CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* a 2008 post on Glenn Beck’s site helped inspire the novel CASE CLOSED … and none of the questions raised then have yet been answered

Posted by DXer on March 8, 2010


The New York Times says the FBI’s anthrax case has “too many loose ends.” Find out where some of those looses ends might have originated in my novel CASE CLOSED. Sure it’s fiction, but many readers, including a highly respected member of the U.S. Intelligence Community, think my premise is actually “quite plausible.”

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Glenn Beck

a post on Glenn Beck’s site

helped inspire the novel CASE CLOSED

… and none of the questions raised then have yet been answered


Here are excerpts from that August 8, 2008 post …

  • Casting further doubt on the FBI’s anthrax case, accused government scientist Bruce Ivins passed two polygraph tests and a handwriting analysis comparing samples of his handwriting to writing contained in the anthrax letters, U.S. officials familiar with the investigation say.
    • Ivins passed the first polygraph to satisfy a security requirement prior to working with the FBI as part of a team of scientists at the Fort Detrick, Md., lab who originally helped analyze the anthrax letters.
    • He passed a second exam after he became a suspect.
  • Investigators also failed to uncover other critical evidence linking Ivins directly to the letters. For instance:
    • No textile fibers were found in his office, residence or vehicles matching fibers found on the scotch tape used to seal the envelopes;
    • No pens were found matching the ink used to address the envelopes;
    • Samples of his hair failed to match hair follicles found inside the Princeton, N.J., mailbox used to mail the letters.
    • Also, no souvenirs of the crime, such as newspaper clippings, were found in his possession as commonly seen in serial murder cases.
  • What’s more, the FBI could not place Ivins at the crime scene with evidence, such as gas station or other receipts, at the time the letters were mailed in September and October 2001.
  • Ivins, in an apparent suicide, last week overdosed on Tylenol 3 with codeine. His lawyers say he was depressed and driven to suicide by overly aggressive FBI agents who stalked him and his family.
  • They say the government’s case against him amounted to “heaps of innuendo” and that their client would have been acquitted if he had survived. They point out that the government’s evidence was not even strong enough to present to a grand jury, let alone a trial jury.
  • Indeed, prosecutors had not delivered the case to a grand jury for indictment. And the Pentagon had not revoked Ivins’ security clearance.
  • Prosecutors were equally confident another scientist, Steven Hatfill, was the anthrax culprit before recently agreeing to pay him $6 million in damages.

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One Response to “* a 2008 post on Glenn Beck’s site helped inspire the novel CASE CLOSED … and none of the questions raised then have yet been answered”

  1. DXer said


    “Rewards for Justice: AL HAYAT LETTER BOMBS. The Al Hayat letter bombs involved lethal letters sent to newspapers in NYC and DC and symbolic targets relating to the WTC 1993 plotters. Weren’t the Al Hayat letter bombs the model for the Amerithrax letters? Were the same people responsible?”

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