CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Bruce Ivins and the “Joy of juggling,” The Post (Frederick, MD), dated March 1, 1982

Posted by DXer on January 26, 2011


18 Responses to “* Bruce Ivins and the “Joy of juggling,” The Post (Frederick, MD), dated March 1, 1982”

  1. DXer said

    Page 27 states:

    “During the time that Dr. Ivins was transferring quantities spores to, for example, aerobiology for animal challenges and outside labs for their research, lab technicians continued to make spores at the behest of Dr. Ivins, thinking that the spores were needed to go into RMR-1029. His junior lab technican thought that the “Dugway Spores” were exhausted, so she needed to make spores for the animal challenges. In fact, she was under the impression that she was hired expressly for that purpose. His senior lab technician, on the other hand, thought that she was continuously making spores to add to the exisitng stock of “Dugway Spores.” In fact, the investigation revealed that there were never any additions to RMR-1029 after its creation in [1997].”

    Ed, is it your position that these spores WERE a genetic match or WERE NOT?

    What quantity did the senior and junior lab tech make that now cannot be found or accounted for?

    • BugMaster said

      “During the time that Dr. Ivins was transferring quantities spores to, for example, aerobiology for animal challenges and outside labs for their research, lab technicians continued to make spores at the behest of Dr. Ivins, thinking that the spores were needed to go into RMR-1029.”

      Who came to this conclusion, that anyone thought or were told the spores were to go into RMR-1029?

      RMR-1029 is a reference standard! It is known material of a known potency used partly for animal studies related to vaccine development.

      It could never have been “topped off” in this matter! That would render it useless as a reference standard.

      Who came to the lame-brained conclusion that anyone was ever under the impression or given the impression or told by Ivins that material was needed to ADD to RMR-1029?

      An uninformed, and in this specific case, ignorant FBI agent, perhaps?

      • DXer said

        I can’t find where the quantity missing is quantified. (Not up to speed on the issue yet, I had mentioned a figure of 200 ml. But that’s mistaken.)

        The 220 ml mentioned in fn. 10 refers to unrecorded withdrawals — that is, withdrawals internal to USAMRIID that were not reflected on RMR 1029. That 220 ml is understood to be genetically matching.

        But this additional amount — and apparently that is what the junior lab tech thought she was hired to do — is just missing. Mara was there quite a while, right? So if she was the junior lab tech mentioned, it might be a large quantity. How much was it? 500 ml? 600 ml? Tarek thanked Bruce for supplying Ames spores. He thanked Pat and Mara for providing technical assistance. How much Ames spores did Bruce supply to Tarek? And what technical assistance did Mara and Pat provide? Michael Hayes, the fellow who worked with Bruce and Tarek during the visit told me when I called: “You don’t want to know.” What did Michael mean?

        • DXer said

          “Tawfiq” Hamid tells me he was recruited by Ayman Zawahiri while at school with Tarek Hamouda, who was supplied virulent Ames by Bruce Ivins. So that would make Tarek someone the FBI would want to exclude. Is he on the list of people excluded or not? If so, which one is he?

          When I called “Tawfiq” Hamid, who consults with IC, and asked him if he knew Tarek, he said sure. He said he would visit from Khartoum when they were kids and he and his brother would go with Tarek to a comic book store. Tawfik’s brother is CAIR-St. Louis and stridently anti-Israel (and publicly so). The brother, a St. Louis MD, has told the FBI he doesn’t know of any sleeper cell and held a public conference urging that it was against the Hippocratic Oath for a doctor to engage in terrorism. He was with Tarek in Ann Arbor in 2001.

          At the suggestion of his brother, Tawfiq called Tarek before 9/11 and asked what he knew about patents, and Tarek reportedly said “It’s all in the marketing.” That undoubtedly is true. The difference between an Edison and a Tessla.

          Both Mara and Pat seem totally stand-up from everything I know about them. What do they think happened to the Ames they made to go (they say they thought) into RMR 1029? But specifically, how much did they make? How much went missing? What do they think happened to it?

  2. DXer said


    Would you agree that silica might have been in the culture medium?

    Did you read the article that Dr. Ayman Zawahiri was reading about using silicates in the culture medium?

    Am I right that no silicates were ever taken from Dr. Ivins’ lab(s) pursuant to a search warrant? And that he is not ever known to have used silicates in the culture medium?

  3. DXer said


    The FBI’s distinguished anthrax scientist at Ft. Detrick filmed on November 29, 2010 says the Silicon Signature might have come from use of a density gradient.

    Percoll is colloidal silica.

    Do you agree that Percoll might have been used?

    Would you agree that no Percoll was ever taken in any search of Dr. Ivins’ lab(s)?

  4. Anonymous said

    Lake STILL has not corrected the knowingly false information he has posted on the internet for years. Apparently, to Lake the above article in the Frederick News Post does not exist.

    January 24, 2011 – I’m getting emails from a Ivins supporter claiming that USA Today was wrong, that Ivins moved to Montgomery Village, MD, first, then moved out, and then Nancy Haigwood coincidentally moved in close by to where Ivins had lived. I can’t verify any of this. None of the “clues” to the claimed source of this information pan out. That’s typical of arguments by True Believers and conspiracy theorists. (The key source seems to be a 1983 Frederick News-Post article that isn’t accessable on-line. It supposedly says that Ivins moved to Frederick in January of 1981.)

    • DXer said

      Ed refuses to correct his mistakes even though the newspapers posted by Lew establish his mistake beyond doubt. Then he goes on to suggest the House writers are writing their show around his posts and his suggestion that a First Grader wrote the letters!

      “January 26, 2011 – I think the only way I’m going to get back to work on my new book is if I stop arguing with people who obviously cannot be convinced by any evidence or any argument. So, I’m going to try to do that. Some of the discussions were getting far too weird and a bit menacing, anyway. (If some tells you a hundred time to “Please” correct something that he believes is in error, does using the word “please” always mean he is not actually making a demand?)

      And there’s something else that has been keeping me from focusing on my book: I keep wanting to mention Monday’s episode of “House.” I’ve stated in the past that, since Bruce Ivins was a diagnosed sociopath, he wouldn’t have had any problem persuading a 6-year-old to write the anthrax letters and address the envelopes for him. On Monday, I wondered if the writers for “House” read this web site, since on the previous week’s show they had House’s friend Dr. Wilson call House a “sociopath,” and on Monday’s show they had Greg House manipulate the 3 or 4 year old daughter of his boss/girlfriend Dr. Cuddy into cheating on entry tests for pre-school and lying about it. House was very pleased when the child seemed able to lie flawlessly, even though she couldn’t get into the pre-school class because it was filled.”

  5. DXer said

    Nancy Haigwood, after having her research described as “cold fusion” in the Washington Post in September 2001, and having a key article rejected by key journals, was furious at Dr. Ivins. He was a reviewer on vaccine journals. See emails. She suspected him of carefully spraypainting the charity name on her back car window and accused him of it — although he denied it. She contacted the FBI in early 2002 to say that she knew he did the anthrax mailings. The evidence? He included her in the list of people who got an emailed Christmas card.

    In early August she specifically indicated that she knew he lived in Frederick when she moved to Gaithersburg. Contrary to the false narrative widely promoted.

    Like the brother who hadn’t had contact since 1985, she says it’s sad that she’s glad he’s gone. She says there were five people dead.

    No, Dr. H. There are six people dead.

    And the Christmas greeting email was not evidence of murder. Not in the least.

    Now NH thinks she is being stalked by animal rights activists. A bunch of monkeys escaped in 2009 when a cage was left unlocked and protesters are upset that the monkeys are used in experiments that result in their death.

    Now as to whether Dr. Ivins spraypainted the sorority letters carefully on the back window so it could be removed without harming the paint in 1982, I have no way of knowing.

    But the crime at bar relates to the anthrax mailings.

    • DXer said

      The FBI has violated FOIA by not producing the 302s relating to NH claim that Dr. Ivins was the mailer from Spring 2002.

      Perhaps the Christmas card evidence was deemed a little thin.

      Perhaps the allegation that she suspected Dr. Ivins of spraypainting the sorority letters carefully on the back window so it could be removed without harming the paint even more irrelevant.

      Perhaps in that 302 she claims Dr. Ivins caused her publication to be rejected and her research described in the Washington Post “cold fusion” at the time of the anthrax mailings.

      There should be several i 302sf agents kept in touch as she reports. Why weren’t those documents provided?

      The Oregonian (Portland, Oregon)

      August 8, 2008 Friday
      Sunrise Edition

      Relief, sadness in anthrax case

      SUMMARY: Inquiry | Nancy Haigwood, director of Oregon’s primate center, says Bruce Ivins “was not a nice guy”

      When microbiologists were asked in 2002 to consider whether one of their peers had mailed anthrax spores nationwide, the current director of the Oregon National Primate Research Center was quick to call the FBI.


      Ivins stepped up his attentions in 1982, when he was at Fort Detrick and Haigwood worked at a nearby company in Maryland. One day, Haigwood said, she found her sorority’s Greek initials spray-painted on the back window of her fiance’s car –carefully, so they could be removed without damaging the paint job. Her fence and sidewalk also had been spray-painted, Haigwood said. She reported the vandalism to police and accused Ivins when she bumped into him.”

      Note that it is not accurate to say the car was “keyed.” That is another mistake that Ed needs to correct. (We’ll call that #69)


      “I have a tremendous sense of relief, I must say,” that Ivins is gone, she said. “But also tremendous sadness. Because I always hoped I was wrong.”

      So for the $2.5 million reward, she turns a guy into the FBI for sending a christmas card. Not bad work if you can get it.

      • DXer said

        This is the reason Nancy was so angry at Bruce.

        The Washington Post

        September 23, 2001 Sunday
        Final Edition

        Trials and Errors

        BYLINE: Reviewed by Lorraine Adams ( a staff writer for the Washington Post)

        SECTION: BOOK WORLD; Pg. T05

        BIG SHOT

        Passion, Politics and the

        Struggle for an AIDS Vaccine

        By Patricia Thomas

        There is Nancy Haigwood, 31, a molecular biologist whose vaccine was ridiculed for years as “weird science” or “cold fusion.”

        • DXer said

          The New York Times

          January 4, 2009 Sunday
          Late Edition – Final

          Quotation of the Day


          SECTION: Section A; Column 0; Metropolitan Desk; Pg. 3

          LENGTH: 38 words

          I read that e-mail, and I thought, He did it. NANCY HAIGWOOD, on Bruce Edward Ivins, a fellow scientist, who sent a holiday e-mail message with images of the anthrax virus and was later a suspect in government’s anthrax inquiry.

        • DXer said

          I might have told you the story about how one supervisor walked into the office of the ICE PRINCESS in the DC US Attorney’s Office with his penis out — to remind her what she was missing after she had broken off their affair. He was the one giving out assignments to the new prosecutors in the office and would invite them out to drinks.

          So I realize these prosecutors may be oversexed.

          But let’s review: Amerithrax was not a sex crime.

          You should check your own briefs for semen.

      • Old Atlantic said

        Did she get the reward? Maybe the FBI should reword its rewards as, information leading to the successful conviction or suicide of the defendant.

  6. DXer said

    The photocopiers at Ft. Detrick can be excluded. It is not consistent with what the AUSAs alleged in their footnote about the Ft. Detrick photocopiers. In addition to the issue of toner, therte is the issue of marks made as the paper draws the paper through the feed. The experienced federal district court judge will know that to find the issue the attorney cannot handle, check her footnotes. Here, given the photocopiers exclude Dr. Ivins, the FBI scientists need to pretend that they did not rely on the science in Amerithrax. If the review were principled, it would not bias the review by only submitting the aspects of the science that they think favors its conclusion.

    The New York Post

    December 10, 2001, Monday



    SECTION: All Editions; Pg. 024

    A photocopier’s “fingerprint” may help investigators track down the suspect responsible for sending anthrax-laced letters to two politicians.
    FBI agents have now determined that the poisoned letters sent to Sen. Patrick Leahy and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle are virtually identical, leading them to look for a possible Kinko’s connection.

    FBI sources told Time magazine that because the letter sent to Leahy was photocopied, they may stand a better chance of determining who sent it. Photocopiers tend to leave a “fingerprint” caused by tiny scratches and dirt on the machine’s glass and optical system.
    The FBI lab plans to examine the Leahy letter for these tiny anomalies and try to determine which copier the suspect or suspects may have used.

    While the agency can’t examine every copier in the country, once they get a line on suspects, they’ll be able to focus on copy businesses and libraries near their homes, Time reports.

    Of particular interest would be high-volume copy companies like Kinko’s. The office giant has had a number of notorious customers recently, including the

    • DXer said

      Dr. Jason Fong of the GAO should arrange to subpoena the examination of the USAMRIID phtoocopiers given that the FBI has elected to withhold it and it has been 2 1/2 years since Dr. Ivins was driven to suicide by the unjustified testing of the semen on the panties.

  7. DXer said

    Yesterday, a man who had falsely claimed to have been in the special forces and had a PhD charged with fraud after he took money for giving seminars. It is not mere puffery as Ed has long argued.

    FBI arrests former Oregon adjunct instructor for fraud

    • DXer said

      “His resume has been picked apart and discrepancies have been found – discrepancies which he apparently corrected in later resumes. Okay. If everyone who stretched the truth a bit on a professional resume were put in prison, we’d all be there. He brags about things that aren’t exactly true. Who doesn’t? (In the distant past, I occasionally told people “I once worked with the CIA”, when actually all I did was clear Air America spotter planes for landings at a remote airstrip. It wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t exactly true, either.)

      Ed nowhere notes in his discussion of the resume “discrepancies” that Dr. Hatfill forged his PhD certificate.

      Yet, Ed finds his Dr. Ivins’ posting on Wikipedia and on a blog about a tv show evidence of multiple murders.

      He at least should have noted the PhD forgery in dismissing the resume discrepancies. The issue has been pointed out but he never made the correction. There are 66 other instances.

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