CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Isn’t it unrealistic to think that anyone from Battelle drove to Princeton on those two dates? (without it being ascertainable through documentary evidence?)

Posted by DXer on March 22, 2011



3 Responses to “* Isn’t it unrealistic to think that anyone from Battelle drove to Princeton on those two dates? (without it being ascertainable through documentary evidence?)”

  1. richard rowley said

    Yes, it’s certainly unrealistic to think that one could easily drive there and back in such a timeframe as to not be missed by anyone in one’s daily life.

    I myself have taken it as close to a given for some time that if the letters weren’t loaded with anthrax within a 2 or 3 hr drive from Princeton, then they were likely forwarded via overnight delivery to an accomplice who did live fairly close to Princeton.

    How the government came to the ‘conclusion’ (I use the term loosely) that Ivins had no accomplice(s)(understand, I think Ivins innocent but I’m trying to follow the gov’t reasoning) is STILL a bit of a mystery. Senator Leahy insisted at one point that there had to be an abettor before and/or after the fact………Of course, when you realize that the PURPOSE of the FINAL REPORT was to close the Amerithrax Case, then the mystery dissipates……

  2. DXer said

    –Unsupported claims are appropriately ignored. If you knew of a third lab that worked with dried powder — you’ve claimed it was in Virginia — then you should state it or not repeat the unsupported claim. I might have guessed Hadron but it turns out to be SRI in Frederick that had the subcontract for BL-3 work under the DARPA reearch by the Center for DARPA at GMU involving virulent Ames.

    –Or I might have guessed ATCC which had the largest microbiological repository in the world — but they were just a culture collection. (ATCC had unfettered access and the lead FBI Amerithrax scientist was its collection scientist in the bacteriology division). It is astounding how many instances of the appearance of a conflict of interest are jammed into a single matter.

    –GMU, which had facilities mixed in with ATCC, used its BL-3 for storage and it was not used. All the faculty report that no BL-3 pathogens were present. (Technically, anthrax in its liquid form was BL-2 in Fall 2001 but all the faculty contacted say that no virulent anthrax was on the premises.) (It is a curiously bold statement given that the scientist, Ali Al-Timimi, coordinating with Anwar Awlaki had unfettered access to the largest microbiological repository in the world in the adjacent building). Ali Al-Timimi’s defense counsel describes him as the “other anthrax expert” and a prosecutor in Washington got rebuked when she went to visit a salafist-jihadi against orders (given, it had been claimed, that a deal had been struck with him).

    –With respect to travel, it is one thing for a single male to travel and not be noticed. It is another for a married male.
    IMO, it is unrealistic to think that someone travelled roundtrip 18 hours on two different occasions if they were married and known to work with anthrax.

  3. Zicon said

    The 3rd location that Dir. R. Mueller would not disclose openly, and only in a closed session of the “SIC” is on this map displayed above. And as far as who drove from Battelle to Princeton will lead to a dead end. There is just one huge embarrassment that could shut something down and cause a “huge mess” if certain things happen to fall through the cracks from the FBIR. Is it possible that there are more than one of many documents/white 3rb notebooks somewhere. I would think that even the smartest of scientist would know to always cover their A~~. Just an unspoken practice.

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