CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* USAMRIID, according to the FBI, asked people to back up their computer and take it home ; GAO should solicit September-October 2001 emails to be provided from USAMRIID personnel who still have back-ups

Posted by DXer on March 16, 2011



7 Responses to “* USAMRIID, according to the FBI, asked people to back up their computer and take it home ; GAO should solicit September-October 2001 emails to be provided from USAMRIID personnel who still have back-ups”

  1. DXer said

    In a September 14, 2001 email produced by the FBI yesterday — 10 years after it was requested — Ivins writes at 3:54 PM:

    “Happy end of the week ___ … This has been such a chaotic week. We’ve now been informed that we have to back up all our computer information and take it home in case USAMRIID is destroyed by a terrorism attack.. Pleasant thought. I hope that _________:”

    • DXer said

      After an extensive redaction, in the September 14, 2001 email, Ivins continues: “I’m hoping to get some sleep this weekend. I’d like to start working out at the fitness center next week. I need it.”

  2. Zicon said

    So lets say from a hypothetical pov.. Someone backs up everything they have, and takes it home… If in any way shape or form that the information is uploaded/transferred/used in any way on an outside computer, if someone wants to find out that information that would be like childs play being able to obtain that info, and you don’t even have to be physically there to get it either… You might see things that look completely normal to the average person that can pull data from a range of 100′ +- depending on power with trans/rec cap. A book, rock, pretty much anything that is rarely touched either outside or inside a home or office would be a key item to place data sniffers or even take things as a wii or remote, picture frame, vcr, and better yet anything that would have its own power source makes for an unlimited amount of on time… So “Anyone” could have taken or stolen Ivins formula but it doesn’t mean he cooked it up…

    • DXer said

      This doesn’t seem to make any sense. Ivins did not have any “formula”.

      • DXer said

        The relevance of the fact that some scientists or former scientists may have emails from the period is that it would help GAO reconstruct a timeline of events for mid to late September and early October. Certainly, obtaining the emails from a former employee would be a lot more efficient — taking just minutes. Whereas obtaining just Ivins’ emails from USAMRIID took two years.

  3. Zicon said

    Some protocol to have with bio-security huh..-. Even in the eye of war. I can imagine what information is still floating around thats on a thumb drive, disc, notebook/diary… How much more was copied and transfered and carried off base and was everything accounted for? Nope… That would go for any “supposedly secure” facility with little to no accountability or “secure” ways of dealing with things.. From past track records just goes to show how well things are protected…; And for accountability everything filters to one person which is the president of the us. Need I say more….

    • DXer said

      It is true that William Patrick kept his secrets for weaponizing anthrax on a black notebook in his living room and famed Russian bioweaponeer shared a suite with the scientist coordinating with Anwar Aulaqi and convicted of sedition. I’ve previously posted the serial numbers of the Dell computers that Dr.Alibek and Dr. Bailey used that were just feet from Dr. Al-Timimi. Moreover, as scientists at the DARPA-funded Center For Biodefense have pointed out to me, data would be kept on the computers in the labs and so were available to the next researcher who walked in. But access to know-how does not loom particularly large — it is the reconstruction of a timeline for September and October using a triangulation of emails from the scientists working with Dr. Ivins.

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