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* Ed Lake believes a child wrote the anthrax letters; which, if true, means the FBI was wrong in identifying Dr. Bruce Ivins as the sole perpetrator

Posted by DXer on May 18, 2009

Ed Lake writes …

  • In the Amerithrax case, the preponderance of facts show very clearly that a child almost certainly wrote the anthrax letters and addressed the envelopes. 
  • Yes, it is possible that the writing is that of an adult who knew exactly how to write like a child in every detail. 
  • But, while that may be “possible,” it seems extremely unlikely.


If Ed Lake is right, and his analysis is compelling, it means that Bruce Ivins had to have accomplices if he was even involved at all.

Which, if true, means the FBI was wrong when they said on 8/6/08 that Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator.

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The FBI’s case is, in my judgment, a pack of misrepresentations and unsubstantiated allegations, probably purposeful. Only Congressional hearings have any chance to get at the truth.

What really happened, in the anthrax attacks, and in the FBI anthrax investigation? No one knows.

In my novel CASE CLOSED, to be published in the next few weeks, I propose a fictional scenario to explain the FBI’s inexplicable failure to solve the case. Does my story say what actually happened? Of course not. It’s a novel. But many early readers say that what I have written is “all too plausible.”

Read Ed Lake’s entire analysis of the handwriting from the anthrax letters at …

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* Ed Lake’s May 17, 2009 blog included comments on this CASE CLOSED blog

Posted by DXer on May 18, 2009

Since Mr. Lake’s web site does not provide a means to post comments there (at least I didn’t find any), I am posting my reaction to Mr. Lake’s post here.

ED LAKE … The Anthrax Traveling Circus continued to perform at Lew Weinstein’s blog site last week.  I’ve been thinking of calling our act “The CTTB Virus.”  (CTTB = Conspiracy Theorist/True Believer.)  The show seems to act like a virus, jumping from host to host, infecting people until the intrepid Virus Hunter (me) enters to try to bring it under control by injecting a shot of reality. 

LEW WEINSTEIN … I don’t think serious discussion about what I regard as the FBI’s failed anthrax investigation is a joke. It is a serious business. Numerous scientists, journalists, U.S. Senators and Congressmen, and others have expressed serious doubts about the conclusions and the integrity of the FBI investigation. To claim that Dr. Bruce Ivins was the sole perpetrator, but only after he had conveniently committed suicide, and after chasing Dr. Hatfill for years and then paying $5.8 million to settle his lawsuit, is ludicrous on its face. Those who blindly defend the FBI are, in my view, in denial, or somehow associated with the agency they refuse to criticize.

ED LAKE: I was totally unaware of Lew Weinstein’s blog until I received an email advising me of the comments by Dr. Jeff Adamovicz.  The person who sent the email presumably believed that finding someone from USAMRIID who agreed with the conspiracy theorists and True Believers was proof that that the conspiracy theorists and True Believers were spreading “the truth.”  Since the host of the blog clearly feels the same way and has even written a novel which evidently supports such beliefs, it appears that a lot of gestation and fermentation took place before this particular version of “The CTTB Virus” was released on the blog. 

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LEW WEINSTEIN … CASE CLOSED is due to be published in the next 4 weeks. It is a novel, which starts with the basic facts of the actual case and then develops a fictional narrative to explain the otherwise inexplicable failure of the FBI to solve the case. Many who have read a pre-publication version of CASE CLOSED have observed that the questions I raise in my story about the anthrax attacks and the FBI investigation deserve answers. I agree with those who have suggested that a full scale Congressional inquiry, with FBI agents and scientists testifying under oath, may be the only way to ever know the truth about an attack which took 5 lives and panicked our country.





ED LAKE: Lew Weinstein’s blog seems oddly organized … it’s difficult finding the start of the anthrax discussion and even more difficult to put things in order. 

LEW WEINSTEIN … People who are used to blogs have no trouble navigating my site. However, many new readers of my blog are not familiar with the tools WordPress provides, so I have made a post called NAVIGATING THIS SITE to explain how to find what you want to read.

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