CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* it is utterly naive, and dangerous to our country, to simply accept the FBI’s unproven assertion that Dr. Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator of the 2001 anthrax murders … if he was involved at all

Posted by DXer on February 21, 2010

CASE CLOSED by Lew Weinstein

is a novel which answers the question …

why did the FBI fail to solve the 2001 anthrax case?

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it is utterly naive, and dangerous to our country,

to simply accept the FBI’s unproven assertion

that Dr. Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator

of the 2001 anthrax murders

… if he was involved at all


The following comment appeared at …

Dr. Bruce Ivins

The lead article in today’s New York Times is titled, “After Eight Years, F.B.I. Shuts Book on Anthrax Case.” It describes the 2001 case, shortly after 9/11, when letters filled with anthrax were sent to two U.S. Senators and news organizations. The letters infected 22 people and killed five. They led to evacuations of Congress and the Supreme Court and resulted in increased spending on biodefense.

Dr. Bruce Ivins, who was an army biodefense expert, was a prime suspect when he killed himself. The F.B.I. later assigned sole blame to him based on DNA evidence on a flask in his lab, an analysis of his emails and his presence alone in an anthrax lab late at night.

While some felt he was incapable of such acts, and the case was called circumstantial at best, the investigation is now closed.

It’s easy to forget what things were like at that time, when we didn’t know if another Al Qaeda attack was imminent, and many felt it might involve a chemical or biological agent released into the atmosphere. The anthrax letters caused widespread panic despite their limited effect, and copycats sent talcum powder through the mail as a prank.

At least now, we can look back with some perspective on the situation, and thankfully, Al Qaeda has not adopted any of the methods reportedly used by Dr. Ivins.


It is utterly naïve to believe the FBI in the face of the absence of any convincing case against Dr. Ivins, although it is just such naiveté that the FBI must be relying upon as it persists in its unsupported story. It is important to know who committed the anthrax murders and why the FBI is withholding that information, if they have it.

Here’s what the FBI is still not addressing …

  • there is no physical evidence linking Dr. Ivins to the murders
  • there are no witnesses linking Dr. Ivins to the preparation or mailing of the attack anthrax
  • the timeline the FBI has proposed, for Ivins preparing the anthrax or going to Princeton to mail the letters, is impossible
  • the DNA science, at best, links Dr. Ivins to a beaker to which 350 other scientists may have had access



16 Responses to “* it is utterly naive, and dangerous to our country, to simply accept the FBI’s unproven assertion that Dr. Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator of the 2001 anthrax murders … if he was involved at all”

  1. DXer said

    “It’s never been a dry hole.”

    It’s always been like that leak in the gulf.

    AP Exclusive: New al-Qaida leader knows US well

    By CURT ANDERSON (AP) – 3 hours ago

    MIAMI — A suspected al-Qaida operative who lived for more than 15 years in the U.S. has become chief of the terror network’s global operations, the FBI says, marking the first time a leader so intimately familiar with American society has been placed in charge of planning attacks.

    Adnan Shukrijumah, 35, has taken over a position once held by 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was captured in 2003, Miami-based FBI counterterrorism agent Brian LeBlanc told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview. That puts him in regular contact with al-Qaida’s senior leadership, including Osama bin Laden, LeBlanc said.
    Shukrijumah (SHOOK’-ree joohm-HAH’) and two other leaders were part of an “external operations council” that designed and approved terrorism plots and recruits, but his two counterparts were killed in U.S. drone attacks, leaving Shukrijumah as the de facto chief and successor to Mohammed — his former boss.

    “He’s making operational decisions is the best way to put it,” said LeBlanc, the FBI’s lead Shukrijumah investigator. “He’s looking at attacking the U.S. and other Western countries. Basically through attrition, he has become his old boss.”

    The FBI has been searching for Shukrijumah since 2003. He is thought to be the only al-Qaida leader to have once held permanent U.S. resident status, or a green card.


    Shukrijumah’s mother, Zurah Adbu Ahmed, said Thursday on the front stoop of her small home in suburban Miramar, Fla., that her son frequently talked about what he considered the excesses of American society — such as alcohol and drug abuse and women wearing skimpy clothes — but that he did not condone violence. She also said she has not had contact with her son for several years.
    “This boy would never do evil stuff. He is not an evil person,” she said. “He loved this country. He never had a problem with the United States.”


    “For us, it’s never been a dry hole. It’s always been an active investigation and it’s global in nature,” LeBlanc said. “We have never stopped working it.”

  2. DXer said

    I still can’t locate the emails from the so-called “window of mailing.”
    Lt. Col. Laurel and USAMEDD’s John Peterson, acting in collaboration with US DOJ and FBI personnel, have delayed producing Dr. Ivins emails as required by FOIA for 1 1/2 years.
    They have produced emails only up to 9/11.
    The DOJ has produced 2700 pages of documents that does not seem to have produced those emails in its production on Friday.
    Nor have they produced the documents that would prove or debunk the colleague and maintenance person’s that Dr. Ivins often worked late night hours throughout the years.
    (They produced only a 6 month window — they should produce all his B3 records).
    Someone with influence should encourage that they promptly produce all of Dr. Ivins’ emails and all of his B3 records.

  3. DXer said

    One person said Ivins always made dry runs. (Who said that?)

    On September 18, he drove (with one or more colleagues) this route in a government car signed out to him (to the Denver PA Covance facility).*

    Is the suggestion that he had just continued further the night before in the dark?

    Mapquest has it at a 3 1/2 trip or 7 hours round trip from Frederick to Princeton.

    Where are the emails, phone records, and bank purchases for the period of mailing?

    *They were taking irradiated (or avirulent, I forget which) Ames for a rabbit study, as I recall.

  4. David Howard said

    Google “The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects”

  5. DXer said

    7/25/2003 302

    Foreign visits to USAMRIID were escorted at all times. They were not permitted access to any hot suites or locations where Ba was stored or utilized. As a result, there were not any opportunities for them to remove samples undetected. ______ is not aware of any foreign visitors requesting samples of any kind from USAMRIID. The Director’s office coordinated all foreign visits to USAMRIID. ______ does not remember any foreign visitors displaying interest in the Ames strain of Ba, weaponization techniques or lyophilizing methods. Foreign visitors only had access to the conference room. They did not stay long enough to undergo the required series of vaccinations and background investigation to obtain a security clearance.

    _______ never observed any foreign visitors using pre-stamped envelops resembling the envelopes in the anthrax mailings. No foreign visitors to USAMRIID asked _____ where they could purchase pre-stamped envelopes in Frederick during their visit. _______ does not remember any foreign visitors expressing anti-American sentiments during their visit.”


    In contrast, see the 1997-1998 correspondence from University of Michigan to Dr. Bruce Ivins. It related to the visit by Tarek Hamouda, green card holder and recent graduate from department where Ayman Zawahiri’s sister was pharmacology professor. Some of his best friends were Egyptian Islamic Jihad when he went through Medical School at the time of Sadat’s assassination. For example, his lifelong friend “Tawfiq Hamid” who consults with the IC tells me that he asked Tarek about patents pre-911 and he said it was all in the marketing. The decontamination product was tested at the US Capitol and the company pitched hand cream to postal workers.

    Pharmacology professor Heba Zawahiri was very concerned about the rendering and mistreatment of her and Ayman’s brother Muhammad. Zawahiri’s plan to use anthrax to retaliate over the rendering and mistreatment of EIJ leaders was announced in March 1999. The Zawahiri family was represented by the lawyer now alleged to be a conduit to jihadis in Egypt and Yemen. I laid this all out for the CIA in December 2001 and then for the next 10 years watched as the influence of money was allowed to derail the investigation.

    Dr. Hamouda and his colleague were vaccinated for anthrax and plague. They spent a number of days working in the BL-3 laboratory with Dr. Ivins. I emailed TH last week and asked whether he knew many of the 250 Vanguards of Conquest defendants prosecuted in 1993-1994 while he was finishing up his PhD but he did not respond. He graduated from Cairo Medical in December 1982 the year the head of the Vanguards of Conquest Agizah was rendered and allegedly tortured — in the aftermath of the Sadat assassination. The VOC threatened to use mailed anthrax if the bail of VOC #2 Mahjoub was denied. See early February 2001 CIA PDB to Bush. This February 2001 PDB is parallel to the historic August 2001 PDB that presaged the “planes operation” and talked about the motivation of the detained leaders to include the blind sheik Abdel-Rahman. Dr. Hamouda’s company made $80 million in investment without a product — initially the investment was from DARPA and then the next $50 million was from a DC venture firm Perseus. $30 million of that came while the fund was headed by Richard Holbrook, special envoy in charge of Afghanistan and Pakistan. And so don’t be surprised when the cross-dressing “crazy guy” commits suicide. The 302 at the time of the search in November 2007 indicates that Dr. Ivins was upset that it would come out that he was a cross-dresser — he couldn’t believe that anyone would think he was the anthrax mailer. And no evidence establishes even by a preponderance of evidence standard that he was. The compartmentalized squad did not realize that lethal letters were not merely the modus operandi of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad/Vanguards, it was their signature. Did EIJ frame DARPA? Did DARPA frame EIJ? Or are they willing hand-maidens in the terror-industrial complex? The world is far less safe because the failure in intelligence analysis demonstrated by the Amerithrax Summary.

    Let’s take a quick example. The FBI suppressed the fact for 10 years that Jdey was detained at the same time as Moussaoui — carrying bio books. Moussaoui was carrying cropdusting manuals and Jdey had bio books. The FBI did not want it said they dropped the ball and that led to the anthrax letters.. just like dropping the ball with Moussaoui is argued by many to have led to 911. Within the beltway, the code that dominates is CYA. It was only in June 2002 that there was first a fatwa permitting a mass attack. The small scale attack in Fall 2001 points to small scale access or production.

    • DXer said

      12/10/2003 – 302 of interview with a USAMRIID maintenance person –
      DR BRUCE IVINS is the only person that ____ could identify who frequently works at USAMRIID during late evening hours _______ remembers IVINS was in Suite ___ of Building ___ sometime after September 11, 2001, working with an envelope that ____ heard was used in the anthrax mailings. IVINS was accompanied by a group of with whom ______ is unfamiliar.

      10/30/2003 – _____________not know of anyone who may be an expert in weaponization techniques. ______ assumes BRUCE IVINS may know something about it as he interacts often with ________________.

    • DXer said

      02/09/2004 302

      “When asked if people piggy-backed in and out of hot areas at USAMRIID, _____ assumed that the answer would be yes because people routinely piggy-backed going in and out of most rooms at USAMRIID. Piggy-backing occurred routinely in areas being worked in. ___ figured that if people piggy-backed in non hot zone areas ___ figures they wouldn’t change their habits while going in and out of the hot zones.

      ________ was asked how someone could remove select agents from hot areas covertly and if ___ could identify anyone who might have talked about removing select agents or who might try to remove a select agent out of a hot area. ________ opinion was that ___ felt that, overall, security was lacking at USAMRIID. ____ had never visited hot areas and ___ does not remember if anyone talked or joked about it. __________________________ felt security was a joke and a lot of faith was placed in the trustworthiness of the employees and ___ felt that anyone could walk out with anything if they wanted to.”

      • DXer said

        04/01/2004 “______________ stated that the seven (7) milliliters (ml) of material that remained at the end of an aerosol exposure would be poured back into the fifty (50) ml conical provided by the investigator. ________ confirmed that at the end of each day, when thirty (30) animals were exposed, 210 ml of material, or 150 ml per hood, would be left over. __________ stated that the nebulizers would not be cleaned between aerosol runs. Normally at the end of the day the nebulizers would be autoclaved in preparation for the next days challenges along with the trash. Occasionally there would not be enough time to autoclave the nebulizer…”

        • DXer said

          4/1/2004 302
          Prior to _____________________ IVINS would heat shock the material in a water bath at 45 [degrees] Centigrade.

          ___________ stated that it was rare that the lipid emulsion was used in the anthrax studies. The emulsion was used when the jets would get clogged which sometimes would occur at the end of the day. ______________ believes that one (1) out of ninety (90) runs would require the use of the emulsion.

    • DXer said

      1/22/2004 302

      “Individuals that _________ identified as persons who have expertise in weaponization techniques, spore production and lyophilizing are BRUCE IVINS, ___________________________________ and most of the investigators in the ___________ Division.”


      In 1999, soldiers were arrested and discharged for stealing Ketmine out of the laboratories. Ketmine is a drug used to tranquilize the animals prior to them being bled out. The soldiers were placing vials of the liquid into their coat jackets and walking off base. The Army found out about this when a roommate of one of the soldiers told on _______ believed that only Army CID was notified about this.”

    • DXer said

      5/28/2008 302

      “_____was asked to opine on IVINS’ frequent and lengthy late night activity in the hot suites at USAMRIID during the mailing window of the anthrax-laced letters ________ opined that although unusual, IVINS has always worked frequent late night hours in the hot suites. _____ advised that even in the very recent past, IVINS still continued to come into USAMRIID at very odd hours. ____________ even spoke to IVINS about his continuing to draw attention to himself by working odd and late hnight hours and ____ informed IVINS that his behavior was self destructive. ______ did not offer an opnion as to the lack of justification IVINS provided investigators pertaining to his late night hot suite activity.”

      Why didn’t US DOJ provide access records for the entire span? Given that the AUSA in charge was lambasted by a federal district court a month or two ago [in dismissing the Blackwater indictment] for deliberately mischaracterizing evidence and then testifying falsely about what he had done, it is important that the relevant documents be provided. The US DOJ records need to provide records not just for Fall of 2001 but, say, 1998-2008.

      The November 2007 302 indicates that Dr. Ivins engaged in cross-dressing and numerous stained panties were taken that had been stored in a plastic bag in his basement. Where did he do his cross-dressing so that he wouldn’t risk having someone walk in on him?

    • DXer said

      distribution of Ames chart-

      “University of New Mexico. Samples submitted to the repository were negative for A1, A3,and D! Note: UNM’s Biosafety level (BSL) suite was not ready for laboratory work at the time this sample was shipped. The Ba was placed in storage until after the 2001 anthrax attacks, when the BSL-3 suite was completed.”


      Dr. Ivins did not add it to the flask 1029 record until 2004. Why was it mailed in March 2001 if the BL-3 was not ready and/or they had no use for it? March 2001 was when the Houston lab upgraded to BL-3. (But then that lab was devastated by millions of gallons of water in June 2001.

    • DXer said

      03/17/98 Microscopic examinations/encapsulation study. See pages 73-78, notebook 4010.

      Comment: The US DOJ should have produced the Lab Notebook pages. They might be highly pertinent.

  6. DXer said

    4/24/2003 302 of USAMRIID scientist

    There was a lyophilizer out in the hall — used about once a year. Never known to have been in a hot suite. Dr. Ivins also had a speed vac signed out to him. That is an instrument to precipitate deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and be used as an alternative to a lyophilzer for drying material. Speed vacs can only be used for very small samples, such as that could be contained in an Eppendorf tube.

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