CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Adam Behsudi wrote in the Frederick News-Post … Lew Weinstein’s novel CASE CLOSED and his CASE CLOSED blog have played a role in focusing needed attention on the shortcomings of FBI’s case against Dr. Bruce Ivins

Posted by DXer on February 20, 2010

CASE CLOSED by Lew Weinstein

is a novel which answers the question

… why did the FBI fail to solve the 2001 anthrax case?

Here’s what readers say about CASE CLOSED …

“CASE CLOSED takes headline events and weaves a credible scenario around the anthrax scare.”

“Lew Weinstein is a meticulous researcher and a determined storyteller.”

“This scary scenario is as close to truth as fiction can come.”

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Adam Behsudi wrote in the Frederick News-Post …

  • For the past year, government officials have remained quiet on the case accusing Fort Detrick scientist Bruce Ivins of the deadly anthrax letter attacks.
  • Not so on the Internet, where a handful of people have turned Amerithrax into an ongoing discussion. Amerithrax is the Department of Justice’s name for the investigation of the anthrax attacks.
  • Beyond conspiracy theories and other fringe beliefs, bloggers have been filing Freedom of Information Act requests and working sources just as any experienced reporter would.
  • “I think it’s kept it alive. Its provided a place for reporters and others to go from time to time and look for facts and opinions,” said Lew Weinstein, who wrote a fictional novel based on the Amerithrax case titled “Case Closed.”
  • He maintains a blog with the same name, trying to debunk the FBI case against Ivins.
  • Weinstein, who splits his time between Key West, Fla., and Collioure, France, was once a congressional candidate, has business degrees from Princeton and Harvard and retired in 2005 as the CEO of a biomedical research organization.
  • “I am amazed at the level of scientific discourse that’s going on on my blog,” said Weinstein, who called from a side trip he was taking with his wife to Lithuania.
  • “This is not simply a crime story. There’s more to it than that,” he said.
  • Weinstein said the facts, or what he perceives as a lack thereof, infuriated him to the point of writing a book.

Read the entire article at …

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