in organizing the conferences. Both then came to the US.

    The GAO should obtain the information about Rauf Ahmad’s visit to the lab where he reported that he had achieved all the targets. There is no reason 10 years after the fact for it to be classified or the information withheld from GAO.

    Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 1:03 PM
    To: Bruce.Ivins@DET.AMEDD.ARMY.MIL
    Subject: RE: Dangerous Pathogens 2002
    I have decided to organise another conference in the UK to be held near Porton Down next
    September (2002). I am look to identify speakers who call talk about the aerosol route of infection and
    of course thought of you guys. Would you be able to recommend someone or perhaps talk yourself ?
    We would of course cover their costs and given that I am organising the event their will be a lot of
    Keep the cartoons coming

  8. anonymous said
    News conference regarding the release of a special report that examines confidential material related to the 2001 anthrax attacks. (News Media Only)

    In 2009, an independent Panel was convened to examine previously unreleased and confidential material relating to the 2001 anthrax attacks. The panel was made up of nine nationally prominent experts in behavioral science, toxicology, medicine, terrorism, and organizational systems and operations.

    The panel’s printed, bounded, 285-page report, partially redacted, will be available in limited numbers immediately following the conclusion of this press conference.

    Independent Panel of National Experts; Represented by the Panel’s Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Member Representative

    March 23, 2011, 8:30 a.m. EDT; 1 hour to include Q&A

    University Hall (2nd Floor), The University Club of DC

    1135 16th St NW

    Washington, DC 20005

    Continental breakfast provided

    The Research Strategies Network is a nonprofit educational organization that conducts research and educates the public, including government officials, community leaders, and others, concerning national security, international affairs, counter-terrorism, public safety, and other important public policy issues.
    Patrick Walsh
    SOURCE Research Strategies Network

    • BugMaster said

      Research Strategies Network?

      The chairman is Ed Meese. A former CEO of SAIC is on their board of directors.

      Note that Fort Detrick subcontracted to a SAIC subsidiary, that then subcontracted to Battelle for production of the next generation rpa-102 vaccine antigen.

      An independent review?

      We will see!

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