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* the FBI is found to have withheld evidence in a Boston case … it happens a lot in America … is it happening in the FBI case against Dr. Bruce Ivins?

Posted by DXer on August 28, 2009

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the FBI is found to have withheld evidence in a Boston case

… it happens a lot in America

… is it happening in the FBI case against Dr. Bruce Ivins?

There has been a lot of discussion on this blog recently about whether the FBI had a case against Dr. Bruce Ivins. Some participants seem to think that just because the FBI says it has a case, it actually does. Anyone who accepts that premise is obviously not familiar with the substantial record of not guilty verdicts and false convictions caused by prosecutor or police abuse.

The novel I wrote before CASE CLOSED, titled A GOOD CONVICTION, deals with the case of a young man in Sing Sing prison, convicted of a murder by a NYC prosecutor who knew he didn’t commit the crime and withheld evidence from the defense that would have proven his innocence.

What I wrote in A GOOD CONVICTION was fiction, but unfortunately, it happens for real every day in America.

And until the FBI comes clean in the anthrax case, the suspicion must remain high that this is exactly what is happening in the FBI’s case against Dr. Bruce Ivins.

Here’s a case in point (By AP writer Rodrique Ngowi) …

  • BOSTON, Aug 27, 2009—A federal appeals court has upheld a $101.7 million judgment against the government for withholding evidence that could have cleared four men men who spent decades in prison, including two who died there for a murder they didn’t commit. The Justice Department had appealed the 2007 award by a federal judge who found Boston FBI agents protecting informants withheld evidence they knew could prove the men were not involved in a 1965 killing. The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday acknowledged the award was high, but said it was appropriate for the harm suffered. Joseph Salvati and Peter Limone were freed in 2001 after three decades in prison. Henry Tameleo and Louis Greco died in prison. A Justice Department spokesman declined immediate comment.

False convictions due to prosecutor/police/FBI misconduct happen all the time. Multi-million dollar awards like this are very rare, although more now than before.

What almost never happens is criminal prosecution of the prosecutors/police officers/FBI agents who knowingly and purposely break the law to get a conviction. If that happened more often, it would discourage such illegal behavior and go a long way toward improving our justice system.


A Good Conviction is a novel, written by Lew Weinstein, about a young man convicted of murder by a NYC prosecutor A GOOD CONVICTIONwho knew he was innocent.

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