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* a few of the critical pieces of information the FBI/DOJ are still hiding in apparent violation of FOIA requirements to disclose

Posted by DXer on August 15, 2009

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DXer writes (8/14/09) …

  • An example of an item the FBI is keeping secret is the reason for the Silicon Signature in flask 1030.
  • In violation of the Freedom of Information Act, they reportedly have removed all copies of Lab Notebook 4010 from USAMRIID.
    • In violation of FOIA, the copy made of Lab Notebook 4010 made in Fall 2001 upon being first produced to the FBI has not been provided under FOIA. (That would not have been subject to seizure in November 2007).
  • Similarly, the copy of RMR Record for flask 1029 made in Fall 2001 upon being first produced to the FBI has not been produced.
    • That indicated the withdrawals from flask 1029. This would shed light on when the critical record was altered using white-out — in which the place where it was stored was changed from Bldg. 1412 to Bldg. 1425.
    • It may even tend to prove that the entire second page of the flask 1029 is a “redo” — production of the documents may reveal the reason for the 100 ml discrepancy in the records.
  • The FBI most notably has been keeping Bruce Ivins’ emails secret, especially from September and October 2001 period that would bear on his whereabouts.
  • The buck for compliance with FOIA stops at USAMRIID. Review by US DOJ is not a reason for non-compliance.
  • Of course, if the FBI is not confident in its conclusions, then the FBI should continue its confidential investigation with our blessing.


The FBI’s continued refusal to release information it is legally required to release is a travesty of justice, a holdover from the Bush-Cheney administration that the Obama administration should not permit to continue.

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