CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* FBI Special Agents took special care to make sure that no one learned that the FBI’s expert at USAMRIID had made a dried powder out of Flask 1029 … why?

Posted by DXer on March 21, 2011





When the FBI keeps vital information secret, it behooves us to know why they have done so. In particular, what connection is there between the withholding of this information and the FBI continuing to assert their unproven conclusion that “Dr. Ivins was the only person responsible for these attacks.”

4 Responses to “* FBI Special Agents took special care to make sure that no one learned that the FBI’s expert at USAMRIID had made a dried powder out of Flask 1029 … why?”

  1. Zicon said

    As far as anything being made in the brown tile rooms with the fully enclosed ss incased doors with each room in a lower pressure to create a vacuum so that nothing “ever” gets outside without going through all safety scrubbers in the bsl-3-4 that the FBI intentionally had made in the afternoon, would create a damaging hole to cta in case anything damaging happened.. That is just the way all certain agency operates, so that way in case someone or many people mess up and do not perform their job and are smart beyond comprehension, there is a fall back to lean on so that it doesn’t make a certain gov. look like a bunch of idiots. Yes there are some really good sa’s but only a small handful that have common sense and do what is right without having any other ulterior motive “No matter what”. Mu. The email was in ref. to Dugway with the exact A-strain that was used at “D.P.G” and USAMRIID…

    • DXer said

      No. The email referred to the dried powder made out of the Ames from Flask 1029 that was supplied the FBI’s anthrax expert in August 2000. That work was done using the lyophilizer in Building 1412. JE was doing authorized research at the request of DARPA using Ames that had been irradiated in the slurry. The email that Dr. Ivins wrote was titled “Hot News!” and recounted information that Dr. Ivins says he had heard at a December party upon the occasion of someone’s retirement.

      In a separate email, as I recall, he told a superior that he was concerned that some of his inventory was missing and he was told by a superior to shut up about it and that everything was under control. He says that at the party he had heard that Dr. Ezzell’s powder was closest to the mailed anthrax. JE, for his part, points out that his was pure white, not tan, and was “more pure” than what was mailed to the Senators.

      It does raise the question what was done with the non-white portion (both the tan (Daschle/Leahy) and multi-colored or black (Post) portions of the dried powder he made. It also raises (given he reports his Ames had been irradiated in the slurry) whether any Ames had been made elsewhere that had not been irradiated in the slurry. These basic questions should have been addressed by the NAS — as they related centrally to the scientific questions that it was tasked to address.

      • Zicon said

        The inventory that “supposedly” went missing was later discovered to be paperwork error after USAMRIID was in lock down. Dugway/Batelle and one other that was notified by someone outside of USAMRIID due to classification was still notified of the missing anthrax untill everything resumed normal operations. That would entail the commander making a call to washington so that another gov. agency could be notified..

  2. DXer said

    From another post:

    “Throughout the investigation the FBI kept secret that the FBI’s anthrax expert at USAMRIID, John Ezzell, had made a dried powder out of RMR 1029 (which was the flask used for all wet aerosol challenges with Ames at USAMRIID from 1997 until 2002). In the 9600 pages provided to the NAS, he FBI withheld all documents relating to this from the NAS. Did the FBI scientists do this for national security reasons — or to cover their ass?”

    Note that the third possibility is for “law enforcement” reasons. But that justification ended with the closing of the investigation in February 2010. It in no way would justify withholding the documents from the NAS. Given that NAS was put on notice in publicly filed comments, their failure to obtain the documents from the FBI points to a glaring deficiency in their effort. The NAS gets an “incomplete” for a grade.

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