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* Silicon evidence cannot be linked to Detrick or Ivins, so the FBI just ignores it … will they get away with this? (5-14-09)

Posted by DXer on May 14, 2009

a scientist who chooses to remain anonymous has written to me as follows

The FBI have admitted that they FAILED to reproduce the level of silicon in the mailed spores.

In other words, with everything at their disposal, they could still not make spores containing the same amount of silicon as the mailed spores. In other words – they do not even understand how the mailed spores were made. And yet they are claiming that Ivins must have managed this somehow – they just don’t know how. But they just know he must have.

Sandia detected silicon on the spore coat – not INSIDE the spores as Lake would like to believe.

The spore coat is located underneath a loose, permeable layer called the exosporium. Previous studies have clearly shown that even large molecules can penetrate the exosporium. Thus the Sandia results cannot rule out that the spores were treated with a siloxane monomer molecule which penetrated the exosporium and polymerized, coating the spores, but underneath an exosporium which collapsed on the coiat once dried.

The Sandia results showed that the spectrum of the silicon on the spore coat was INDISTINGUISHABLE from the chemcial polysiloxane. Given the large silicon concentration present this is the most likely explanation for the silicon content. Whoever made these spores deliberately added a silicon compound to make the spore surafces hydrophobic so they would not clump.

Indeed – the FBI themselves leaked information to the media back in April 2002 indicating that an unusual chemical was found in the spores – later on that chemical was revealed to be polymerized glass. Polymerized glass is polysiloxane.

But since none of this can be linked to Detrick or Ivins, the FBI have apparently decided to pretend none of this silicon fingerprint forensic evidence is really that important.

It’s all just some unexplained coincidence. Ivins must have managed it somehow.

The question is – are the FBI going to get away with it?


References for the FBI leaks on the unusual chemical:

Reference for that unusual chemical being polymerized glass:

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