CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* organizing the CASE CLOSED blog

Posted by DXer on June 21, 2010


The following comment was posted this morning …

I’ve been reading for weeks and WEEKS and I just keep going round and round never quite know where the beginning , middle or the end of all the documents are. I wonder if your site has the ability to get the info in to a message board format…where folks could follow topics easier. It would must less confusing. I am soooo interested in the subject *esp after reading Lew’s book* and want desperately to get a basic timeline of the events that occurred after the anthrax letters started …

My response …

I have the same problem you have expressed.

There have been 440 posts to this blog since it began, leading to over 5400 comments. There are several very different lines of inquiry (the scientific evidence, the FBI’s withholding of evidence, failure of USAMRIID to follow the FOIA, the so far closed nature of the NAS review, different theories of who actually prepared and mailed the anthrax, etc., etc.), most of which which hardly intersect at all.

The only theme which fits most of the blog content is that the FBI has surely not proven its case against Dr. Ivins, at least in the documents so far released.

I have made this blog available to all who wish to post comments (excepting only personal insults) but I do not have the time to organize the comments, much as I might like that to be done.

Most of my writing time these days is devoted to my 4th novel, THE POPE’S CONSPIRACY, a sequel to THE HERETIC, which was my first.




7 Responses to “* organizing the CASE CLOSED blog”

  1. Friday Sep 14, 2001 to Sunday Sep 16, 2001, Ivins was in checking the animals each evening for 2 hours and a quarter.

    Why do you need to check animals? Although not spelled out, I think the reasons include the following.

    If you let animals die on Friday night and lie there dead until Monday morning, they will start to rot. If you continually have dead animals in cages on a long term basis, you will get diseases different than what you are testing. These will spread and hang out. So when animals die, you will need to autopsy them to determine cause of death, the disease you tested or the diseases hanging out in the dead bodies you don’t clear out right away.

    So if you don’t remove dead bodies immediately, and you let diseases run amok, then you will have to autopsy every body to find which disease killed it. So you end up with higher cost than if you just removed the dead bodies immediately.

    Animals in cages produce unsanitary conditions on their own, you don’t need to let it get out of control by leaving dead bodies around. If you want your experiment to be on the disease you are testing, you have to do everything you can to keep other diseases and unsanitary conditions in check. Leaving dead bodies around for days is not how you do that.

    • Also, these animals are already weakened by the test disease and being kept in cages. So if you let diseases multiply in rotting bodies every weekend and many week nights, then the weakened animals will pick them up and spread them. That ruins your experiment. People could catch them too.

      • DXer said

        Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2010 Jul 19. [Epub ahead of print]
        Efficacy of Daptomycin Against Bacillus anthracis in a Murine Model of Anthrax-Spore Inhalation.

        Heine HS, Bassett J, Miller L, Purcell BK, Byrne WR.

        Division of Bacteriology, United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, MD 21702-5011.

        Daptomycin demonstrated in vitro (MIC90, 4 mug/ml) and in vivo activity against B. anthracis. 50 mg/kg, BID treatment was begun 24 h after challenge and continued for 14 or 21 days and compared to controls of PBS or ciprofloxacin. Forty-three-day survival rates were 6/10 for 14 day and 9/10 for 21 day treatment groups compared to ciprofloxacin survival 8/10, and 9/10. Culture results from tissues removed at the termination of the experiment were negative.

  2. I have downloaded the pdf and paged through it. Its very impressive. I was looking for the slide you had discussed preparing showing Ivins remarks on the quality of the anthrax in the letters including from New York Post.

    Ed Lake has claimed the NY Post letter was only a few percent anthrax spores. My memory is you found an Ivins email showing that the quality of the spores from NY Post was better than what Ed has claimed in the past.

    There were comments by Ivins with qualitative ratings but also specific numbers I believe as well, possibly in other emails analyzing the letter anthrax.

    You had discussed a slide with the emails with the numbers and the qualitative rating on the same slide.

    This is key information. The DOJ/FBI theory is that the New York Post letter was prepared by Ivins over the weekend Sep 14 to Sep 16 2001. Ed Lake had tried to bolster that case by claiming that most of the NY Post letter was not anthrax spores. The Ivins emails refuted that is my memory.

    The October letters the FBI-DOJ has pointed to a one week or more period including a weekend for the preparation of. Thus its easier to defeat their theory on the NY Post letter if that letter contained more than just a few percent of anthrax spores. This is because it would take too long to produce a gram or more of anthrax spores in each letter sent in the first batch.

    All in all, this is an impressive document. I would also add the Ivins email on the 1 week to prepare anthrax and try to link in the FBI DOJ document claiming he did it in a weekend in the first case, and a week but only at night in the second case.

  3. DXer said

    Batch 59-62 have been processed for release/posting to the website.
    They should be available shortly for viewing.

    The date ranges are from September 2004 – May 2005. 498 pages.

  4. DXer said

    Hi MS!

    My 87 favorite graphics from Lew’s website, organized in the manner of anthrax spores with a charge imparted by a Corona Plasma Discharge after a Sonicator was used on the slurry:

    Here is an associated 440 pages of narrative text organized presently along the lines of means, motive, modus operandi and opportunity –

    Anthrax and Al Qaeda: Infiltration of US Biodefense

    That URL will be changed and the text revised with the new emails that Mr. Peterson will be uploading shortly.

    The next graphics will await the new emails.

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