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* Jeff Adamovicz: the FBI evidence is a mixture of good and bad science, poor/compartmentalized information and a lot of innuendo (5-11-09)

Posted by DXer on May 11, 2009

Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey J. Adamovicz, Ph.D, who was one of Dr. Bruce Ivins’ bosses at USAMRIID, has posted a compellingly detailed scientific comment regarding the FBI evidence against Dr. Ivins.

To see LTC Adamovicz’ entire post, click …  * FBI anthrax science to be re…

LTC Adamovicz’ conclusion is …

  • I will say initially I believed the FBI when they claimed that possessed overwhelming evidence.
  • However, I’ve come to the conclusion that their evidence is a mixture of good and bad science, poor/compartmentalized information and a lot of innuendo.
  • I could go on for some time about other poor examples of “evidence” but I think that is enough for today.
  • I truly hope the NAS panel is allowed to see all the “evidence.” I can only predict that their conclusions will be the same as mine.

Lieutenant Colonel Adamovicz …

  • spent much of his military and scientific career at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick.
  • In 2004, he received the Bronze Star Medal for exceptionally meritorious service in Iraq.
  • LTC Adamovicz served as chief microbiologist for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the Iraqi Surveillance Group in Baghdad. Between April and July 2003, he planned, organized and led armed missions to find evidence of weapons of mass destruction, associated activities and personnel.
  • More recently, LTC Adamovicz served as Chief of the Bacteriology Division at USAMRIID. In this capacity, he directed the Institute’s research program on vaccines and therapeutics to counter bacterial diseases like anthrax, plague and glanders. He was responsible for a staff of 65 military and civilian employees and a research budget of about $13 million.

While at USAMRIID, LTC Adamovicz was in the chain of command above Dr. Bruce Ivins, the scientist who the FBI charged in August 2008 as the sole perpetrator of the 2001 anthrax attacks.

LMW COMMENT … Every analysis of the FBI case that I have seen raises substantial questions about the integrity of FBI’s investigation. Why did the FBI take seven years to reach the unsupportable conclusion that Dr. Bruce Ivins, all by himself, prepared the powdered anthrax, loaded the envelopes, and mailed death across America? That is the question I address in my novel CASE CLOSED, a fictional account that begins where the facts of the real case leave off.

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