CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* FBI stonewalling seems to be working

Posted by DXer on June 4, 2009


Here’s an update on my efforts to learn whether Congress has succeeded in extracting answers to its questions regarding the FBI  investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks …


Senator Grassley … I have been calling and emailing to this office for almost a month now, without receiving the courtesy of a return call. I have been told that Brian Downey (at the Senate Finance Committee) is the person to talk to, and yesterday I left yet another message for him. I don’t know why the Finance Committee has oversight responsibility in this matter, but that’s what I’ve been told.

Congressman Conyers … This was the best response I got. I was referred to a specific person at the House Judiciary Committee, and I left a message for a Renata Strauss.

Congressman Nadler … I spoke to Max who took my questions and said he would try to find someone who could answer, but even he seemed doubtful.

Congressman Holt … I was referred to a Patrick Eddington and left a voice message for him. I am specifically looking for information about the progress of the Anthrax Attacks Investigation Act of 2009, legislation introduced in March 2009 by Congressman Holt and others that would establish a Congressional commission to investigate the 2001 anthrax attacks and the federal government’s response and investigation of the attacks. 

It seems to me that the questions I’m asking are rather easy to answer …

  • Did the FBI answer specific questions put forward by the legislators?  … yes or no
  • If so, can you share their answers? … yes or no
  • If not, what are you doing about this apparent refusal of a Federal agency to respond to Congressional oversight? ... something or nothing

It may be too soon to draw conclusions, and I will continue making a pest of myself in these various Congressional offices, but so far would it not be fair to say that the FBI stonewalling seems to be working? FBI Director Meuller just seems to ignore questions, and he seems to be getting away with it.

I’ll try again tomorrow. Any suggestions?

6 Responses to “* FBI stonewalling seems to be working”

  1. Ike Solem said

    Brian Downey is staffer to Bill Frist, retired 2007 (from Tennessee). Tennessee is where Battelle operates the ‘heavily guarded’ Oak Ridge National Laboratory. That’s also where the anthrax spore cleanup team (Camp Dresser Mckee) that cleaned up the Hart Senate Office Building operates out of.

    Bill Frist was a big Project Bioshield backer:

    A new “Manhattan Project” to combat bioterrorism has been proposed by US Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and many others. But what would such a project look like? And is it a good idea? For some answers, it is worth reviewing the history of the original Manhattan Project. – July 4, 2005, The Scientist.

    Tennessee (Oak Ridge) is also the new jurisdiction of FBI agent Richard Lambert, who sidetracked the FBI investigation towards Steven Hatfill from 2002 onwards after replacing the first FBI team (Harp, Eberhart, Hess, Wilson)

    Oak Ridge is an interesting place – recent news reports also say that is where the national stock of higly-enriched weapons-grade uranium is kept. Nuclear weapons and an anthrax spore cleanup team…

    You know, I wonder what that anthrax spore cleanup team practices on – does Oak Ridge have biological containment facilities?

    They are part of the “The Biodefense Knowledge Center”, which, quote:

    draws on the expertise of scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and three additional national laboratories: the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, and Oak Ridge
    National Laboratory.

    That would be the LANL “Z-Division”, with which I am familiar, a leading proponent of biological threat assessment.

    Sandia – well, that’s where the bogus finding of “natural silica” was manufactured.

    See any interesting coincidences? Maybe Bill Frist is in this as deeply as Robert Mueller is.

    So, here you have a host of labs, all financed by massive government biowarfare budgets, trying to tell us that:

    1) Their labs were not the source of the anthrax in the letters, regardless of what person(s) carried out the attacks. This is false; we know that the U.S. biowarfare program was the source of the material.

    2) They should continue to recieve billions in funding from the federal government, and continue to expand their biowarfare program.

    The Soviet Biopreparat program had similar politics attached to it – the generals in charge didn’t want to see their “important area” defunded – turf battles within the complex.

    The program needs to be shut down, that’s all there is to it. No doubt that’s the reason for the recent claims about “Al Qaeda and anthrax” – just like “Saddam and anthrax”.

    Do people lie to the public in order to protect their government funding stream? Well, it has been known to happen.

  2. Ike Solem said


    “I have been told that Brian Downey (at the Senate Finance Committee) is the person to talk to, and yesterday I left yet another message for him. I don’t know why the Finance Committee has oversight responsibility in this matter, but that’s what I’ve been told.”

    The reason I say wow is that the Senate Finance Committee is the one that played the starring role in ejecting Daschle from the HHS post, where he would have had oversight of the anthrax contracts handed out by that department (Health and Human Services). So, is the Senate Finance Committee up to their neck in this? Why would that be…

    Right. $6 billion in funding for Project Bioshield programs – that must have to go through the Senate Finance Committee, and I’m guessing some of them want to see this issue buried forever.

    Pull a thread, and the whole cloth unravels.

    • Lew Weinstein said

      IKE Fascinating. Something to ask Mr. Downey when we eventually speak. LEW

    • DXer said

      Daschle was briefed by the FBI on an Ivins theory and was persuaded that Ivins was responsible.

      Vetting often leads to obstacles to confirmation.

  3. DXer said

    “Any suggestions?”

    Check out Mueller’s testimony in 20 minutes.

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