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* the FBI’s tactics of obfuscation and delay are still working, almost 8 years after the anthrax attacks; the best answers may be in my novel CASE CLOSED

Posted by DXer on August 25, 2009

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Anonymous Scientist said yesterday (8/24/09) …

We are now at T+ 30 days since the FBI announced they were “on the verge” of closing the anthrax case.

DXer observed earlier today (8/25/09) …

Ridge’s book, due out September 1 ,chronicles his entire tenure as homeland security chief.  The publisher summarizes: “Ridge takes us through the challenges he and his new department faced, including Anthrax scares and reports (both real and false alarms) of new Al-Qaeda operations sprouting up in the United States” … Why are former Administration officials being allowed to collect millions for disclosing information which is subject to disclosure under FOIA?  Is secrecy a means of ensuring big book deals ?



The apparent FBI strategy, after charging a dead man who could not defend himself, has been to provide no credible evidence to support its case, and to delay any and all attempts, including by Congress, to penetrate their veil of silence.

The bad thing is that it’s working.

Other issues arise, and the guilt or innocence of Dr. Bruce Ivins fades ever further away in “attention-deficit” America.

Is there anything likely to happen to change this situation?

  • The Rush Holt Anthrax Investigation Commission is going nowhere.
  • The NAS study will take another 18 months and will, in the end, only tell us what we know now, which is that the science doesn’t prove that Dr. Ivins or anyone else was the anthrax perpetrator.
  • And, aside from Anonymous Scientist, who else is taking note that the FBI’s decision to close the case, and thus make available information now hidden, seems to be fading into an uncertain future.
  • Perhaps DXer or others will get responses from FOIA requests that will lead somewhere.

Or maybe the best answers we will ever get are in my novel CASE CLOSED, where the fictional mode allowed me to say what others, bound by facts, cannot.

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