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* USAMRIID RMR records – Dr. Bruce Ivins’ flask 1029 – two documents don’t match

Posted by DXer on July 25, 2009

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USAMRIID RMR records – Dr. Bruce Ivins’ flask 1029

two documents don’t match


I have now received new documents, from DXer, in addition to the previously redacted copy of the RMR-1029 records that I posted here (* Dr. Bruce Ivins RMR-1029 inventory records, from 1997 to 2003, pursuant to a FOIA request) on June 26.

One of the new documents is an unredacted copy of the above, showing names and locations of where aliquots of RMR-1029 were shipped to.

The other document is the ORIGINAL working document of 1997 when there was still 1000ml in the flask and no aliquots had yet been removed.

Curiously this ORIGINAL document is DIFFERENT than the other document. It gives a different location. The new RMR-1029 document has been altered. But by whom?

The New York Times partially reported some of these details previously:
Laboratory records obtained by The New York Times show that the anthrax supply labeled RMR-1029, which the F.B.I. linked to the attacks, was stored in 1997 not in Dr. Ivins’s laboratory, in Building 1425, but in the adjacent Building 1412. Former colleagues said that its storage in both buildings at different times from 1997 to 2001 might mean that the bureau’s estimate of 100 people with physical access to it was two or three times too low.” NYT.

But this new document fills in new details. Apparently the document has been altered with white-out. If Bruce Ivins did this why would he not just score out the old location and hand-write in the new location? Why would he seek to obscure the original location?

The location of the flask was vital to the FBI’s case against Ivins. The FBI claim the flask was in cold room B3 during the time of the attacks. But was it?

NEW DOCUMENT … p 1 of 2

USAMRIID RMRR - Bldg 1425 - p.1 of 2

NEW DOCUMENT … p 2 of 2

USAMRIID RMRR - Bldg 1425 - p.2 of 2


USAMRIID RMRR - Bldg 1412 - p.1 of 1

31 Responses to “* USAMRIID RMR records – Dr. Bruce Ivins’ flask 1029 – two documents don’t match”

  1. DXer said


    Note that the FBI is withholding a copy of the Flask 1029 inventory that can be found within evidence item 1B4377. It is from the November 2007 search of Dr. Ivins office. (Source: 279A-WF222936-BEI-147)

    It shows that the Flask was stored in BUILDING 1412 and the LAST ENTRY WAS 4/3/2000.

    (The FBI also has withheld the inventory sheet from the genetically matching Flask 1030 obtained on the same search.)

    Dr. Andrews, former Bacteriology Chief, gave me the version above that shows it was stored in BUILDING 1412 but his version was more dated — with the entry DATING TO 9/1998.

    By the withholding of the other version of the document, some have incorrectly argued that the location was changed right from the start — when in fact that location is what appeared in 1998, 1999 and 2000.

  2. DXer said

    Dr. Adamovicz, in his civil deposition produced today under FOIA by DOJ Civil, states:

    “”You know, the reference material record receipt, you know, I know that the FBI is very familiar and has circulated the one showing that it was located in building 1425, and even though I have provided it, the one they don’t want people to see is the one showing it appearing originally, original entry, in building 1412.” (p. 87)

    A. This is what I believe is the original reference material request record that was created when RMR 1029 was registered with regulatory affairs, and you can see that it shows in the upper or the middle upper right corner where it shows an annotation for it being sent to building 1412.

    Q. Hold on a second. Let me just locate that. It says room 115, building 1412, right here where it says “storage.”
    A. Correct.

    Q….. and you were explaining that originally the the flask was apparently at 1412.

    A. That’s correct. And that was not Bruce Ivins’ principal containment lab location. As I mentioned earlier, it was in building 1425.”

    In other words, this material was stored in that building because of its proximity to aerobiology, where the aerosol exposure studies in the animals was actually performed.”

    And this, again, prior to — the suite itself was contained, in other words, access to it was restricted, but once one got access to building 1412 containment side, this includes everybody, plumbers, electricians, visitors, animal caretakes, one, in essence, had access to the entire facility suite.” (pp. 88-89)

  3. DXer said

    On October 4, 2001, Dr. Ivins withdrew 10 ml. from Flask 1029.

    I obtained this unredacted copy of Flask 1029 that shows it was given to Henry Heine.

    And this document shows that it was an aerosolization study.

    That study was done by Dr. Heine in Bldg. 1412.

    Dr. Heine has spoken powerfully about these issues in interviews. It is very moving to see people assume the moral duty of not taking the easy way out upon Dr. Ivins’ suicide given all the efforts to smear him. (Hey, if semen-stained panties are found where you hid them (again) and your lawyer tells you he is going to bill you $2-3 million for reconstructing your alibi after you are indicted rather than before, wouldn’t you be bummed?)

    Dr. Heine worked on antiobiotic resistance.

    As I recall, the classified “Project Jefferson” involved antiobiotic resistance.

    Who was the colleague with whom Dr. Heine says he did research regarding antifoam in creating aerosols?

    Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 25, 2010

    Was it Pat Fellows? The woman spinning Dr. Ivins’ time and causing Dr. Ivins to fly into a rage?

    Why is USAMRIID so nervous that I’ll press on PROJECT JEFFERSON? That even giving me a simple room number has to be vetted for op sec? (Remember: The NSA logs 5 billion calls a day; don’t say I haven’t told you for years that there are no secrets or that the NSA tracks you through your telephone. Whenever you have your phone with you, they can listen in on your conversations.) This blog’s graphics was done by a federal undercover just so as to monitor reactions through ongoing surveillance. p.s. Check your library record. You have a book overdue.

    Let me say again: I’m not interested in PROJECT JEFFERSON.

    I am interested, for example, in Anwar Awlaki’s coordination with Ali Al-TImimi, who shared a suite with the leading DARPA-funded Ames research scientists.

    I am interested in the infiltration of US biodefense.

    Now give me the room number or else there’s no way the librarian is going to waive your fine.

    p.s. If you are going to sport flirt with the librarian, leave your phone at home.

    • DXer said

    • DXer said

      Dr. Henry Heine gave 4 interviews to Morning News Express Bobcast.

      In this interview, Dr. Heine explained that he had samples from RMR 1029 that were sitting in his refrigerator — which was in Building 1412.

      They were all “negative” for the 4 morphs. Dr. Heine explains that the AUSA who discounts the result (claiming it was diluted) is wrong. His submission was not diluted as AUSA Lieber claimed to Frontline. These samples were producing the morphs and yet came up negative.

      The central underpinning of the 4 morphs relied upon by the FBI is cast into serious doubt — rather than narrowing things to 100 it narrowed things only to 200-300… and that is just at USAMRIID. Given this dramatic false negative, the 4 morphs doesn’t eliminate access at Battelle or Dugway at all.

      The interviewer and Dr. Heine emphasize that this fact was never shared by the FBI with the public.

      [audio src="" /]

      Other samples that he submitted were positive. Given that the samples were stored in Building 1412, AUSA Taylor’s claim about how the genetically matching stock was stored only in Building 1425 was garbage from the very start.

      I admire these USAMRIID scientists that have addressed the issue these issues so much. We should all be blessed to have people of such moral fiber in our lives.

  4. DXer said

    One former chief of bacteriology suggested to me that the RMR 1029 inventory looked like a rush re-do. If it was done by Dr. Ivins to avoid getting in trouble for an unauthorized transfer, one way to establish that the entries were all done at the same time would be to determine if the entries over the couple of years was done by the same pen. Indeed, if the ink had a dating tag, and the tag post-dated the entry was supposed to have been made, that would be dramatic evidence that the inventory had been re-done.

    (As it was, the obliteration of the Building 1412 and substitution of 1425 violated proper record-keeping requirement formally established for the keeping of such records.

    Advances in the Forensic Analysis and Dating of Writing Ink (2003)
    By Richard L. Brunelle, Kenneth R. Crawford

  5. DXer said

    Identifying the date the ink was manufactured might not only be important in determining who wrote the anthrax letters but could serve to determine when certain items were written on the RMR 1029 inventory — such as when the location of the flask was changed from 1412 to 1425.

    Ink Dating

  6. DXer said


    “It was general knowledge that wet spore preps of the Ames strain of bacillus anthracis (BA) were made in suites B3 and B4. The walk in-cooler which was located in the common hall that internally connected suites B3 and B4 was a “busy” place, as it was used by almost everyone with a laboratory in suites B3 and B4. ____________ used the walk-in cooler regularly. There were no sign-in procedures for teh cooler. … It was not uncommon to find that when you placed your research material in the cooler, another researcher might move them to a different location in the cooler.”

  7. DXer said

    3/22/2006 302

    __________ does not know anyone who does dry work. ______ thought that Aberdeen Proving Grounds may be involved in dry work. ___________ did not observe any unusual activity at USAMRIID. _____ recalled IVINS telling _____ an individual could obtain a usable stock of Bacillus anthracis (Ba) from 8 liter flasks. It was common knowledge at USAMRIID that Ba Ames was stored in the ____ suites of Building 1425. The cold rooms in these areas were not locked. Anyone could obtain materials from the walk-in coolers; use of the coolers was based on the ‘honor system.”

  8. BugMaster said

    Why would someone from within Fort Detrick obtain copies of these documents, remove them from Fort Detrick, and pass them on in such a manner as to guarantee public disclosure?

    What possible motivation could they have had?

  9. DXer said


    We now have some additional handwriting by Bruce.

    Would you agree .. or does it remain your theory … that it is 95% certain that Bruce’s handwriting
    was not the person who wrote the letters?

  10. Anonymous scientist said

    Also note that on 7 March 2001 Rick Lyons was shipped 0.5ml of RMR-1029.

    Rick Lyons is at the University of New Mexico (UNM).

    Any future congressional investigation needs to ascertain if UNM was asked by the FBI to provide samples of Ames anthrax. And if so, what was the reason they failed to provide a sample of the RMR-1029 supplied to them by Bruce Ivins on 7 March 2001? And if they did provide a sample why did it not match the RMR-1029 from Ivins flask?

    • DXer said

      Yes, UNM was subpoenaed. Dr. Lyons was interviewed in the student paper in December 2001 (as I recall the date and publication) and he explained that he expected the Ames that they had to be identical genetically to the attack strain.

      I cite the article at

      in the chronologically ordered bibliography.

    • DXer said

      In “UNM Anthrax May Be Twin To Strain in Attacks,” Alberquerque Journal, December 19, 2001, UNM spokesman [Sam Giammo] said “We would be very surprised if it did not match perfectly.”

      The article states: “The UNM project was “started earlier this year with $5.1 million in funding over three years from the federal Naval Surface Warfare Center in Virginia.”

      Ed, in your unwavering support for the FBI’s theory that the dead guy did it and your theory that a First Grader wrote the letters, do you assume that (1) the UNM Ames was not in fact a match, or do (2) you assume a sample was not provided? (Or is there a third alternative…)

      BTW, do you know why Ali Al-Timimi had a high security clearance in 1999 for work for the Navy while at SRA? Do you know if Battelle consultant Charles Bailey while at SRA in 1999 worked with Al-Timimi?

      If the unaccounted for 100 ml dating back to the May 1999 – February 2000 related to a classified program for which the CDC transfer registration requirements were not followed … and the 100 ml discrepancy does not represent a mathematical mistake as you assume… would that undermine the FBI’s conclusions and your support for those conclusions (except for your 95% certainty a First Grader wrote the letters).

  11. DXer said

    Ed also assumes that the 100 ml that went missing without explanation between 5/99 and 2/2000 is just a mathemetical error!

    Underlying his Ivins Theory are a whole lot of assumptions!

  12. DXer said

    … and brought in July 2004.

  13. DXer said


    More than once, I have pointed out that the flask was brought from Rm 1412 to Rm 1425 by Anthony Bassett, a lab technician, who did so at Dr. Ivins request upon inquiry by the FBI.

    What basis do you rely in your Ivins Theory that it was in 1425 rather than 1412. Have you checked with Anthony and heard different that what I have represented? If not, why would you make the points above without disclosing that it was brought by Anthony Bassett from 1412 to 1425 as claimed by people with first-hand information? I am open to evidence on the issue but you just offer your unsupported claim and your conjecture rather than any factual basis for disputing the account I have explained.

  14. Anonymous scientist said

    I notice that at least one of the recipients of RMR-1029 has never been mentioned before that I know of. 6ml of RMR-1029 was sent to Covance on February 22 2000, followed by another 8ml on March 22 2000,
    Covance is a vaccine company:

    Covance, with headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies with annual revenues greater than $1.7 billion, global operations in more than 25 countries, and more than 9,800 employees worldwide. Offering drug development solutions from preclinical through commercialization, Covance is a world-class provider of the following service lines:

    Perhaps I should sarcastically add – I wonder why the FBI didn’t list Covance’s Princeton, NJ headquarters as one of their alleged “multiple connections Bruce Ivins had with New Jersey”? He did ship RMR-1029 to a company headquartered in NJ, after all. Surely that’s just a big a connection as a sorority storage office being in Princeton?

    The point is that once an aliquot or 2 lands inside Covance, or any other place external to Detrick, it is almost impossible to track who may or may not have had access to it. We can ask why Covance didn’t submit a sample of Ames anthrax to the FBI. Did they use it all and not keep a sample for future calibration? That would be sloppy. Surely a small sample would be kept as part of the record for any vaccine study? How many people came in and out of the Covance building between February 2000 and September 2001? It’s absurd for the FBI to make the claim they investigated everyone with access and only Ivins could have made the attack spores and mailed them. The Covance example is just ONE of MULTIPLE examples of why the FBI’s assertion is absurd.

    • DXer said

      Note that you have no evidence that shipment was to Princeton as opposed to one of its clinical labs.

      Also, note that the FBI does not allege “multiple connections to NJ”. That’s Ed BS construct. He relies on two concocted connections:

      (1) Dr. Ivins graduated from Princeton 20 years before he was born!

      (2) a college sorority with houses in lots of states stored furniture not far from the mailbox! (And yet the sorority there says there is no connection).

      Ed has never supported or retracted his claim of multiple NJ connections.

      • Anonymous said

        Ed, did the FBI characterize them as “multiple New Jersey connections” in their affidavits? Where? That’s what you keep claiming and I keep saying you are mistaken and mischaracterizing the affidavits. They would not be so foolish as to tell a federal district court judge that the fact that his dad graduated from Princeton 20 years before he was born as one of two facts constituting “multiple New Jersey connections.” Now if you are claiming that his father went there 20 years before he was born as one of the reasons he is guilty of murder, then state that rather than mischaracterizing the FBI’s affidavits. Lew, for example, having studied and worked in Princeton, New Jersey, has multiple New Jersey connections. Bruce Ivins have none that have been disclosed to date. You make the assertion that he had “multiple New Jersey connections” — you have been asked repeatedly to cite your support and you have not.

      • DXer said

        Ed, you were mistaken in claiming, without support, that “He had multiple connections to the New Jersey area” as I pointed out earlier when I quoted your list and asked you to correct it. If you are going to advocate that someone’s father is guilty of murder, take care to get your facts right — and disclose the basis of your argument. For example, if you are relying on the claim he had a connection to the storage of furniture there even though the sorority spokesman denies it — or if you are relying on the fact that his father graduated from Princeton 20 years before he was born — then say it. And go back and correct your oft-repeated list.

        10. He had multiple connections to the New Jersey area where the anthrax letters were mailed.

        You’ve argued it on multiple forums — and each time it was horse hockey that went uncorrected.

        » Leading Theories of the Anthrax Mailings Case – Blogger News Network
        He had multiple connections to the New Jersey area where the anthrax letters were mailed. 11. He had serious mental problems, which appear to include … – Cached – Similar

        » “The Anthrax Mailings Can’t Have Been al Qaeda” – Blogger News …
        He had multiple connections to the New Jersey area where the anthrax letters were mailed. 11. He had serious mental problems, which appear to include … – Cached – Similar

        Analyzing the Anthrax Attacks – New First Page
        He had multiple connections to the New Jersey area where the anthrax letters were mailed. 11. He had serious mental problems, which appear to include … – Cached – Similar

        History of Updates to – 2008
        He had multiple connections to the New Jersey area where the anthrax letters were mailed. 11. He had serious mental problems, which appear to include … – Cached – Similar

        Basically, you have propagated the unsupported information widely and now falsely deny it even though I had cited and quoted it when you argued it. C120 Network Package
        He had multiple connections to the New Jersey area where the anthrax letters were mailed. … Leave a comment. Name (required) … – Similar » Blog Archive » C120 Network Package
        He had multiple connections to the New Jersey area where the anthrax letters were mailed. 11. He had serious mental problems …… Reading (1): C=120, … – Similar

        You rely on the fact that his father graduated from Princeton 20 years before he was born. That’s the sort of thing you think is evidence of murder! Don’t be shy that you are relying on the sorority conjecture and the fact that his Dad was a Princeton man. Embrace your theory!

        And good luck on your theory that a First Grader wrote the letters and it is 95% certain that the handwriting on the letters is not the handwriting of Dr. Ivins.

    • Anonymous scientist said

      I’m advised that it is possible RMR-1029 was never actually sent to Covance. They may have been drawn for an in-house study with rabbits that were immunized at Covance and sent to USAMRIID for virulent challenge.

      • DXer said

        What projects involved animals (e.g., rabbits) supplied by Covance and sent to USAMRIID for virulent challenge? This should be knowable by correlating the published literature, the log, and the emails.

      • DXer said

        An example of a study involving Ivins involving Covance animals is “Defining a serological correlate of protection in rabbits for a recombinant anthrax vaccine.” The study states: “New Zealand white rabbits (3.0-3.5 kg) were obtained from Covance Research Products or Charles River Laboratory.” There simply wasn’t enough animal housing at RIID to keep significant #’s of rabbits for extended immunization rPA regimens before challenges. Believe it or not, only three bunnies are the equivalent to two monkeys as far as required physical space goes.

      • DXer said

        As another example of another small animal study done at Ft. Detrick involving virulent Ames and Bruce Ivins is one in which we know that some unidentified microbiologist worked “under the direct supervision of Bruce Ivins” according to one of the co-authors responding to Lew’s inquiry, is

        The Journal of Infectious Diseases 1999;180:1939–1949
        A Novel Surfactant Nanoemulsion with Broad‐Spectrum Sporicidal Activity against Bacillus Species

        Tarek Hamouda,1 Michael M. Hayes,1, et al.

        The authors stated:

        “We thank Shaun B. Jones, Jane Alexander, and Lawrence DuBoise (Defense Science Office, Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) for their support; Bruce Ivins, Patricia Fellows, Mara Linscott, Arthur Friedlander, and the staff of USAMRIID for their technical support and helpful suggestions in the performance of the initial anthrax studies; Martin Hugh‐Jones, Kimothy Smith, and Pamala Coker for supplying the characterized B. anthracis strains and the space at Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge); Robin Kunkel (Department of Pathology, University of Michigan) for her help with electron microscopy preparations; and G. Morris and A. Shih for their technical assistance with manuscript preparation.”

        We know that Patricia Fellows and Mara Linscott were the subject of focused FBI questioning according to the note on the day of Ivins’ death, and we know that Kimothy Smith was the FBI’s genetics consultant.

        The authors explained:

        “Spore preparation.For induction of spore formation, B. cereus (ATCC 14579), B. circulans (ATCC 4513), B. megaterium (ATCC 14581), and B. subtilis (ATCC 11774) were grown for 1 week at 37°C on nutrient agar with 0.1% yeast extract and 5 mg/L MnSO4. The plates were scraped, and the bacteria and spores were suspended in sterile 50% ethanol and incubated at 22°C for 2 h with agitation to lyse the remaining vegetative bacteria. The suspension was centrifuged at 2500 g for 20 min, and the pellet was washed twice in cold distilled water. The spore pellet was resuspended in trypticase soy broth (TSB) and used immediately for experiments. B. anthracis spores, Ames and Vollum 1B strains, were supplied by Bruce Ivins (US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases [USAMRIID], Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD) and were prepared as described elsewhere [5]. Four other strains of B. anthracis were provided by Martin Hugh‐Jones (Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge). These strains (from South Africa; Mozambique; Bison, Canada; and Del Rio, TX) represent isolates with high allelic dissimilarity.”

      • DXer said

        Now some months ago I emailed Tarek and Michael, both of whom made presentations on the research with virulent Ames supplied by Bruce Ivins, but they have not responded. This past week, I emailed, with a copy to you, a question to the co-author who is head of the nanoemulsion research team and asked him to confirm the identity of the microbiologist who worked under the “direct supervision of Bruce Ivins”at Ft. Detrick but he has not responded. I also would be interested in the exact date the research was done at Ft. Detrick. It would have been sometime prior to the publication of this December 1999 article.

      • DXer said

        Regarding the study using small animals — for which the microbiologist who was Ayman Zawahiri’s former associate thanked Mara, Patricia, Kimothy, and Pamala — note that Pat, Kimothy and Pamala later published on research involving increasing copies of the virulence plasmids and thus making a more effective bioweapon (or a better vaccine, if you like).

        Any research done by Patricia Fellows using virulent Ames supplied by Bruce would have only awkwardly been the focus of public scrutiny given that, as Pamala Coker was quoted saying in the national press at the time, increasing the copies of the virulence plasmids could also be used to make a more effective bioweapon. (She now works as a cat doctor in Louisiana.)

        Pamala’s PhD thesis, which is online, published Patricia Fellows’ research as a chapter and included a very endearing dedication to FBI genetics consultant Kimothy Smith.

        BTW, who determined that Bruce Ivins had submitted a false sample to the FBI? Is that part of the lengthy, then shorter, then really short disclosure the FBI may or may make at some time in the future? Or did some of the inconvenient facts — like how the flask was kept in 1412, not 1425 going to be part of what the US DOJ attorneys edit out. Congressional leaders should make sure to compare the differences between the long versions and the short versions — and then make them public.

      • DXer said

        After the initial prior missing/ discrepant 100 ml, we have withdrawals designated

        “Covance” on 2/22/00 (6 ml)
        “Covance” on 3/22/00 (8 ml)

        Note that a half dozen withdrawals were to H. Heine. He testified before the grand jury and I’m advised that he thinks the stated Ivins Theory is a bunch of crock.

  15. DXer said

    USAMRIID has still failed to provide me a copy of the record as it existed at the time of production to the FBI pursuant to the FBI’s initial request and/or subpoena in late Fall 2001. A copy was made at the time it was produced and preserved. The Government in the Sunshine Act (also known as the Freedom of Information Act) only serves as a good disinfectant if FOI officers approach productions with diligence and good faith. USAMRIID needs to comply with its obligations under the law, including FOI. Congressman Holt or other interested legislators should insist on it.

  16. Anonymous scientist said

    Whoever altered the document seemed to go to a great deal of trouble. Not only did they obscure the original “room 115 Bldg 1412” and the hand-drawn arrow adjacent to it, but they also altered the entry next to “Vendor”. It still has the same text – that is “From B. anthracis, Ames strain, Ames Iowa” but in the altered document this is forced into TWO lines. It appears whoever altered it wanted to make room for the new location. The new location is given as “B3 cold room in Bldg 1425”. This uses 2 lines and would have covered the original “Vendor” entry had it not been altered also.

    All in all, this looks highly suspicious. Who would have the motivation to re-write history here and change the record completely? Who would want to obliterate that RMR-1029 was stored somewhere other than “B3 cold room in Bldg 1425”?

    Note that the location of RMR-1029 during the attacks was a critically important part of the FBI’s case against Ivins:

    Click to access 07-524-M-01.pdf

    and here:

    USAMRIID containment Suite B3 is a Biological Safety Level-3 (BSL-3) suite of laboratories used by USAMRIID Bacteriology personnel for research on dangerous animal and human pathogens. The flask identified as RMR-1029 was stored in Suite B3 at the time of the letter attacks.
    When these records are compared to Dr. Ivins for the same period, Dr. Ivins’s habits are significantly different than those of the other researchers, in that he was frequently in Suite B3, where RMR1029 was kept, late at night and on weekends when no other researchers were present in Suite B3. Additionally, while Dr. Ivins was in Suite B3 at night, no other USAMRIID employee was present.

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