CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* Congressman Rush Holt: the FBI’s anthrax case should not have been closed … it would not hold up in court

Posted by DXer on February 20, 2010

Congressman Rush Holt

Scott Shane writes (NYT – 2-20-10) …

  • More than eight years after anthrax-laced letters killed five people and terrorized the country, the  FBI on Friday closed its investigation.
  • A 92-page report, which concludes what by many measures is the largest investigation in F.B.I. history, laid out the evidence against Dr. Ivins, including his equivocal answers when asked by a friend in a recorded conversation about whether he was the anthrax mailer.
  • The report disclosed for the first time the F.B.I.’s theory that Dr. Ivins embedded in the notes mailed with the anthrax a complex coded message, based on DNA biochemistry, alluding to two female former colleagues with whom he was obsessed.
  • The report described how an F.B.I. surveillance agent watched in 2007 as Dr. Ivins threw out a article and a book, Douglas Hofstadter’s “Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid,” that could betray his interest in codes, coming out of his house in Frederick, Md., at 1 a.m. in long underwear to make certain the garbage truck had taken his trash.
  • Whether the voluminous documentation will convince skeptics about Dr. Ivins’s guilt was uncertain on Friday.
  • Representative Rush D. Holt, a New Jersey Democrat and a physicist who has sharply criticized the bureau’s work, said the case should not have been closed.
  • He said the F.B.I. report laid out “barely a circumstantial case” that “would not, I think, stand up in court.”

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2 Responses to “* Congressman Rush Holt: the FBI’s anthrax case should not have been closed … it would not hold up in court”

  1. Did the FBI stop the investigation because they feared that further tests on attempts to duplicate the silicon using methods available to Ivins would be negative? Did they fear that such negative results would open them to litigation by Ivins family for wrongful death? Did the FBI and DOJ have any discussions related to possible liability to litigation from Ivins family?

    Did the FBI and DOJ discuss the 2004 paper with subtilis runs that implies the need for substantial scale equipment run for potentially weeks to produce 5 (or even 10) grams of anthrax powder for the first mailing? How much total powder was recovered from each envelope? Did the FBI and DOJ fear that attempts to duplicate Ivins production with his or equivalent equipment would end up helping a lawsuit by Ivins family for wrongful death?

    From the time of Ivins death to now has avoiding producing evidence to be used by Ivins family been a factor in the decisions of DOJ or FBI or labs under their influence in what tests to do and even what information to include in the report?

    Were parts of the report discussed in terms of the litigation implications? Does this include contradictions in parts of the report found by Meryl Nass?

    Why were the St. Petersburg letters not released? Do these look like the New York letters?

    What about the issues relating to the first infection in Florida and how that happened? Was that not pursued or information already in their possession disclosed because it might help the Ivins family sue the FBI/DOJ for wrongful death?

    Can the coroner in Maryland pursue this?

  2. DXer said

    The Amerithrax Investigative Summary notes, quoting Dr. Ivins account, that flask 1029 was not locked up.

    “But it’s still, but I still feel responsibility because it [RMR-1029] wasn’t locked up at the time . . . .” 71′

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