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* New York Times … the FBI’s anthrax case against Dr. Ivins is not convincing … an independent assessment is needed

Posted by DXer on February 28, 2010

Why did the FBI fail to solve the anthrax case? Or did they solve the case but are hiding the truth? My novel CASE CLOSED presents possible answers to those important questions. CASE CLOSED is of course a fiction, but it has been described by many readers, including one respected member of the U.S. Intelligence Community, as a “quite plausible” scenario. You’ll be shocked when you read what could be the terrible truth about the FBI and our government.

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New York Times …

the FBI’s anthrax case against Dr. Ivins is not convincing …

an independent assessment is needed


New York Times editorial (2/28/10) …

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a report that is supposed to clinch the case that a lone scientist mailed anthrax-laced letters in 2001, terrorizing a country already traumatized by the 9/11 attacks.
  • The agency cites voluminous circumstantial evidence that is largely persuasive, but its report leaves too many loose ends to be taken as a definitive verdict.
  • problematic is the investigative work that led the F.B.I. to conclude that only Dr. Ivins, among perhaps 100 scientists who had access to the same flask, could have sent the letters.
  • The case has always been hobbled by a lack of direct evidencetying Dr. Ivins to the letters.
    • No witnesses who saw him prepare the powdered anthrax or mail the letters.
    • No anthrax spores in his house or car.
    • No incriminating fingerprints, fibers or DNA.
    • No confession to a colleague or in a suicide note
  • the F.B.I. has a troubling history of building a circumstantial case against suspects who are later exonerated.
  • We are inclined to agree with Representative Rush Holt of New Jersey, who is calling for an independent assessment to validate the findings.
  • Americans need to be sure that the real culprit or possible accomplices are not still at large, waiting to do damage again.
  • And we need to head off conspiracy theories that are apt to be fostered if the only judgment available comes from an agency eager to clear its books.

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Frederick News-Post …



How gratifying for those of us who have long believed the FBI’s case is bogus, and could never produce a conviction. But still, the more important questions are …

  • why did the FBI fail to solve the case?
  • Or maybe they did solve it, and if so, why are they hiding the truth?

Which is why you should read CASE CLOSED …

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