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* I’m an optimist; I think the NAS will soon respond and explain their FOIA basis for sequestering the FBI-submitted documents; or if there is no basis, they will release the documents

Posted by DXer on September 14, 2009

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Anonymous Scientist points out that “We are now at T+ 51 days since the FBI announced they were “on the verge” of closing the anthrax case.”

FBI-DOJ press conference

It is more than 13 months since August 2008 when the FBI said they would complete a few administrative details and then close the case, having charged the recently deceased Dr. Bruce ivins as the sole perpetrator (which prompted me to write my novel CASE CLOSED).

It is but a week or so since the NAS said they would sequester FBI-produced documents until the end of their study but declined (so far) to provide the legal authority upon which they base their decision to do so.

I remain an optimist.

I believe the NAS to be an agency of integrity.

I believe the NAS will not be bullied by the FBI into passive acceptance of wrongheaded directives.

I believe the NAS will look at the documents it has, compare those with the exceptions in the FOIA law, and conclude that, as DXer said, if they can be released at the end of the study, they must be released now.

Or, if there are statutory exceptions to FOIA disclosure which apply, NAS will advise what they are.

I remain an optimist; I think we’ll have some answers soon.

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