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* for the FBI, the anthrax investigation was a tough job from the beginning … almost a decade later, the case is still unresolved

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FBI Director Robert Mueller


Laura Rozen wrote almost 9 years ago in The American Prospect (5/20/02) …

  • the FBI faces a difficult test.
  • Suppose the attacks were an inside job–by, say, one of the U.S. Army’s own biowarfare scientists. What scientific authorities could the FBI turn to if it’s effectively investigating the very labs that do its testing?
  • “There are really only a few places weapons-grade anthrax could have come from, including Dugway [Army Proving Grounds in Utah], Fort Detrick, and other labs contracted by the military,” said David Fidler, a University of Indiana law professor who has written about the legal implications of biological terrorism.
  • In fact, the FBI has hired some 20 expert consultants to assist with the anthrax investigation, and most of them belong to the government bio-defense establishment.
  • even as some FBI investigators set up shop at USAMRIID, working side by side with scientists to trace the source of the anthrax, another FBI team descended on Fort Detrick in February to question lab employees about suspicious activity they might have seen–and to administer polygraph tests to those with access to suites where anthrax and other deadly germs are handled.
  • But here the FBI has hit a particularly baffling roadblock.
  • The bureau’s investigators are not confident that other government agencies, such as the CIA and the Department of Defense, have let them in on the full range of bio-defense work they have commissioned.
  • FBI investigators may not have the top-level security clearances that would allow CIA or Pentagon officials to disclose all they know.

The result is an almost comical impasse

of mutual distrust and bureaucratic red tape.

If the FBI can’t investigate the U.S. bio-defense establishment, who can?

thanks to DXer for forwarding this 2002 article



  • This 2002 analysis by Laura Rozen emphasizes the likelihood, now nine years later, that the reason the FBI has charged Dr. Bruce Ivins as the sole perpetrator without presenting the evidence to actually prove the case is the result of a coverup of the true perpetrators, perhaps by the FBI, perhaps by others in our government.
  • The FBI may or may not know who the real perpetrators are.
  • It’s for sure that the American people don’t know.


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