CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* from anonymous scientist … Dr. Ivins’ plate counts showed why the Daschle powder made headlines

Posted by DXer on March 2, 2010


The New York Times says the FBI’s anthrax case has “too many loose ends.” Find out where some of those looses ends might have originated in my novel CASE CLOSED. Sure it’s fiction, but many readers, including a highly respected member of the U.S. Intelligence Community, think my premise is actually “quite plausible.”

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from anonymous scientist …

Dr. Ivins’ plate counts showed

why the Daschle powder made headlines


From Anonymous Scientist …

  • The FBI’s posted FOIA documents give a fascinating insight into why the alarm bells went off inside the Beltway when the extraordinary properties of the Daschle anthrax powder were discovered. Now, for the first time, we are actually able to see the data behind these properties.
  • The conclusion is that it is beyond the realms of possibility that Ivins could have created a powder that exhibted these numerical parameters all on his own, covertly, having never made a dry powder before in his life. Numbers cannot be argued with (which is why the FBI don’t reveal the % silicon they found in the Daschle, New York Post or Brokaw powders. Thus far they have only admitted to finding an enormous 1.45% silicon in the Leahy powder).
  • After Bruce Ivins showed that the Daschle powder dispersed into single spores upon plating (>10^12 colony forming units per gram), that was alarming enough. But then the government quickly gathered a collection of dry spore simulants they had availiable in house. These dry spore simulants are ALWAYS weaponized with silica – that’s standard procedure.
  • When Bruce Ivins plated these, the alarm bells really went off – the Daschle powder dispersed into single spores at least 2 orders of magnitude more effectively than the weaponized simulants – in most cases much more than 2 orders of magnitude more.
  • And we are supposed to believe he made a product orders of magnitude more effective than the simulants all on his own covertly when he had never made a weaponized dry powder preparation before in his life?
  • The numbers don’t lie – and the science doesn’t lie if you understand it.

It’s all documented in page 121- 130 … at

Analysis of samples from REDACTED …  Date analyzed – 24 October, 2001 … Date of report – 25 Ocxtober, 2001


1. VIII-B  21 June 95 – Dried BT powder – 0.01322g

2. VII-B   Spray drier BT – 0.01722g

3.  I-B   Dried Powder – 0.00470g

4.  IX-B   Spray dried BT – 0.01118g

5.   VI-B   Dried powder from fermentor run – 0.00659g

6.  V-B    21 June 95 – Dried powder from spray drier – 0.00639g

7.   IV-B   Bentonite feed stock – 0.00865g

I received the REDACTED samples (in small cryotubes in a ziplock bag) from REDACTED on the afternoon of 24 October, 2001. The tubes were weighed and estimated to contain  about REDACTED of material each. To each tube REDACTED of sterile water for injenction was added to the material. After thorough mixing, the material was added to a second tube. The original tube was disinfected with bleach, dried and weighed. The net weight of the granular material was then determined and listed above. Ten fold dilutions of the suspensions were plated out onto TSA, then incubated overnight. Plate counts were made and the following concentrations were determined for the material.


1. VIII-B  21 June 95 – Dried BT powder … 1.1×10^9 cfu per gram

2. VII-B   Spray drier BT … 2.2×10^10 cfu per gram

3.  I-B   Dried Powder … 1.0×10^7 cfu per gram

4.  IX-B   Spray dried BT … 9.5×10^9 cfu per gram

5.   VI-B   Dried powder from fermentor run … 1.3×10^10 cfu per gram

6.  V-B    21 June 95 – Dried powder from spray drier … 5.0×10^9 cfu per gram

7.   IV-B   Bentonite feed stock – 0.00865g … no growth seen (<1.2×10^5 cfu per gram)

Visual inspection of suspensions of the material under phase contrast microscopy demonstrated very poor preparations of spores. The preparations were all highly granular and did not easily go into suspension.

Interpretations and conclusions:

If these are preparations of bacterial spores they are all very poor preparations. The CFU per gram are very low. This preparation is less pure than the SPS02.88.01 preparation [Daschle powder] preparation examined on October 23, 2001 which had a count of 1.3X10^11 CFU per gram. This preparation is much less pure than the SPS02.57.03 [Daschle powder] preparation examined on October 17, 2001, which had a count of 2.1×10^12 per gram.


23 Responses to “* from anonymous scientist … Dr. Ivins’ plate counts showed why the Daschle powder made headlines”

  1. Old Atlantic said

    SPS02.88.01 is New York Post I believe. This is incorrectly identified above as being Daschle powder as well.

  2. A S CHESNICK said

    Why Hello Clarise or Comments in reference to the Antrhax Letters Investigation….

    Thinking of other familiar FBI Investigations what comes to mind is the scene from the movie _Silence of the Lambs_
    From off camera we hear only the soothing, dulcet voice of Dr. Hannibal Lector-

    ….” Read Marcus Aurelius First Centrury Roman stoic, his first principles.
    Of each particular crime ask yourself:
    What is the crime in itself? What is its true nature?
    What is it that they do, this is the matrix you must seek Clarise?”…

    So, we begin by looking at the true nature of this crime.
    The letters carried Anthrax…. in addition they all carried the same written warning inside – “THIS IS NEXT!”
    The question becomes were the deadly Anthrax letters meant only to be seen as a warning? The letters were sealed.
    The letters inside told that the envelopes all contained Anthrax.
    The letters told the addressee to get treatment immediately.
    I think the sender believed no one would get hurt from their letters.
    The anthrax letters were meant to frighten and warn…but not to kill!

    Perhaps….The FBI should have been looking for someone who has tried to warn us before about all the dangers of bio-weapons?
    People always try to do what they know best first in a panic.

    The person who did this has been in the media spotlight before…..
    Much more then the shy Dr.Ivins.
    Dr. Ivins made anthrax vaccines for a living.
    Dr. Ivins did not make his living from warning or frightening the population about Bio-weapons and dangerous diseases.

    I think the sender of the deadly letters has been trying to warn and tell the US population for a long time.
    The first letters were sent to media outlets.
    They were trying to alert as many people as they could.

    If this anthrax mailing was a terror attack the first letters would have gone to US Gov officials not the media and press.
    The second mailings went to the US Gov., however Senator Laehy and Senator Daschele headed committees that reviewed US Biowaepons funding and policy.
    No one in the general population would even know these Senators names let alone they were responsible for funding Bio-weapons programs. perhaps the sender knows Leahy and Daschel on a more personal level or even appeared before the review committees?

    After 9/11 The sender must have been very, very afraid how unprepared the US was for any bio-weapons attack foreign or domestic! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE TO FRIGHTEN AND WARN THE US DEFENSE DEPARTMENT?

    The Anthrax letters worked in retrospect…US FUNDING HAS INCREASED TEN FOLD + ON BIO- WEAPONS DEFENSE. BARPA funding is in the tens of billions and assured for many years.

    i think the FBI should be looking for someone with some access to Fort Detrick, not necessarily a current or even a government employee, but also someone that has been in the media spot light perhaps even involving them selves in some way with the Amerithrax FBI investigation?
    The anthrax came from Dr.Ivins mysterious flask in his lab… but the deadly letters I believe were mailed by someone else.

    There were a thousand of scientist that had direct access to the Dr. Ivins flask or its products.
    The FBI investigation stated the anthrax could have been produced anytime after 1997. There was some note of Dr. Ivins extended work hours post 9/11 that seems to ignore the fact totally he also work regular long hours prior to the September attack.

    The so called incriminating Goedel Escher and Bach mysterious three letter codes linking DNA & proteins to the New York Yankees goes far beyond and belongs with all the conspiracy nuts on the grassy knoll outside the Texas Book Depository.
    If this is to be taken serious then anagrams and numerology swill be considered legitimate in the Federal courts under the rules of evidence.and the Chucky- Cheese -Whack-a-Mole Game can be used for jury selection. One anagram for cholesterol is hooter cells …..So we should sue this bar restaurant chain for heart disease under this logic?

    Perhaps another insider or scientific visitor to Fort Detrick sometime in the years before 9/11 made a chance discovery in a long for gotten lab freezer of prepared anthrax stock/samples and took home a souvenir?
    What remains after an old biologist fades away is perhaps just a freezer full of odd stuff.
    No one can say with any surety that Dr. Ivins made the deadly anthrax in the mailings. All that can be trusted is the anthrax came from the lab stocks.There are hundreds of people in this intersection set Venn logic diagram

    There is nothing that the FBI presented in the Anthrax case closure announcement that makes Dr Ivins appear guilty in the least……No hard evidence and Dr Ivins other then he was a bit eccentric and weird but nothing that would stand up in any court. We are all odd when put under the microscope

    Fort Detrick employed Dr. Ivins to make anthrax and that is what he did.

    In regards to anything criminal about Dr. Ivins- All the FBI has shown is their investigators may have hounded the frail Dr. Ivins such that he took is own life?

    Final Note: Some of the anthrax letters bore a fictitious New Jersey Elementary School return address. These letters were mailed from the mailboxes on the corner of Banks Street and Nassau Street in Princeton …..this where it gets weird…. the FBI was not aware the oldest building on the Princeton Campus was referred to as “Old Elementary”. Which houses the Princeton University GRADUATE SCHOOL of CREATIVE WRITING. The FBI never checked out this Elementary school directly across the street from where the deadly anthrax letters were mailed? What is this; a Skoobee-Doo episode?

    • DXer said

      A S CHESNICK said

      “March 4, 2010 at 1:14 am
      Why Hello Clarise or Comments in reference to the Antrhax Letters Investigation….

      “The anthrax letters were meant to frighten and warn…but not to kill!”

      The second batch was sent after the news that Stevens had died. Thus, the reasonable inference is that the letters were meant to kill.

      The AQ manual specifically instructs that the inside of the envelope is wiped with a silicone sealant to avoid killing the mailman.

      As for warning, Vince Cannistraro, a former chief of CIA counter-terrorist operations, discussed the requirement of warning under the laws of jihad on NPR in connection with the Al Qaeda audiotape by Bin Laden that aired shortly before the November 2004 election.

      The Koran and hadiths provide extensive guidance on the honorable conduct of warfare. In a September 27, 2001 Op Ed in the Wall Street Journal, the 87 year-old historian explained the use of biochemical weapons by Al Qaeda: “the laws of jihad categorically preclude wanton and indiscriminate slaughter. The warriors in the holy war are urged not to harm noncombatants, women and children, ‘unless they attack you first.’ Even such questions as missile and chemical warfare are addressed, the first in relation to mangonels and catapults, the other to the use of poison-tipped arrows and poisoning enemy water supplies. Here the jurists differ– some permit, some restrict, some forbid these forms of warfare. A point on which they insist is the need for a clear declaration of war before beginning hostilities, and for proper warning before resuming hostilities after a truce. As Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman once said in the context of criticizing Sadat’s peace with Israel: “Believers govern according to God’s laws and do not change or replace a single letter or word of them.”

      Post office employee and blind sheik spokesman Abdel Sattar has explained that Mustafa Hamza, who took over from Taha as Islamic Group leader after the Luxor debacle in which in 58 tourists were murdered, was asked how can you explain killing tourists. Mustafa Hamza answered in every moment and action, the group starts off by consulting with the righteous Olama. No action is initiated without fatwas from our trusted Olama — meaning scholars in the plural. In other words, before carrying out an operation, they get a fatwa.

      In an essay “Islam and Terrorism,” Bilal Philips, a key religious mentor of GMU microbiology grad Ali Al-Timimi, explained the principles of islamic jurisprudence of islamic warfare:

      “Islam opposes any form of indiscriminate violence. The Quran states: “Anyone who has killed another except in retaliation, it is as if he has killed the whole of humankind.” [Quran Surah #32 Verse #5] There are strict rules regulating how war may be conducted. Prophet Muhammad forbade the killing of women, children, and old people and the destruction of Churches and Synagogues or farms. Of course, if women, children or the elderly bear arms they may be killed in self-defense.”
      “Defending Islam and the Muslim community is a primary aspect of the physical jihad which involves taking up arms against an enemy. God states in the Quran “Permission to fight has been given to those who have been attacked because they are wronged. And indeed, Allah is Most Powerful.” [Quran Surah #22 Verse #39] and “Fight in the cause of Allah against those who fight against you, but do not transgress the limits. Indeed Allah does not love transgressors.” [Quran Surah #2 Verse #190].

      As Ali Al Timimi once explained: “Modern warfare did not exist during those times when they wrote those classical books of fiqh.” The old principles therefore must be relied upon to guide the issue in new times.

      A book commemorating the September 11 “raid” was published by Majallat al-Ansar and consisted of four essays. It addresses the importance that any attack comply with the laws of Sharia. “Some people see fit to raise the issue of Islamic principles of warfare. They claim that the raid does not observe those principles and that Sharia errors occurred. Some ‘modern’ legal scholars see the raid as a violation of the Sharia.” The book continued: “Everyone knows that the groups in the traditionalist mujahid movement are more committed than anyone else to Sharia in their actions. After all, their actions can cost them their dearest possession after their faith — their souls.” While purporting not to want to get entangled in a discussion of the legal technicalities, the author then addressed at length why the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon was justified under the laws of sharia.

      Before the military tribunal, KSM says the koran forbids killing children. He noted that warfare is guided by the koran and hadiths.

      The former head of Egyptian Islamic Group/Vanguards of Conquest, who approved of Sadat’s assassination and was released after a quarter-century in prison, said of 9/11:

      Islamic law and the World Trade Center was all businessmen. The killing of women and children and old people is forbidden by Islamic law and many of those were killed in the building.”

      Thus, the harshest judgment may await true believers in another world.

    • DXer said

      “The first letters were sent to media outlets.”

      The anthrax letters follow the model of the Al Hayat letters, which were sent to DC and NYC media outlets, and people in symbolic positions relating to the detention of the WTC 1993 plotters. That is the pattern of the anthrax letters.

      The letters to the Senators were sent immediatley upon the denial of the Vanguards of Conquest #2, just as had been threatened upon the announcement of his bail hearing. See Feb. 2001 PDB.

    • DXer said

      Greendale School is Zawahiri’s code for the EIJ/ VOC. He used “School” in a May 2001 sent to his supporters around the world. The CIA intercepted a copy. Green Team was the name of the group led by Saif Adel. Green Lab was the lab led by anthrax lab head tech Yazid Sufaat. was the email of Moussaoui which was accessed on 9/18/2001 by the FBI.

      Green is the symbol of islam and the martyrs go to heaven carried by “green birds of paradise” — as explained by every 911 you can mention in a written or taped message.

      The Third Squad knows all this which is why it was so wrongheaded to compartmentalize the Task Force.

    • DXer said

      “Perhaps another insider or scientific visitor to Fort Detrick sometime in the years before 9/11 made a chance discovery in a long for gotten lab freezer of prepared anthrax stock/samples and took home a souvenir?
      What remains after an old biologist fades away is perhaps just a freezer full of odd stuff.
      No one can say with any surety that Dr. Ivins made the deadly anthrax in the mailings. All that can be trusted is the anthrax came from the lab stocks.There are hundreds of people in this intersection set Venn logic diagram”

      This does capture the access to Ames issue but on these other issues you seem unaware of — or at least have not addressed — the documentary evidence of specific intent, modus operandi, means, and motive.

      AMERITHRAX – Infiltration of US Biodefense

      1. Does this document seized in Afghanistan point to infiltration of US biodefense?

      2. Was virulent Ames genetically identical to the attack anthrax at Dugway Proving Ground at Utah?

      3. In March 1999, the Vanguards of Conquest announced that Ayman Zawahiri intended to use anthrax against US targets to retaliate against the rendering and mistreatment of senior Egyptian Islamic Jihad leaders.

      4. The early February 2001 Presidential Daily Brief (“PDB”) “Bin Laden’s Interest in Biological and Radiological Weapons” by the CIA to President Bush should be declassified.

      5. Was code used in the letters?

      6. Ayman Zawahiri’s correspondence with infiltrating scientist Rauf Ahmad was produced under FOIA by the US Defense Intelligence Agency.

      7. The floor plan of George Mason University’s DISCOVERY HALL shows that Ali Al-Timimi occupied the same suite as leading anthrax scientist Ken Alibek and former deputy USAMRIID Commander Charles Bailey, a prolific Ames strain researcher, as part of the DARPA-funded Center for Biodefense.

      8. According to his defense counsel, another “anthrax weapons suspect” was Ali Al-Timimi.

  3. DXer said

    NJ congressman calls for probe into FBI anthrax investigation
    TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey congressman is calling for a congressional investigation into the government’s handling of a major anthrax investigation, which was closed last week.
    U.S. Rep. Rush Holt believes the FBI botched the case from 2001, when anthrax-laced letters were sent from a mailbox in Princeton.
    He also says the Postal Service and other agencies may not have learned the proper lessons from the attacks, which killed five people and sickened 17.
    The FBI last month closed its investigation after concluding Army scientist Bruce Ivins was responsible for the attacks. Ivins killed himself in 2008.
    Holt, a Democrat from the Princeton area, is calling on four House committees to investigate the case, either jointly or individually.

  4. BugMaster said

    Note that Ivin’s RMR-1029 had a count of 3.0 x 10!10 per gram. And according to emails discussing the 90 mls he sent to Battelle, THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH IT CLUMPING!

    • Anonymous Scientist said

      Can you give a reference or link to Ivins getting a count of 3×10^10 cfu per gram for his RMR-1029? I don’t recall seeing that. If that is accurate – then it would be absolute dynamite.

      • BugMaster said

        The count informaion is in the RMR-1029 log. The count was 3.0 x 10!10 / ml, approx 1 liter of material, highly purified, nearly all individual cells.

        • BugMaster said

          Correction, should be nearly individual SPORES. Also note that for all practical purposes, 1 ml of this material would weigh very close to a gram (actually, slightly more).

      • BugMaster said


        I am assuming when Ivins determined the spore concentration of RMR-1029, he did so by direct counts (serial dilutions to determing CFUs), not a flow cytometer. Perhaps he made direct counts on a counting slide, but he still would have needed to obtain correlating data using plate counts.

        “If you read the FBI’s summary report you’ll also see that Ivins used short runs to grow the spores in RMR-1029 because they thought that short runs would reduce the number of mutations. That’s why the number of flasks or plates used in standard runs are not comparable to what can be done when there is no concern about reducing the number of mutations.

        Also, because he used short runs, Ivins thought RMR-1029 was mutation free. When he learned that there were mutations in the attack anthrax, he tried to tell people that his source was mutation free, so it had to come from somewhere else. When it became clear that RMR-1029 was the source, he tried to mislead the investigators.”

        So now the Amateur Detective is now an Amteur Microbial Geneticist as well.

        Really, Ed, please!! Things are getting really deep here!

        • BugMaster said

          “They don’t use the term “short run,” but they discuss how Ivins thought that mutations would only appear if you let a growth continue for 24 hours or more.”

          So now the FBI can (posthumously) read Ivin’s thoughts!

          BTW: 1 ml of water weighs 1 gram, Ed. Spores are slightly heavier than water, so Ivin’s RMR-1029 material would have weighted slightly more than 1 gram per ml.

          And dry spores (without water, which is less dense than protein) would be heavier than wet spores. Also, the spores would tend to shrink a bit upon drying, making them denser yet.

  5. DXer said

    5/13/2003 302

    “The B.a. from the New York Post letter was granular and appeared to be a number of different colors. When B.a. is centrifuged, it appears to be brown at the bottom of the tube, tan in the middle, and a lighter color or white at the top of the tube. If the material is left to dry in the tube and then group up, it would appear to be different colors. With regard to the New York Post and Brokaw material _______ thanks that the mailer either did not know how to do the final purification step or that they pulled the wrong tube of material to see first.”

    • “When B.a. is centrifuged, it appears to be brown at the bottom of the tube, tan in the middle, and a lighter color or white at the top of the tube.”

      If the Daschle letter was white as reported and Leahy then if they were created by taking white off the top it would require using a larger amount of production. If one took the top ten percent, it would require 10 times the production. So if 10 liters would produce 1 gram of anthrax of all colors, and one saved the white only, then it would take 100 liters to get 1 gram of white. Would it be pure white by such a method? It seems difficult if using ordinary lab equipment.

      Alternatively, the Daschle was prepared in some fundamentally different way. Its been suggested a coating would explain the white powder in the Senate letters.

      See Ike Solem

      No photos of the anthrax in letters (other than of microscopic samples) have ever been released? This is an area for FOIA. Also photos of anthrax or simulants grown to try to replicate the letter anthrax.

    • Did Alibek ever see photos of the anthrax powder in the letters apart from photos of individual spores from a microscope? What about others quoted from time to time as saying it was or was not weaponized. Who has seen the photos of the original powders in the anthrax?

      Was the Daschle powder pure white? No tan or brown? Trying to take the white off the top after centrifuging would likely leave some brown and tan spores? This could be tried. If its not possible to do, then the Daschle and Leahy powders were made in some fundamentally different way? For example a coating as Ike Solem suggests as explanation for the Daschle powder being white.

  6. DXer said

    Why has James Burans countenanced the USAMRIID’s failure to produce Ivins’ emails from October 2001 and November 2001 for the past 1 1/2 years?

    • DXer said

      Why has FBI Spokesman Michael Kortan countenanced the USAMRIID’s failure to produce Ivins’ emails from October 2001 and November 2001 for the past 1 1/2 years?

      Why would an individual touting the disclosures made by the FBI — correctly noting the number of pages — not feel a sense of responsibility that relevant documents were provided?

      The USAMRIID FOIA people (Ferrara, Peterson) have always said that the delay was due to FBI and DOJ interference.

      Given that no one is associating their name to the report other than Michael Kortan, isn’t he one to ask why they haven’t produced Ivins’ emails?

      At the very least, shouldn’t he be saying that the FOIA production is ongoing and that it is being expedited given the inexcusable 1 1/2 year delay?

    • DXer said

      If Dr. Burans is heard to say, “What does FOIA have to do with me?” let’s consider then the removal by the Task Force of Lab Notebook 4010, thus preventing USAMRIID from complying with its obligation under FOIA. (The FBI had made a copy but then also removed the remaining copy USAMRIID had without leaving a copy).

      That Lab Notebook 4010 goes strictly to the science and Dr. Burans was leading the science effort.

      And so who is responsible for the removal of Lab Notebook 4010 from USAMRIID and its failure to be produced by the FBI?

      Well, Dr. Burans is the one defending the FBI’s conclusion and so let him answer why it has not been produced. A scientist’s contemporaneous lab record is an excellent piece of evidence of the work he did in the lab and bears directly on the lack of any corroboratory scientific evidence — for example, the Tin Signature, the Subtilis Contamination, the Iron Signature etc.

      Where is the accountability at the Department of Justice when it takes 7 months to give a paragraph of gobbledygook to a Senate Committee with oversight?

      When it takes 1 1/2 years to produce documents that Lew could process under FOIA within one working day.

  7. DXer said

    Why do people talk about where Flask 1029 stored? The photo commonly pictured is but one flask that remained after the two had been combined due to using a significant amount of material in Ivins’ research developing anthrax vaccines. So the question presented is: where were the two 500 ml Flasks containing RMR 1029 stored? Relatedly, given that it was used in both Building 1412 and 1425, were they stored in the same place? The record shows that the refrigerators were unlocked and that it was on the “honor” system. Often, a researcher would go to the refrigerator and find their sample had been moved. US Attorney Taylor’s and DOJ’s suggestion that Ivins had “sole custody” was disengenuous — as specious as the suggestion that if you had 350 brothers and sisters you have sole custody of the slice of pizza left in the refrigerator. Withdrawals for use by Ivins group were not even noted on the handwritten RMR record so he was not even the “sole custodian” in that record-keeping sense.

    US Attorney Taylor’s suggestion that 100 had access rather than two or three times that number, points to the incompetence of the investigation’s conclusion. It was not until the former heads of Bacteriology Division pointed out that it had also been stored in Building 1412 that the DOJ Investigative Summary now drops a footnote to the effect: “Oh, btw, we also excluded the additional 250 with access to Building 1412/ B3.”

    If the slice of pizza turns up missing, why is it your fault rather than the fault of one of your 350 or so siblings? Just because the DOJ has a theory you got up in the middle of the night and ate it — because you had sexual pecadillos and were depressed? How is it that you were ever the “sole custodian” of the piece of pizza? That concept only applies to the delivery person delivering it who has it in his possession until he handed it over upon delivery.

    The record shows that Ames left over from challenges was left in garbage bags in the basement of Building 1412 until someone happened to autoclave the material.

    If the DOJ is to be judged by the Amerithrax Investigative Summary, then it is not suited to the national security function and that role should be handled by an agency or personnel suited to the task.

    FBI Director Mueller’s compartmentalization and the turnover of the Task Force led to a situation where unfounded premises that guided the investigation beginning in 2006 under Edward Montooth preordained that Dr. Ivins would be driven to suicide. All because the FBI has a theory that Dr. Ivins could have gotten up in the middle of the night and eaten the slice of pizza from the refrigerator — and not one iota of evidence that he did.

    The DOJ’s theory as to evidence of alibi etc. is based on mischaracterizations in the DOJ Summary that any attorney or serious analyst or commentator would see conflicts with the documentary evidence — which btw was wrongfully withheld by the DOJ until after issuance of the report, with much of it not produced even to this day.

    As two examples, study the DOJ’s characterization and treatment (or avoidance) of Ivins’ October 4, 2001 and October 5, 2001 emails.

    USAMRIID is still wrongfully failing to provide Dr. Ivins post-October 5, 2001 emails.

    The FBI is still wrongfully failing to provide the pertinent pages of Lab Notebook 4010.

    The FBI is still wrongfully failing to provide the relevant 302s from 2001 and 2002.

    The FBI is still wrongfully failing to provide Dr. Ivins answers to his polygraph questions.

    The FBI is still wrongfully failing to provide copies of all documents it characterizes and relies upon in its Summary.

    In the most complex investigation ever of the crime of the century, the FBI gets a D-.

  8. DXer said

  9. DXer said

    Collection of graphics –

  10. Powerful evidence that Ivins was not the mailer. The more we learn of the technical details, the more its clear that this was planned and carried out over time by a group of people with a budget for this work.

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