CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Frederick News Post: the Ivins case lives on … despite FBI judgment

Posted by DXer on December 5, 2010

Dr. John Ezzell, Lew Weinstein, Ross Getman, Dr. Meryl Nass, Paul Kemp and Dr. James Van de Velde at the November 29 anthrax seminar sponsored by the University of California Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation and the UC Washington Center


Editorial in the Frederick News Post (12/5/10)

Ivins case lives on — despite FBI judgment

  • A group of 25 scientists, professors, writers and terrorism experts convened Monday to discuss and debate the anthrax investigation. None of them believe Bruce Ivins was the culprit. The panel, which lasted for four hours, talked about that investigation, lessons learned and its broader implications.



I am coming more and more to the conclusion that the FBI’s stonewalling refusal to make clear to the American people what they know about the anthrax murders is a problem of equal importance to the fatal mailings themselves. To have an out-of-control police force in a democracy, answerable to no one, is a serious matter. We must not let the FBI win by letting this case fade away. Someone committed a bioterrorist attack against the U.S. It wasn’t Bruce Ivins, at least on the evidence so far made public. America needs to know the truth, no matter who is embarrassed or imprisoned.

One Response to “* Frederick News Post: the Ivins case lives on … despite FBI judgment”

  1. DXer said

    A 302 interview statement:

    “When BRUCE was conscious, FMH staff asked him if he intentionally tried to kill himself, BRUCE replied yes and attempted to pull the tubes off of himself. BRUCE was then restrained. _______ stated BRUCE had a Do not Resuscitate (DNR) order. BRUCE would have needed a liver transplant and would have to have been put on the transplant list.”

    In a different 302 interview statement, it was explained that

    (1) normally FMH would notified the Frederick Police Department (FPD) of death by suicide, FPD had not been notified, (2) normally FMH immediately notifies the Medical Examiner (ME) after a death due to suicide, FMH did not notify the ME until after BRUCE was “bagged and tagged” and someone remembered to call the ME, (3) autopsies are not normally performed unless unusual circumstances dictate, _______ said had they been privy to more information surrounding BRUCE they would have requested an autopsy.

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