CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* The only (unnamed) scientist whose opinion was provided said that the FBI’s code theory was not viable because it was not clear what letters were double-lined; the author of the book “Godel, Escher, Bach” similarly said the theory was not viable.

Posted by DXer on March 13, 2011




16 Responses to “* The only (unnamed) scientist whose opinion was provided said that the FBI’s code theory was not viable because it was not clear what letters were double-lined; the author of the book “Godel, Escher, Bach” similarly said the theory was not viable.”

  1. DXer said

    Turning to the cipher excerpt published this week by the New London, CT newspaper, let’s consider that in the first line — where I guess we are supposed to think the guy left his name.

    There is a repeated symbol in the second and third position. It’s as if he wants to encourage us to try to decipher the message by giving us a hint.

    Here are some male names that fit that pattern:

    Allen, Arrow, Attell, Atticus, Booker, Boone, Cooper, Eddie, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Emmanuel,
    Emmett, Emmitt, Ennis, Errol, Issa, Jaafan, Jaap, Keegan, Keenan, Otto, Reece and Reeve.

    In the US: 21% of people reportedly have 6 characters in their surname. 53% of people reportedly have 5-7 characters in their surname. The line of characters is 29 symbols long, which leaves lots of room for a long middle and last name.

    • DXer said

      The symbol appearing in the second and third place of what (I believe) would be the first name, does not appear that often in the body of the cipher. So let’s rule out E, T, O, N, I which from Boy Scout days I remember as having a high frequency. It seems we could have eliminated “Allen” and “Ellis” and “Ellison” because “l” is the symbol used as coded. But now Attell, Atticus, Booker, Boone, Cooper, Ennis, Keegan, Keenan, Reece and Reeve are also in the clear. It seems that we need to go back to the drawing board and find a male first name with a letter that is not particularly common repeated in the second and third position i.e., a name that is not on the list above.

    • DXer said

      So some additional names fitting that pattern include Abbott, Addison, Azzo, Iggy, Izzy, Lee, Leeland, McCoy, Reed, Seeley, Uzziah, Woodrow, and Woody. Excluding those with ETONI, under my rule of thumb above,we can eliminate Lee, Leeland, Reed, Seeley, Woodrow and Woody.

      Looking at this frequency distribution table, I’m inclined to also eliminate names with “a” and “s” in second position. So Issa, Jaafan, and Jaap can drop.

      Yo, Addison! See that white van outside your house? No, it’s not Santa. You are on the FBI’s naughty list.

      • DXer said

        The letter in the fifth position is not “s” — the letter rarely appears, judging by its relative absence in the coded text So under this reasoning, the name with the repeated letter in the second and third position has an unusual letter in the fifth position — and not E, T, O, N, I, A or S.

  2. DXer said

    FBI Investigating Letters Sent to N.Y. News Stations from Alleged ‘Chinese Zodiac Killer’
    The Albany field office has asked local media outlets to keep an eye out for more letters, an FBI spokesperson tells PEOPLE

    By Abigail Adams
    December 11, 2021 04:07 PM

  3. DXer said

    At page 215, Philip Baruth, in his biography of Senator Leahy, discerns a “cold sort of haiku” in the underlining of one of the letters.

    On the other hand, while the expert (whose code the FBI relies upon) says that the FBI’s theory did not hold water. (p. 215.)

    When you ignore the actual documentary evidence, it becomes a lot easier to spin a biography.

    Why did FBI Agent Darin Steele think that the “T” in NEXT was double-lined in concocting his interpretation of a code?
    Posted by Lew Weinstein on June 17, 2011

  4. DXer said

    In its Amerithrax Investigative Summary, the FBI relies upon the fact that Dr. Ivins threw out this book. Yet the DOJ shredded Fellows’ deposition. And Fellows and Ivins had talked about the book. If the DOJ is going to shred evidence that might bear light — and for example reveal that the FBI had questioned Fellows on the book and she mentioned it to Ivins — then no inference can be drawn against Ivins. Indeed, someone would have to compare the date of him being questioned on the book and him throwing it out.

    People who have been interviewed dozens of times and are under ongoing surveillance would have a natural tendency to get rid of evidence that would be misleading or embarrassing. For example, if you expect an FBI raid, you might take racy picture used as your screen saver and replace it with a picture of your Mom. I know I stopped going to Ed’s pornography website to study whether those were Sandra Bullocks real boobs.

  5. DXer said

    Vahid Majidi says that cryptologists reviewed the letters. Okay, Vahid. Then where are their reports? Why didn’t you see that they were produced under FOIA?

  6. DXer said

    Guess who came up with the theory and inforamtion about the code?

  7. Old Atlantic said

    Re the hypothesis that Ivins was autoclaving bodies of animals Oct 3 to Oct 5 2001 in the evening or Sep 14 to Sep 16 2001.

    Did Ivins carry the animals bodies into BSL3 at the start of the times he is shown by records for autoclaving?

    Did someone pass them in without being recorded as their entering?

    Were the animal experiments in the BSL3? So they were alive there?

    Did someone bring the dead animals in earlier in the day and then Ivins autoclaved them in the evening?

    Are they any records that would help in determining this that are not public?

    Which public records support this autoclaving dead bodies at these critical times?

    • DXer said

      On Friday, October 5, 2001, he explained that 3 days after a challenge with Ames 12 rabbits had died.

      From: Ivins, Bruce E Dr USAMRIID
      Subject: Stabilizer in a new rPA vaccine
      Date: Friday, October 05, 2001 10:52:45 AM
      The data we are getting from our with formaldehyde/without formaldehyde experiment in rabbits
      is giving us VERY strong evidence that we should incorporate a stabilizer in with rPA and Alhydrogel.
      weren’t some FDA-acceptable stabilizers going to be identified? If there some out there,
      maybe we should start thinking about them now.
      Basically what we have as far as the experiment:
      1) Five years ago rPA/Alhydrogel/PBS vaccine was made with or without 0.02% formaldehyde (the
      level that’s in AVA) and stored at 4C. With these vaccines we immunized groups of rabbits as follows
      (0.5 ml per intramuscular dose):
      Group A – 24 rabbits (12 males, 12 females) get PA (50 ug)/Alhydrogel (0.5 mg)/PBS/0.02%
      formaldehyde at 0 weeks. Challenge (subcutaneous) at 6 weeks with about 100 LD50 Ames spores.
      Group B – 24 rabbits (12 males, 12 females) get PA (50 ug)/Alhydrogel (0.5 mg)/PBS/No
      formaldehyde at 0 weeks. Challenge (subcutaneous) at 6 weeks with about 100 LD50 Ames spores.
      Group C – 4 rabbits (2 males, 2 females) get PBS/Alhydrogel (0.5 mg) at 0 weeks. Challenge
      (subcutaneous) at 6 weeks with about 100 LD50 Ames spores.
      2) Results so far, 3 days after challenge:
      Group Survived/Total
      A – Vaccine plus formaldehyde 24/24 (no deaths)
      B – Vaccine minus formaldehyde 16/24 (8 deaths)
      C – Controls 0/4 (4 deaths)
      Note: We originally studied the effect of formaldehyde on rPA vaccine potency/stability in guinea
      pigs. The cumulative data indicated that stability/potency was enhanced by the presence of
      – Bruce

      • DXer said

        I don’t see it right now but within the last day or two I posted an early August 2001 email that discussed the planning for the Covance study which involved them being immunized at Covance but then shipped to USAMRIID for parenteral challenge (i.e., subcutaneous) challenge. He noted that an aerosol challenge would require more people etc.

        All of his emails are chronologically ordered in the USARMIID FOIA Reading Room.

        • DXer said

          GAO should seek to obtain a log for the autoclave machine (which may or may not exist).

        • Thanks. This is a key area that you have developed that could by itself prove Ivins did not do it.

        • BugMaster said

          There should have been a sign-up sheet / usage log on the autoclave. In addition, data logging of the autoclave temperatures, since this is critical (if there was a malfunction and the autoclave did’t reach the correct temp, one could unknowingly then discard to the trash material one assumed was inactivated).

  8. Zicon said

    In my opinon looking at the letters both NY & DC are written by two (2) different people who are both right handed, and based on the writing style the person(s) would not appear to be ambidextrous and also would have a slightly higher elavated brain activity in the L half vs. the R half of the brain.. The writing style also shows uncertainty in the NY letter vs. the DC letter. Could it have been a sleeper… What nationality or citizenship would this person have held.. Would this person have even completed grade school that did the actual handling of the letters.. How many people were involved? In opinion this isn’t the work of just one person, if I was to (guess) I would say perhaps 3-4 but no more than 12. Was it an inside job? What would all this accomplish from pros and cons pov? Does anyone benifit from this in anyway shape or form? Last but not least, just maybe what if Ivins would have been screwed either way because of A) if he would have publicly said that yes there was some of the exact same strain of bacillus anthracis went missing during shipment, then that would create a whole new pile of worms not only for him but then the team that would have to create cover damage control. Secondly he would have went to jail if he publicy said anything on anything ever going missing without the proper approval, which wouldn’t have been Ivins job to do so. Thirdly, exactly how many times has anything above a BSL-2 substance gone missing in transit from anywhere that was never public disclosed, that would be known by a handful of people I’m suspecting… There are only a handful of people or private corps. or even govs. that would own up to their own mistakes, and the ones who don’t reguardless of public safety shows character for anyone who can own up to potentially catastrophic mistakes to the environment or human life. In opinion only rating the security of bio-weapons to national security of all kinds from: 1 being zero security to 10 being 100% secure, would guess it be a rating of 6

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