CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* copy-cat anthrax attacks linked to FBI failure to solve 2001 anthrax case

Posted by DXer on May 28, 2009

The Baltimore News reports (5-27-09) …

  • Maryland State Police are trying to find the person behind the first anthrax scare they’ve had to respond to in nearly a year.
  • The incident happened Wednesday at a set of Maryland District Court administrative offices in Annapolis in the 900 block of Commerce Road.
  • Police said an employee at the location opened an envelope just before 9 a.m. and “When the employee opened it up, a white powdery substance came out of the envelope.
  • Employees from the court administration office and two other companies were evacuated for nearly four hours until the Anne Arundel County Fire Department tested the substance and determined that it was baking powder.
  • However, the crime will still hold serious consequences. Betts said investigations into these types of incidents are time consuming and costly.

read the entire article at …

LMW COMMENT … I can’t help but believe that the FBI’s floundering incompetence in their failure to solve the original 2001 anthrax case has contributed to these dangerous and costly copy-cat attacks.

2 Responses to “* copy-cat anthrax attacks linked to FBI failure to solve 2001 anthrax case”

  1. DXer said

    There are only a few hoax letters that bear analysis relating to Amerithrax.

    For example, did the same person write the powder-containing hoax letters to Howard Troxler of the St. Petersburg paper, Judith Miller of the New York Times (author of Germs), and to NBC’s Tom Brokaw as wrote the letters containing anthrax spores? The three all received a letter postmarked October 5, 2001 from St. Petersburg. The Troxler letter read: “Howard Troxler .. 1st case of disease now blow away this dust so you see how the real thing flys. Oklahoma-Ryder Truck! Skyway bridge-18 wheels.” Judith Miller is the author of the pre-9/11 book Germs.

    A witness claims he saw Jafar the Pilot in Fall of 2003 catching a bite at Tampa subway. Tampa/St. Pete is where someone mailed hoax letters to journalists Troxler and Miller. Was the hoaxer upset at Troxler for coverage of local professor who was detained and at Judy Miller, who knows the neo-cons on a first name basis? The professor Troxler had written about had been a friend of KSM while at North Carolina.

    Another letter being closely considered is an anonymous letter sent to Quantico military police suggesting that Ayaad Assaad, an Egyptian at Ft. Detrick was a potential bioterrorist — even though he was Coptic Christian, rather than muslim. Under one view, the Assaad letter most likely an over-reported red herring and irrelevant to the correct Amerithrax analysis. Alternatively, it bears analysis because it may have been sent by the perpetrator to deflect suspicion. Dr. Assaad holds graduate degrees from Iowa State University and has lived in the United States since the mid-1970s. He is a Coptic Christian, a sect that has been attacked by militant islamists in Egypt. Dr. Assaad’s attorney found it probative that such a letter about Egyptian scientist would be written claiming to warn about a potential bioterrorist (before the anthrax letters were known to have been sent). Dr. Assaad has commented, “My theory is, whoever this person is knew in advance what was going to happen [and named me as a] scapegoat for this action. You do not need to be a Nobel laureate to put two and two together.”

    Anthrax experts, such as Dr. Koehler in Texas, already were publicly speaking on the subject as of September 20, 2001. A man in a biohazard suit was on the front cover of TIME magazine that week. Reuters, Associated Press, TIME and others all had stories about Atta’s crop duster inquiries and the possibility of an imminent anthrax attack before the Dr. Assaad letter was sent. It therefore is not at all surprising such a letter would be sent after Atta’s inquiries about cropdusters had been reported. Without more, it is not at all probative. The Assaad letter was sent to Quantico Military Police. There was nothing improper about the letter to the extent it was conveying factual information. It is regrettable that the letter writer has chosen to remain anonymous. The issue may be emotionally charged for Dr. Assaad because of unsuccessful employment litigation he may think related. Dr. Assaad, a Coptic Christian, explained: “Whoever sent the anthrax letters did this to divert attention. They knew the attacks would be eventually traced back to USAMRIID, and they used me as a scapegoat. Who better than an Arab American scientist who used to work there.”

    Dr. Assad is confident Dr. ivins, his friend, is innocent. Dr. Assad thinks the accusations against Dr. Ivins are the result of a “vicious plot.” Given that Assaad was a non-muslim Egyptian working for Ft. Detrick, was the letter an attempt by someone with information about US biodefense insiders to lay a false trail even more directly to Ft. Detrick?

    • DXer said

      Former Senator Graham, the former head of the 911 Joint Inquiry, is a licensed pilot. He was head of the Inquiry that wrote the 28 pages that have been censored. Thus, he has direct and personal knowledge of the documents being withheld. He was head of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee.

      Based on having read the pages, he urges that the USG is engaged in a cover-up — but because of the rules he is unable to say more.

      He specifically urges that the FBI is withholding 80,000 pages relating to the investigation by the FBI Tampa office.

      Based on the public domain, however, we can understand — just by reading — about Atta’s and El-Shukirjumah’s connections to the WEST COAST of Florida (in addition to the EAST COAST).

      The problem is that people turn away and aren’t interested in reading the documents not relating to whatever propaganda or personal agenda they are spinning.

      The most recently politically-motivated commentator, Graeme, in a 2010 speech was uninformed about the West Coast connections to the Tampa/Sarasota/Clearwater/St. Petersburg area.

      If you don’t know that El-Shukrijumah and his friends were in that area, then one is hampered in considering the possibilities relating to the St. Petersburg hoax letter.

      Now, you’re a licensed pilot, isn’t that right?


      There was an incident when Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi flew a rented plane to the airport in Miami. They had engine trouble, the plane stalled, they left the plane on the taxiway, and other planes had to go around it. I just want to get your reaction to that as a pilot.

      … This is one of the busiest airports in the world. The plane stayed there. He rented a car and drove back to the West Coast [of Florida] and nothing was done about it. What in the world was going on among the officials at the airport, the FAA, and law enforcement that would not have raised some alarm bells when a situation as bizarre as this had just occurred? … When you have a trainee pilot who flies a plane into one of the busiest airports in America, it has a mechanical defect and he abandons the plane on the side of the runway — that ought to send a signal to somebody that this needs to be investigated. …

      [T]his is one of the fundamental weaknesses of American intelligence. We collect literally millions of pieces of information every day. Some of those pieces of information should be signals as to an untoward event about to occur. Yet our ability to sift through all of the wheat to get down to the needles of value in there has proven to be inadequate. …

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