CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Colin Powell blames others for his own disgraceful conduct in promoting the Bush/Cheney “war of choice” in Iraq

Posted by DXer on February 20, 2011


see prior post …

* Powell claims Saddam has anthrax and the means to deliver it


CBSNews reports (2/16/11) …

  • in an interview with The Guardian, Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has called on the CIA and Pentagon to explain why they failed to notify him of unreliability of a key source who claimed knowledge of Saddam Hussein’s bio-weapons capability.



  • Colin Powell had every reason to doubt the information pandered by the Bush/Cheney crowd, and he was certainly positioned to find out for himself.
  • The best spin on the matter is that Powell did not have the courage and the independence to investigate.
  • The worst spin is that he knew the truth – no WMD, no anthrax – and supported the call for war anyway.
  • This is the most disgraceful episode of Powell’s otherwise mostly distinguished career and he compounds the problem now by blaming others for his own shortcomings and moral inadequacies.

It is a premise of my novel CASE CLOSED,

fictional as I wrote it but I believe worthy of investigation,

that the Bush/Cheney crowd did not want the anthrax case to be solved

because it was a valuable component in their case of lies

to convince Congress and the American people

to support their “war of choice” in Iraq.

Colin Powell’s disgraceful testimony at the UN

was a major part of making that case.


CASE CLOSED is a novel about the FBI’s failed investigation

of the 2001 anthrax attacks


read the opening scene of CASE CLOSED …

* CASE CLOSED – opening scene … the DIA re-investigates the FBI’s failed case


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5 Responses to “* Colin Powell blames others for his own disgraceful conduct in promoting the Bush/Cheney “war of choice” in Iraq”

  1. Zicon said

    Because between all the inter-agencies everyones a bunch of idiots and have NO CLUE what teamwork is or working together and lack Common Sense and Character.. If you can’t do your job, or you screw up hold those accountable for their actions whether good or bad… Find someone who can lead and make common sense decisions without hesitation and know the job will be done.. Even all the classified ops have been sloppy and it’s quite disturbing.. To know most of the “best of the best” can’t even perform a simple task.. For example getting information or knowing what to do with that information..

  2. Zicon said

    Yadda Yadda Yadda .. The “S” has hit the fan… and here starts all the lies and cover ups and the rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper, I said all this was gonna come out weeks ago.. to the “T”
    but someone knows the truth somewhere….Mr. Powell will get his.. Own up to your own mistakes big baby..Along with everyone else who came up with the story line,. all in due time. Soon it’ll be time to plow the fields of Boaz… Obama made he wrong decisions in June/July 2009… in op program in NC… Someones innocent and it’s gonna be proven for a fact at some point. I am only sharing my opinions unless otherwise noted for future reference…

  3. Old Atlantic said

    Search 1: Carlyle Group Libya

    Search 2: Carlyle Group Colin Powell

  4. Old Atlantic said

    How long until FBI blames Ivins for making them think he was guilty? Passing two polygraphs to make them think he was guilty, how tricky can you get?

    • DXer said

      Exactly. And the recent anonymous investigators say he admitted he might have done it — they are referring of course (see the transcript) to the conversation in which he tells one of his Former Colleagues that he would have no idea how to…

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