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Posted by DXer on June 21, 2010


The following comment was posted this morning …

I’ve been reading for weeks and WEEKS and I just keep going round and round never quite know where the beginning , middle or the end of all the documents are. I wonder if your site has the ability to get the info in to a message board format…where folks could follow topics easier. It would must less confusing. I am soooo interested in the subject *esp after reading Lew’s book* and want desperately to get a basic timeline of the events that occurred after the anthrax letters started …

My response …

I have the same problem you have expressed.

There have been 440 posts to this blog since it began, leading to over 5400 comments. There are several very different lines of inquiry (the scientific evidence, the FBI’s withholding of evidence, failure of USAMRIID to follow the FOIA, the so far closed nature of the NAS review, different theories of who actually prepared and mailed the anthrax, etc., etc.), most of which which hardly intersect at all.

The only theme which fits most of the blog content is that the FBI has surely not proven its case against Dr. Ivins, at least in the documents so far released.

I have made this blog available to all who wish to post comments (excepting only personal insults) but I do not have the time to organize the comments, much as I might like that to be done.

Most of my writing time these days is devoted to my 4th novel, THE POPE’S CONSPIRACY, a sequel to THE HERETIC, which was my first.




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