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* FBI’s Lab Director Hassell disputes Epstein’s WSJ opinion piece … but does not support his allegations … what exactly are the “inaccuracies” and “omitted facts” he alleges but does not provide?

Posted by DXer on February 4, 2010

CASE CLOSED is a novel which answers the question … Why did the FBI fail to solve the 2001 anthrax case?

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“CASE CLOSED takes headline events and weaves a credible scenario around the anthrax scare.”

“Lew Weinstein is a meticulous researcher and a determined storyteller.”

“This scary scenario is as close to truth as fiction can come.”


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FBI disputes Epstein’s WSJ opinion piece

… but does not support its allegations


FBI Press Release dated February 3, 2010

re: Letter to the Editor on FBI’s Scientific Work in Anthrax Case

Dr. David Christian (Chris) Hassell ... FBI Laboratory Director

A version of this letter was published in The Wall Street Journal on February 1, 2010.

Letters to the Editor
The Wall Street Journal
1211 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, NY 10036

Dear Editor:

Monday’s opinion piece, “The Anthrax Attacks Remain Unsolved,” was filled with inaccuracies and omitted several relevant facts that are necessary for a balanced discussion of the science applied in the anthrax investigation.

From the outset, the FBI’s scientific work in the anthrax case has had a foundation in validation and verification of its approach and conclusions. This process began within weeks of the initial events of 2001 and has included:

  • consultation with numerous subject matter experts in technical panels;
  • collaboration with partner laboratories in government, academia and the private sector throughout the course of the investigation;
  • ongoing efforts to publish our work and that of our partner labs in peer-reviewed technical journals; and
  • analytical data and reports provided to the National Academy of Sciences so they can evaluate the scientific analysis applied to the evidence in the anthrax investigation.

The FBI is confident in the scientific findings that were reached in this investigation. We utilized established biological and chemical analysis techniques and applied them in an innovative manner to reach these findings.

D. Christian Hassell, Ph.D
FBI Laboratory

Read the FBI press release at …


  • Typically, the FBI is providing no more support to its allegation that Epstein is wrong than they have to their assertion that Dr. Ivins is the sole perpetrator.
  • What, for instance, are the “inaccuracies” and “omitted facts” it alleges but does not provide?
  • I personally have NO CONFIDENCE in the FBI’s unsupported allegations.


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