CASE CLOSED … what really happened in the 2001 anthrax attacks?

* no anthrax was ever found in Iraq

Posted by DXer on April 16, 2009

Powell’s Case for Iraq War Falls Apart 6 Months Later – AP – August 11, 2003 – by Charles Hanley

The most detailed U.S. case for invading Iraq was laid out Feb. 5 in a U.N. address by Secretary of State Colin Powell. How does Powell’s pivotal U.S. indictment look from the vantage point of today?

Powell noted Iraq had declared it produced 8,500 liters of the biological agent anthrax before 1991, but U.N. inspectors estimated it could have made up to 25,000 liters. No anthrax has been reported found.

The Defense Intelligence Agency, or DIA, in a confidential report last September, recently disclosed, said that although it believed Iraq had biological weapons, it didn’t know their nature, amounts or condition.

Three weeks before the invasion, an Iraqi report of scientific soil sampling supported the regime’s contention that it had destroyed its anthrax stocks at a known site, the U.N. inspection agency said May 30.

Iraq also presented a list of witnesses to verify amounts, the agency said. It was too late for inspectors to interview them; the war soon began.

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